Galvanized Coil-Steel Mud Mats

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Bestseller Galvanized Coil-Steel Mud Mats
Especially effective in bad weather
66C01.06 Small Steel-Coil Mat 15 x 23"

Available 11/15/2020


66C01.07 Large Steel Coil Mat 20 x 32”

Available 11/15/2020


66C01.05 Rubber Non-Slip Feet (4)

Available 11/15/2020


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These 1-1/4" thick coiled steel mud mats are designed to scrape mud or packed snow off of any dirty footwear. If the mat gets clogged, all you have to do is to pick it up, give it a good shake and then plop it back down. It's like having a virtual "mud room" and they are effective both inside and outside. Step on them first, get rid of the really messy stuff and then move to our traditional Coir Doormats for the finish treatment. A set of Non-Slip Rubber Feet come with each Steel-Coil Mud Mat.

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Overall Rating
  • The Right Wire

    Kay, 6/27/2020 Another great purchase from Garrett Wade. This is a heavy duty door mat that looks pretty darn cool. So cool in fact, I have in on the front porch. It cleans mud and clay like a champ. It has made my life so much easier, and I've noticed a lot less dirt tracked in the house.
  • Great non-combustible door mats!

    Bob , 6/21/2020 Nice construction. Perfect non combustible mat for our SoCal home. Thank where is my catalog?
  • Rubber Feet

    Rick McIntire, 4/3/2020 These keep my small shoe mat in place on my deck. Easy to attach to the mats.
  • Pooper Scooper for Boots

    ELIZABETH J GERRINGER, 2/10/2020 These mats are similar to some my granddaddy had since WWII. My little sister got them. I got Grandmother's cooky cutters. Guess that was an even trade.
    We have donkeys and dogs, ducks and chickens and a lot of mud. These are true miracle workers. Husband likes that he can just hose them off and they're good to go. I doubt they'll ever wear out!
  • Outstanding

    Jeanine, 1/4/2020 I purchased (3), for each door. They are great, leaves gravel and dirt at the door.
  • These are the best

    stephen, 12/29/2019 These are the best. If you have shoes that collect dirt, gavel or snow.
  • These are the best.

    stephen, 12/29/2019 These are the best if your shoes collect gravel and dirt. Just shuffle your feet, and schazam, your shoes are clean.
  • Brilliant design!

    Debra, 11/26/2019 My husband and I are avid tennis players and it's difficult to keep the tiny bits of clay out of the house. With this mat the clay falls through to the garage floor so we don't step back in the particles after we have taken our shoes off. What a perfect solution! The mat is very sturdy and well made and I find its geometric look very appealing. I highly recommend this useful item.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize Winner November 2019 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Debra!

  • Hooray, the wind does not move the mat

    StevenEric Sorenson, 5/10/2019 Stays flat, does not blow away, cleans well. My conditions of installation do not require using the feet. I would be happy to pay the extra cost for stainless steel construction.
  • No sharp edges

    S. Baxter, 12/9/2018 I have not used it yet, but it appears to be well made, with no sharp edges.
  • Giving as a gift

    Aryll, 10/20/2018 I am giving it for a gift so I haven't actually tried it out, but it looks to be "industrial strength" and I am sure it will do the job, at the time when it actually gets unpacked and used. We in Wis. get lots of ice and snow and I think this will be the ticket to leave it outside instead of in.
  • fills the bill

    Melvin Spallino, 8/23/2018 2 sizes fit both areas I needed a mat that would clean easily and clean shoes effectively
  • Great mat for living in country where mud and other debris sticks to shoes and boots.

    Perry Nesbitt, 5/9/2018 Seems like it will be up to the job of loosening mud and grass clippings from shoes and boots. Haven't had it long enough to evaluate longevity. Doesn't hold water after rainstorms which is a big plus over coir and synthetic mats.
  • A great surprise!

    Meredith, 1/16/2018 I bought this for my father for Christmas. I think it might've been his favorite gift. The quality is great. I would recommend to others.
  • Great for heavy clay

    Rob Lewis, 12/11/2017 One for the barn, one for the garden shed and one for the house. These are the only mats I've found for dealing with our dense clay when it gets wet. Still can't get the dogs to use them though.
  • Galvanized Coil-Steel Mud Mats

    Victoria Swigert, 12/8/2017 I bought two of these; they are Christmas gifts for horse owners. Other mud mats and boot scrapes just can't keep up with the muck and mud. These will keep the mess out of the house.
  • coil steel mat vs mud

    Robert Lewis, 11/26/2017 Mud, "expansive clay". When it rains in North Texas, our property is mostly this mud. The steel coil mat lets us take a weight off our boots and a hose takes the mud off the mat. More effective than any other mat we've tried.
  • Tough Stuff

    Charlene, 9/10/2017 I love these mats. Have 3 large mats now. They help shed mud, which just falls through the coil, but what I especially appreciate is they rid shoes and boots of crushed shells which is my driveway material. Shells scratch floors, ouch!
  • Pretty good

    Omar, 6/28/2017 The mud mats work pretty good. They seem to be made of a quality material. We live in Florida where it is a sandy terrain. The mats do not take the sand out completely from ones shoes but they do help reduce the sand quite a bit.
  • Best mats to remove mud & grime!

    Laurence R, 4/22/2017 Now those are the best! That's why we ordered 2 of them!
  • Best mat: coil-steel

    steve, 2/12/2017 Greatest mat for dirty areas. I have a rock path with tiny rocks that used to get caught on the bottom of the shoes. I put the mat directly on the path and scrape my shoes. Works excellent.
  • Dream come true!

    Kris, 2/7/2017 I live on the coast, so my yard is extremely sandy. I have tried everything to keep my family and dogs from tracking the sand onto the wood floors in my kitchen, with no success. This mat has been a dream come true! I realized today that I have not had to sweep the kitchen in several days. It looks very unobtrusive at my back door and grabs every bit of debris off our shoes as we walk across it. I was worried it would be hard on my dogs' paws, but they have absolutely no trouble with it! I wish I had gotten this a long time ago!
  • Functional and really looks great in a shop!

    Chris Ackerman, 1/7/2017 Great doormat that collects debris with an appropriate look for a workshop. The one characteristic that threw me off was the thickness with rubber pads on the underside - not a problem just thicker than I expected.
  • Great buy!

    Wendie, 12/28/2016 I love these door mats! They will not wear out, they will not look worn and tattered in 2 months! They work great too! We were constantly tracking stuff in the house. Not anymore! All the dirt on our shoes falls through these mats and stays outside!
  • Rubber feet for the steel coil door mat

    Mike Ready, 12/27/2016 Great addition to the steel coil door mat
  • Steel coil door mat

    Mike Ready, 12/27/2016 The best door may made. Wish it was made of stainless steel. It works great.
  • Steel Coil door mat

    Mike Ready, 12/27/2016 Best mat made
  • Perfect product- steel coil door mat

    Marrayne Schatter, 12/20/2016 First time I have received your catalog, and because of your great merchandise, I found a gift that I didn't know I needed to buy before I saw it. The small steel coil door mat I ordered is the perfect thing for my friend's porch, up in the mountains. The mat will be great to catch the pine needles, and all the natural by-products from a walk in the woods, or chores around the chicken coop and vegetable garden. The rubber feet are a great idea.
  • Durable steel mat and rubber feet that the animals can't chew up!

    James Jordan, 12/18/2016 Great product that the animals can't chew up!
  • Galvanized Coil-Steel Mat

    Michelle, 11/29/2016 I love the look. I placed a light fabric mat underneath for light, quick cleaning and it seems to catch a ton from heading into the home. Such a great idea!
  • Both practical and stylish

    Mary Pratt, 11/12/2016 We love this door mat. It's lightweight, yet sturdy, and elegant in an understated way. Great for a country house!
  • Great mat!

    Gail Silberhorn, 9/18/2016 Looking forward to not chasing the mat after a windy day! Just remember not to step on it barefoot. However it's worth it to keep the snow and ice off my floors!
  • Great Mat

    Rachel, 9/14/2016 We live in a beach town in northern California, surrounded by redwood forests and rivers. Being an active family, depending on the season, we are trekking in beach sand, dirt from hiking, muck from fishing the river or just good old-fashioned mud from the rain in winter. These mats are awesome! They scrape the gunk off and withstand a good stomping to shake things loose. And all the schmutz filters down thru the coils so the next person isn't walking on your old dirt, picking it up again on THEIR shoes. Our only complaint is that it doesn't come in an even LARGER size for the back stoop.
  • Galvanized Coil-Steel Mat

    Bob, 8/26/2016 Bought two of these mats, one for the brick walkway and one for the back deck. Even though I purchased extra rubber feet for them, I have not even attached them. The mats are heavy enough to stay in place on their own on these surfaces. I love that rain runs right through and does not require picking up the mats after every storm and drying out to avoid moisture damage.
  • coil mat

    carlyne montes, 8/8/2016 very easy clean up and nice looking
  • Great idea to be proven with time testing

    Chopper, 7/29/2016 Update on small steel coil mat,I've had this for three weeks and have been so pleased I ordered and have recieved in the past week the large version. It easily handles the removal of everything from grass clippings, mud and chicken poop. So far the thin rubber feet have held up, winter will be the real test of them.
  • Great idea, yet to be proven with time testing

    Chopper, 7/5/2016 Seems well enough made, only time will tell how it will hold up outside on the deck over time. The thin rubber feet just have thin gauge wire that you twist onto the mat wiring so that to will show it's true colors with time.
  • Save your money

    Robert Weitzel, 5/10/2016 Put on the cheap, thin rubber pads and still chase this thing all around.
  • Stops dirt.

    James Bartlett, 5/10/2016 Well made product. Seems to stop some of the dirt from coming into the house.
  • Highly recommend

    Ren, 3/6/2016 Love this mat! I like that this can be out in the rain and the water just goes through it instead of it staying wet. It sits on our deck and I like that it's not keeping the deck wood wet.
  • Haven't used

    Ren, 3/6/2016 We ordered the metal mat to use outside our glass door. The mat is sitting on our deck so it doesn't need the non slip rubber feet.

    ANGELO LAMBROS, 3/4/2016 Mats have worked out great. Have purchased {4} need to purchase another one. Cleans off shoes before entering house and you don't even know it.
  • Great door mat!

    Rowland Laedlein, 3/4/2016 I love this mat! I had a mat that absorbed water from rain or melting snow and then became useless. If the damp mat froze with dropping temperatures, it actually became hazardous but couldn't be moved because it would freeze to the deck. When I saw the coil steel mat in the catalog, I could see it had to be an improvement over what I had been using. It has surpassed my expectations. We have had snow and ice and heavy rain. I am still able to wipe debris, snow and mud off my shoes and I get no "squish" when I step on it. The rubber feet keep it in place - I bought an extra set to add additional feet along the sides, but it may not have been necessary.
  • Rubber Feet Keep the Shoe Cleaner in Place!

    WV1800es, 3/4/2016 The little rubber feet don't look like much, but they're GREAT for keeping your shoe cleaner from skating around. Once they're on the bottom, you just step into the shoe cleaner and pull your boot back & forth. Well worth the price.
  • Fabulous, Non-Flammable Door Mat

    Beth, 11/12/2015 I'm involved in a Fire Safe Council and have been looking for a non-flammable door mat for years. This is a fabulous, functional mat and will not bring a wild fire to my front door.
  • Indestructable

    Reid Raudenbush, 8/13/2015 After numerous rubber and sisal mats,, or combinations of the two, that wore out after a season or two, finally a mat that works and promises to last, well, forever! Great mat.
  • Great Mat!

    Carolyn, 7/6/2015 Very nice mat! We've always had the regular outdoor mats, the last one being made out of tire material. The problem has always been the mess. With any kind of material", even made for outside use, there is always a problem with saturation when it gets wet. Air doesn't circulate so it really never dries out and the underneath can produce mold and just be grungy! I wasn't sure how good it would look, but it looks terrific. Nice, neat and clean. And light enough to pick up and shake out, which I also had a problem with before. Very, very pleased with this mat.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner July 2015 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Carolyn!!"
  • Perfect Door Mat

    Robert S Bewick, 3/18/2015 These rugged doormats beat all the competition. Each are made of durable metal that will last a very long time. They scrape the mud and dirt from your boots before entering the house. The four rubber feet help keep it in place. No slipping or sliding. Each mat is heavy enough that not even the neighbor's German shepherd has been able to cart it off.
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