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Bestseller Garden Essential Set
Your Tools at Your Side When You Need Them
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A fine and affordably-priced Gardening set, you’ll soon understand why we call it Essential. Curated by our own in-house gardening enthusiasts, these items just go naturally together. We love tool bags, but sometimes the job at hand only requires a few tools. This comfortable, dual-pocket leather holster snugly holds two of our most popular gardening items: our Digging Knife and Italian Bypass Pruner. The digging knife has a 6 ¾” serrated stainless steel blade and a redwood handle. The pruner’s bypass blades effortlessly cut through branches. The holster is USA-made to our specifications—with heavy grain leather, strong stitching, and a belt loop—and safely houses the tools at your hip, so that they are right there when you need them. A small slot at the bottom of the holster allows debris to drop out easily.

If that isn’t enough, we include a pair of puncture-resistant gloves, which offer protection against thorns, splinters, wires, and needles. Great for handling roses, blackberry bushes, cacti, and other prickly plants.

Pro tip: we’re always misplacing our gloves as we move around the garden, our solution is to hang the gloves off the handles of the sheathed pruner. This way, you’ll always know where they are. For your toughest pruning chores, you’ll find our Garden Essential Set to be a vital asset.
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