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Vintage Cooking Saute Pan with Copper Cover
The exceptional even-heat-spreading ability of Solid Copper cookware is the stuff of legend, and the best French chefs have relied on them for over 100 years. Because of its non-stick properties, the inside of the very best premium pots were historically lined with a coating of pure, molten tin. Modern manufacturing techniques substituted Stainless Steel for Tin decades ago, but one consequence is more Steel and much less Copper in the body. So an unintended result of this change has been a general decline in the quality of the more “modern” cookware. We found these in the warehouse archives of a French factory that makes high quality cookware for the professional French market. These beautiful heavy copper vintage pots that haven't been made in years and couldn't resist buying them up!

A general purpose cooking Saute Pan with straight sides. Copper cover. Single, long iron handle.

Each piece will come with detailed notes on the care and use of the French Copper cookwear.

Orders for 2 or more Copper Cookware pieces (mix or match) on the same order will receive an automatic 12% discount in your shopping cart on every piece ordered. You can find some of our other copper cookware styles here.
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