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Do more work with less stress on your wrists and hands
19K01.05 Enhanced Design Ergo Pruner

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The in-line position of the head and blade on many pruners puts stress on your wrists, often leading to nagging discomfort after long periods of working. These 8” long, ergonomically designed (and extremely sharp) pruners are a great solution to that problem.

The Standard Design’s curved handle and offset head place your hand at a much more comfortable and force-efficient position. The upper handle is soft coated for comfort and superior grip.

The Enhanced Design (shown in hand) uses a soft “rolling” lower handle, which rotates as you open and close the Pruner. This creates an even more comfortable action, making it very, very easy on your wrist.

People really love these tools, both amateur gardeners and professional landscapers. Your hands are going to thank you, even after a long day’s work.

Made in France.
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