French Made Desk Pad

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French Made Desk Pad
An elegant office accessory
Highly functional from kitchen counter to lecture hall
51S01.01 Desk Pad 4-1/2 x 7-1/2" (#3)

Available 01/22/2021


51S01.02 Desk Pad 5 x 8-3/4" (#4)

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51S01.03 Blank Refills #3

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51S01.04 Blank Refills #4

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51S01.05 Graph Refills #3

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51S01.06 Graph Refills #4

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05A01.01 Messograf Caliper / Pen

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You'll be surprised by how handy and functional this really is. Made in Paris for over 50 years in a workshop built by Gustave Eiffel, it has a very nice retro look and comes with 200 blank, micro-perforated easily removed sheets. The sturdy metal frame has brass locking nuts and 5 low profile rubber feet which ensure it will stay put on your desk. Two sizes are available: (Size #3) 4-1/2 x 7-1/2" and (Size #4) 5 x 8-3/4" (which is 30 larger overall). Both sizes come with blank paper pads. Replacement Pads of 200 are available blank or in a printed 5 mm square grid/graph pattern.

We use these ourselves - they are pleasant and convenient to write on in ballpoint, rollerball, pencil and fountain pen. We've discovered a very handy feature: if you spill coffee on your desk the paper stays dry and the metal base and rubber feet just need a quick wipe!

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Overall Rating
  • French desk notepad is a remarkable blend of handsome design, honest materials, and solid workmanship

    Graham, 12/21/2020 Along with some other Garrett Wade products, my wife is to get this French desk pad for either Christmas or her birthday, which falls on the first of January. Looking it over when I unpacked it, I am astonished at the workmanship and fine design components. Also the materials. It has heft. It is very handsome to look at. It feels good when one holds it. I'm so anxious to see what Linda makes of it -- it'll be a surprise, for sure, because I've never seen anything like this ittem.
  • Thoughtful Gift + Amazing Notepad

    Melissa, 10/28/2020 I received this notepad as a gift and it was a wonderful surprise (thanks Anthony!). It is a great gift as it is not something I would have bought for myself, but I love it and use it daily. It feels refined and helps keep me organized, and my desk looking sharp. The pad refills last a long time for those who were mentioning the price. After owning this for a few years, I definitely think it is a worthwhile investment for anyone who is a note taker or list maker!
  • Wonderful note pad

    Clifford T. Kent, 4/30/2018 This is excellent quality paper. i use a fountain pen, not a ball point and this paper holds up well with the ink that i use everyday. Not every paper will do that. The size is perfect and the perforations allow the sheets to be torn out with tearing irregularly. I love this pad and have been using it for years.

  • Nice gift but probably more then you'd pay for yourself.

    Ellen, 4/28/2018 Good looking and sturdy but question if it's worth the price. Glad I bought the refill, as it was a gift, but that is definitely over priced for the number of sheets.
  • Excellent Product

    Matthew, 3/23/2018 Purchased this as a gift for my wife when she started her new job. She really enjoys it and like how solid it's constructed. The paper is very light weight but a pen won't bleed through it. Looks very good on a desk.
  • Solid and practical.

    Steve Flanagan, 10/28/2017 This is a solid, well designed little ‘desk’. It is handy to have around when you’ve got to take notes or dash off a quick message.
  • Unique but pricey

    JT, 6/25/2017 Like the other reviewer think for the money it is way overpriced. Nice idea but the paper is mismatched and do not understand the line 2/3rds of the way down. Think it was cut incorrectly. Paper as well and I got 20% off too!
  • Less than impressive quality

    John, 3/6/2017 More than a little overpriced considering the quality.
  • Cool, retro, well-made, and very practical

    Charlotte, 1/27/2017 A cool, retro, well-made, very practical note pad. I bought 2 for myself and am about to go back and buy more for gifts!
  • Desk Pad and replacement paper

    David Christopherson, 12/27/2016 Excellent item was everything I expected. So handy on my desk to take notes and phone instructions. Happy that I purchased replacement paper at the same time.
  • Writing a note is a pleasure.

    Brenda S., 3/10/2016 This is one classy desk pad. Leave it to the French to come up with it. I always make lists and am constantly reaching for a pad to write my thoughts down or to sketch out a quick design before I forget it this gets the job done. Tears off wonderfully. I made sure to order a refill too. If your on the fence about ordering it as I was. Treat your self.
  • Great to have on the desk

    Henry Schudalla, 3/5/2016 Costly but worth it.
  • Good to write on!

    Henry Schudalla, 3/5/2016 Nice writing paper.
  • Superb desk pad

    DS Henkel, 3/4/2016 Excellent desk pad and replacement pads ... sturdy, well-balanced, and attractive.
  • French made Note Pad

    Philip Ricketts, 3/4/2016 great size, nice stability for a left hander, nice paper
  • French made Note Pad

    Philip Ricketts, 3/4/2016 nice size, secure footing for left handers ( I am one) , nice paper.
  • Unity of Form and Function

    Thom, 10/27/2015 If you are like me, you are sick and tired of random pieces of scrap paper, scribbled with notes, strewn about. Instead of "desk pad," this product could better be called "kitchen counter pad." It represents the perfect unity of form and function: a beautiful, sublime piece of industrial design that makes the mundane task of jotting down and looking at notes and lists a pure pleasure.
  • Cool

    Lance M, 8/7/2014 Great little pen, came in handy many times.
  • Engineering

    Hatem Kheir, 7/19/2014 Put in you desk, add. the pen, and look real Engineer, I have the two sizes pads, every engineer in my office wish to have it now, they think I bought it from shop sell old stuff, I like it.
  • Note Pad

    Neil, 4/10/2014 Quality and style. Perforations are excellent tears well every time.
  • French Desk Pad

    Lynne Andrews, 3/21/2014 I have been looking at this wonderful French Desk Pad for quite a while. When it arrived, I was thrilled to see that it was everything I wished for. It is heavy based so that when you are on the phone and trying to write on it.....the paper does not slip and slide all over your desk. It stays in place because of the weight of it and the rubber pads on the bottom. Wonderful. It is VERY attractive on the desk so all can see it and want one.
  • Dr.

    Frank Salimeno, 1/1/2011 Given to my son who likes different gifts. It's a pen? Still, it has many different uses. It seems to fulfill it's basic use as well: it writes!
  • Just as it's described

    Mark J Irwin Sr, 6/11/2010 If you are used to using a vernier caliper you will have no trouble using this one. If you've become used to dial or digital calipers, remember the inherent need to calibrate those, while not so with these. These calipers were made as a pocket quick reference tool and not a precise instrument although in competent hands they are more precise. I am a master tool and die maker with over 37 years experience and these calipers show repeatable accuracy as do most vernier calipers. The pen is just an added treat. Well made and a definate conversation piece these can become a valued keepsake.
  • Well-made & Super Cool (just don't expect 100% of functionality that a real caliper would have)

    MarkAldonWeiss, 12/8/2009 Very well-made. Pen writes very nicely. Click to distend or retract pen has nice solid action. The tire tread depth function works well. As for the caliper, just don't expect it to do all that a real caliper does. Namely, (1) calipering of depth can only be done indirectly by difference; (2) inside calipering can be done, but you'd first have to get a real caliper (preferably, or minimally a mm ruler) to do a ONE-TIME calibration of the the thickness expanse of the caliper tongs when pressed together (then subsequently you'd always add that value to the scale reading). But for outside calipering, the caliper pen works quite well and has the vernier to get precise interpolation to 0.1 mm. There is no dial (or digital display) as on a real caliper to get to smaller than 0.1 mm interpolation. Overall, if you don't expect the caliper pen to do everything that a real caliper does, you won't be disappointed. Most folks caliper primarily outside dimensions anyway, (not depth or inside; see above). The caliper pen given the limitations that are obvious from the very nice photo, works quite well -- both as a pen and for outside dimensions within limits of tongs shown. Again, overall, the pen and caliper portions are well made. The product is definitely cool-looking, nice looking and neither cheap in look nor in feel. Price, though? Here the price is cheaper than all the competitors that offer the pen, so here is the place to get it.
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