Garrett Wade Push Drill

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Garrett Wade Push Drill
Same Great Drill in a new Special Edition Black
69P01.12 Limited Edition Black Push Drill

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69P01.01 Garrett Wade Push Drill

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69P01.02 Spare Set of 8 Bits

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We're excited to introduce our new Limited edition all-black Push Drill. While we still love our best selling chrome push-drill, we can't keep our hands off the modern-looking black. Think same great tool, with a new finish. This non-reflective black finish is just as hardworking as the original, but with an extra style that makes it a truly unique gift.

Remember the classic Push Drill that was once found in every shop and every job site tool bag? Now custom-made for Garrett Wade, and this year we are offering it in two versions; the classic Chrome Finish, and a special new Black finish. Both are beautiful, fast-working, and very special tools, made of the same materials and furnished with original double fluted bits. Made by Stanley for decades until they dropped it in the 1990's it was made of chrome-plated solid brass, and beautifully finished. Every woodworker should have one of these in his or her "quiver" because it is so useful. As you push down, the bit rotates clockwise, cutting the hole, when you stop pushing, the handle springs up and the bit rotates in the other direction–essentially self-clearing.

The included 8 bits are stored in the top of the handle and are easy to access. Just slip the size you want (any one of eight–1/16", 5/64', 3/32", 7/64", 1/8', 9/64', 5/32", 11/64") into the collet chuck, put the drill tip on the surface and push. Makes a hole up to 1-½" deep. The entire mechanism is protected inside the steel cover. Incidentally, if you have an old Stanley Push Drill, our Spare Set of 8 Bits should fit it (visit our website for details). We also now stock individual replacement bits (3 each pack) of the four most popular (and fragile), see our website.

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  • Great useful tool

    Michael Pisto, 10/3/2019 Do yourself a favor and buy this. My dad has the later plastic version and it’s awesome. Found the old all metal and it rocks! Best tool to drill a hole or two. Simple to carry and use.
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