Garden Tool Brush

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Garden Tool Brush
Cleans without scratching
The Garden Tool Brush is especially built with very stiff natural bristles (will not scratch or damage painted surfaces or metal), a 11 1/2 long European Beechwood handle, and a 1 1/2" wide pointy “wedge” at the front of the handle to act as a “kindly” scraper in getting caked debris off your garden implements.
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  • A Must Have

    Marianne Bo, 6/16/2014 At first I bought one of these brushes to have in the shed for cleaning of garden tools. I loved it so much I ordered some more to have strategically places around some other areas as well, like back porch, barn and garage. You know how they say you can never have too many clamps", well, you can never have too many good cleaning brushes either. Very good quality, and I like the way it cleans, be it metal, PVC or plastic."
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