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Sale Garrett Wade Pocket Knife
Only from Garrett Wade. A smart, very handy personal tool
15T02.01 Garrett Wade's Knife

Available 02/01/2021


15T02.30 3 Garrett Wade Knives

Available 02/01/2021

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Anyone who carries a small knife in their pocket or purse finds many situations when it comes in handy. With stable wood grips and two folding blades (1-1/2 and 2”) this small folder takes up very little space. Very well made yet inexpensive, it’s a real value. You’ll be glad you have it at hand. Two (for yourself and one to share) is even better.
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
1-1/2" & 2"
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:

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Overall Rating
  • Old School Pocket Knife

    Michael, 10/16/2020 I love this knife. Exactly what a pocketknife should be. Solid brass end caps extremely sharp and feels great in my hand
  • Great knife

    Nancy, 12/29/2019 I love this knife, it’s very sharp. I really like carrying a knife in my pocket, it comes in handy more than you’d think.
  • Good pocket carry

    robert courtney, 7/23/2019 I have purchased a lot of knives in my lifetime. for the money you cannot beat the price for the three knife deal. Great quality and a darn good pocket carry. I plan on giving out a couple to good friends. You cant go wrong, buy the three knife deal.
  • Great knife at a great price

    Randy, 1/20/2019 Way better in person than the pictures. I will be happy to give them as gifts. They're great.

  • Garrett Wade Pocket Knife

    Leslie DeVries, 12/29/2018 My two sons-in-law and son were recipients of the buy 2, get one free deal. The knives were an instant hit. The product is excellent, the wait time- -with no e-mail update of a problem- -was odd. I felt that if I had not called the items would have been delayed in shipping even more-almost 3 weeks from order!
  • Great little knife

    Larry Mack, 12/26/2018 Great quality for such a low price. I really like this knife.
  • Great offer; great knife.

    Thom M. Bercik, 9/25/2018 I purchased the " buy 2, get 1 free " offer for an elderly friend. Knowing that he often misplaces possessions, this was a great offer. He loves the knife.
  • GW Knife

    Stan Sanders, 8/19/2018 Excellent knife for men and women. Very sharp. Should last for years.
  • Two blade knife, good for pocket or purse

    Stan Sanders, 8/19/2018 Bought three. My wife and daughter-in-law, grandson love theirs. Quite sharp and well-made. Should last for years!
  • Sharp, Quality, Compact

    Judy Morris, 5/9/2018 Sharp knife blade, very good quality, folds easily and is compact. Need to remember NOT to have this in my pocketbook when I go through TSA!
  • Great Quality

    Larry Swenson, 5/6/2018 Great little knife. Better quality than I expected. I am enjoying carrying it.
  • Sweet little gentleman's pocket knife.

    Roland Zapfe, 5/6/2018 I received this knife as a bonus to another order I placed with Garrett Wade. I didn't really think I needed another knife but it has been in my pocket ever since. Workmanship is excellent, super sharp out of the box and easy to keep sharp.
  • Beautiful and solidly made

    Gene, 4/21/2018 I just have to echo what others have said, This little knife is handsome to look at and seems to be top quality. I can't find anything wrong with it. And the price. Amazing.
  • Practical, Beautiful, Functional. Pick Three.

    Timothy, 2/12/2018 This is a beautifully made small knife, ideal as a utility blade for daily use. As one would expect from Garrett Wade, the details have been gone through. Although surprisingly hefty for its size in hand, it disappears into a pocket and rides comfortably. There are no sharp edges to fret or dig into a leg. Both blades are made of thick steel, nicely polished on all surfaces, and as sharp as I have ever found a stainless blade to be out of the box. A lot of thought went into designing and making this knife. For the price, it is a bargain. From the design, it could become a classic.
  • Awesome Knife

    Susan, 1/16/2018 Great little knife!
  • Garrett Wade pocket knife

    Mike Selby, 12/18/2017 I bought 3, one for myself and for my 2 sons. Very happy with the quality, which is excellent. I certainly did not expect to receive such an incredible value on 3 knives for $31.00
  • Garrett Wade Pocket Knife

    Ann Marie Conaty, 12/8/2017 Beautiful pocket knife. Small enough to fit in the pocket. Feels good in the hand. Has a nice, sharp blade.
  • Great Gentleman's Knife

    Matthew Johnston , 11/22/2017 Extremely sharp right out of the box. Also has yet to get damaged or have the need to be sharpened.
  • I have no title

    Don Esterberg, 9/25/2017 feels good in hand, blades sharp, could use a bit of honing but good feel
  • Nice pocket knife

    Marina Bonaventura, 9/7/2017 Nice knife, comfortable hand feel, not too heavy in pocket.
  • Garrett Wade knife

    John Hannan, 8/12/2017 Bought my two sons this knife---great looking also got one for myself
  • Knife

    Franklin MacKenzie, 6/18/2017 nice knife, it was free still waiting my order.
  • pocket knife

    tom cahal, 6/13/2017 really love these knives so much so that I immediately ordered 2 more after receiving them very well made and solid for a daily use knife esp on sale
  • Excellent knife for the price.

    Fishmonger, 6/13/2017 After reading other reviews, I was curious what kind of knife could be had for less than $10. I like the canoe style boosters, nice wide blades, fairly sharp out the box, a bit heavy but has 2 blades. No lock, but wasn't expecting any. Would make a great gift.
  • Sweet little pocket knife

    E. Fischer, 6/2/2017 This is a very attractive little knife that seems to be well made. Would get 5 stars but I'll wait to see if it stands the test of time. Nice price , nice product. Cheers to that!

    STEVE SAKIS, 1/15/2017 this pocket is not nice it's ouystanding made like the old day's my wife liked it so much it's her's i must get one for myself and son GREAT JOB BOY'S THIS COMPANY STILL MAKES THINGS THE WAY WE WERE BOUGHT TO LIKE
  • monkey knot key chain

    STEVE SAKIS, 1/15/2017 bought this key chain hopping it would be well recived by my wife she loved it so much i will buying one for the whole family GREAT JOB GARRETT WADE.
  • Good little knife

    Verna Davidson, 1/15/2017 Nice little knife. Not too bulky. Got the freeby knife but still havent received my order! LOL.
  • Knife

    John Brinkley, 1/14/2017 Very sharp and nice size
  • Garrett Wade Pocket Knife

    Keith Staton, 1/14/2017 Great little pocket knife. Nice finish and Just a touch of strop needed for a very sharp edge, I love it!
  • Very nice

    Parrish Nored, 1/12/2017 nice! Received as a gift with purchase.
  • great everyday carry

    Dallas, 1/9/2017 Great quality, no wiggle. If anything its to tight. Quality material
  • Refined Tool

    Donald Scott Brown, 1/7/2017 Beautiful knife. I hope to hand it down to my sons.
  • Beautiful tool

    Karen Knaub, 1/7/2017 Well made quality product
  • Gentlemans knife

    Bill R, 1/5/2017 Pleased with the quality, carry whether I am wearing jeans or dressed for the office. Reminiscent of the knife my Dad carried
  • A Great Tool

    Jim Crees, 1/3/2017 This knife may not be the "coolest" ever produced, but it is just the type of solid, sturdy knife my dad and his dad carried with them every day. It is a working person's knife and I've already put it to good use. A great tool.
  • WOW!

    Michael Bennett, 1/1/2017 I was very surprised at the high quality of this knife. Brass liners, good snap, stout blades with no wobble. I actually don't understand how you can sell such a piece of craftsmanship at so low a price. Very impressed!
  • Free Knife

    S Plendl, 12/31/2016 When I relieved this knife I was impressed with the quality. I thought for the price it would be something that looked nice - until you used it. It was so nice I gave it to my son as a gift. Very impressive.
  • Very please with this knife

    Jim Felder, 12/31/2016 A beautiful knife even compared to ones costing much more. Very well made, proud to own it.
  • Pocket knife

    D. M. L., 12/30/2016 A useful and unexpected extra on my order.
  • Free Pocket knife is top notch!

    Wendy Marsh, 12/30/2016 This item was included with my purchase as a free gift. I had never heard of Garrett Wade until a friend of mine dropped off some catalogues she was done with. I had no idea of the quality of products they sold. I was a bit behind on Christmas shopping and really didn't expect my order to come in time. Not only did it come in time, it also came with a very high quality free pocket knife. My son loves it! I definitely will be ordering from them again! We need to spread the word about this awesome company! Thank you Garrett Wade!
  • gift knife

    gilbert mansour, 12/30/2016 beautiful and very well designed pocket knife, would definitely get it as a gift
  • Super Knife

    John, 12/28/2016 I was pleasantly surprised as this is a very high quality knife. Especially since I received it as a free bonus item! Definitely worth the posted price if you need a handy everyday knife.
  • A very nice pocket knife

    Jim L, 12/28/2016 It is a well-constructed knife with a solid feel. My only reason for not giving it 5 stars is that it is a bit too heavy and thick for my pocket.
  • A Great Value

    Ralph Cook, 12/28/2016 I have purchased a wide variety of knives through the years and the quality and feel of this knife is as good as some I've paid much more for. It's just the right size for carrying in your pocket. It opens and closes tightly and securely. A great value.
  • Nice knife

    SWV, 12/28/2016 Giving as a late Christmas present. Very nice knife.
  • pocket knife

    Jill Blasco, 12/28/2016 Beautiful pocket knife. Just the right size for me.
  • Knife

    Jo Anne, 12/27/2016 Gave it as a gift. I was pleased with it as was the recipient.
  • Nice liitle knife

    Chris, 12/27/2016 I received this knife free of charge with my first purchase with Garrett Wade. I was pleasantly surprised. This knife could easily sell for twice as its offered here. It's not loose at all, seems well put together, and the blade took a nice edge. It makes a perfect knife for young man, and my nephew loves it.
  • Pocket knife

    Bill Land, 12/23/2016 I'm very impressed with the pocket knife. I have a weakness for pocket so I am very selective. This looks to me like a good one.
  • Pocket knife

    Kate cooper, 12/16/2016 A wonderful knife. I wanted this as a first time knife for a teen. Great choice.
  • Garrett Wade's Knife

    Joseph Pescatrice, 12/16/2016 great knife, will give it as a gift
  • Slightly off of mark

    Bill McIntyre, 12/15/2016 Good size. Good action and sturdy. Pins not flush on handle...ruins the perfect feel. Sharp but should be sharper.
  • Good knife for the price

    Lorelei , 12/14/2016 This is a fair price for a 2 sided knife that is reasonably well built.
  • Garrett Wade Pocket Knife

    Deborah Clough, 12/14/2016 I was very surprised at the fine quality of the knives for the price. I am giving them to three teen age boys for. Christmas and I am sure they will be a handy size and last them for many years.
  • Garrett Wade Pocket knife

    Judy Simmons, 12/13/2016 Great knife
  • Excellent product

    Cindy Risen, 12/13/2016 My husband loved it .....Great item.
  • Good buy for the money.

    Mike, 12/13/2016 Received as a free gift, so can't beat that! Sharp blade. Good buy for the money.
  • Worth the money.

    Mike, 12/13/2016 Very nice--a pocket knife with stout, sharp blades and tight action (no side play or wobble).
  • Best Pocket Knife by far.

    Michael, 12/8/2016 Perfect size, great quality!
  • Fine little knife

    Julie, 12/7/2016 What a surprise! I received this as a free gift with purchase and was certainly not expecting this handy little knife to be of such excellent quality. I'm not a knife expert, but I can certainly recognize quality. Thanks!!
  • Knife for a collector

    Ralph WItte, 11/1/2016 well crafted tool an excellent addition to any tool kit and or pocket. I am always looking for an knife that feels good and works well in my hands. Great purchase
  • Clean Lines Edge out the competition

    Barbara Thompson, 10/21/2016 Fits nicely in hand or pocket. Easy to open but holds each stage of opening well, and sharpened nicely. I like the wooden case and the inlaid GW logo adds a look of sophistication. Makes a great gift or get two one for yourself too you won't regret it.
  • Buy two

    Tim Coleman, 9/21/2016 They are that will want one for two different places. Will hold edge very well. Has great feel and well balanced.
  • Very good looking knife

    Tim Coleman, 9/21/2016 A great all around pocket knife. Will hold edge very well and is great for carving whittling and the like.I bought 2. One for a me and the other for me, too. I like it that much.
  • Look no further

    Jim Y., 9/2/2016 Ever on the lookout for a great deal on a pocket knife, I'm usually disappointed whenever I walk into an outdoors store. The knives are either purely utilitarian without an ounce of elegance to them, or they seem too gimmicky with 50 million blades and tools (and the promise that they will be too flimsy to actually be of practical use). This GW beauty was in a different category. I liked the clean lines and simple but classy finish. When it came, though, what struck me was the fine quality. The knife has a good heft and balance to it, and the blades are tight with no give in them. Both blades are very sharp and take and hold an edge well. This has become my go-to knife, the one I always keep in my pocket. I might just have to stop looking at other knives. And for the price? Unbeatable.
  • Solid and Good Looking Tool

    Stephen DeGiulio, 9/2/2016 I like this sturdy pocket knife. It's no fuss, no muss, and that gives it style. I has what I'd call soft half stops, which I've not seen in a slipjoint knife before--but that serve the safety function by making it hard to close on a finger just as well as "hard" half stops, I'd say. The fit and finish is very good for the price point (and if you lose things, it'd be painless to replace). The springs are firm, as they should be in a brand new knife, they should relax a bit with use. No special steel, but it takes a good edge. At 90 cm closed, it's a great pocket size. For my use, it's great in function, and looks good too.
  • old fashioned value

    JS Morris, 8/30/2016 This knife is a throwback. Not lockback; not a drop point blade; not an exotic or fire-proof synthetic handle. It is balanced, very sturdy, and sharp. I have one for me and one as a gift for a grandson's first pocket knife.
  • Garrett Wade Pocket Knife

    Michael Reynolds, 8/9/2016 Very solid knife with clean lines and tight fit. Hefty weight, definitely a guy's pocketknife. Excellent quality for a reasonable price.
  • Knife Give Away

    David Price, 7/4/2016 This knife was a bonus gift for making an order with you a month ago. I was blown away at the quality of the knife and did not expect a free knife to be of this caliber. I could not be happier.
  • Great pocket knife

    Randy Stallings, 5/13/2016 So far I really like this knife. Perfect for every day use. Compact, clean look and feel.
  • Feels good holding it in your hand

    James Siddons, 5/9/2016 It feels great to hold this knife in my hand. The weight has a nice heft. Impressive design, and the blades turn out nicely.
  • Great knife at very affordable price

    Bob Mendoza, 5/7/2016 I've had numerous pocket knives for over 40 years. By far, this Garrett Wade pocket knife is the best; dependable, lightweight, excellent balance, rugged but attractive, very sharp blades, affordable, and precision made with excellent quality. I'm planning on buying the same knife as gifts for my special friends.
  • Great knife

    Jeff, 5/2/2016 Nice, sharp, lightweight knife. Very useful.
  • Just perfect.

    Mary, 4/27/2016 Clean, classic design, sharp, true blades and a perfect heft in your hand. What else could you need in a great pocket knife?
  • Pocket knife

    James Brown, 4/9/2016 Very very sharp right out of the box.
  • Sharp out of the box

    Howard P, 3/4/2016 Haven't used it extensively, but so far it holds an edge well. Fit and finish are good, and the snap of the blades in closing is very nice.
  • Very Nice Pocket Knife

    John Saia, 3/4/2016 Terrific pocket knife, especially for the price! Simple straightforward design, quality craftsmanship. A knife you can use every day!
  • Knife

    Bernard, 3/4/2016 Great knife. Stays super sharp.
  • Great Knife!

    Sam, 2/23/2016 It holds an edge pretty well and it has not failed me yet.
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