Galloping Cavalryman & Equestrian Wooden Toys

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simple, old-school fun toys from germany
58T05.07 Galloping Cavalryman

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These playful, low-tech Galloping Cavalryman (blue) and Equestrian (red) toys run off of a pendulum. Attach them to the edges of a table or shelf by way of a notch and wedge. A long weighted string hangs down. Tap the pendulum and as it swings rhythmically back and forth, the horse's heads and tails bob. Lots of fun, see how long you can keep the weight swinging. Beautifully detailed in primary colors; the blue horseman was inspired by Napoleonic troops, while the red-coated rider has a distinctly upper-crust British air about him. Approximately 4" x 5" (minus the string). Have fun.
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