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Bestseller Garrett Wade Push Drill
A superb shop & on-site installation tool
Uses the original double fluted bit design
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The Yankee Drill You Remember

Remember the classic Yankee drill that was once found in every shop and every jobsite tool bag? This handy spring-loaded push drill gives you a nice, clean hole without the need to break out a full-sized electric drill. Simply push the drill on a hard surface and the bit rotates clockwise, as you ease up the pressure, the spring returns the drill to its starting position, turning the bit counter-clockwise, clearing the hole. Every woodworker should have one of these in his or her "quiver" because it is so useful. Made by Stanley until the ‘90s when they dropped it from their product line, we’re proud to bring it back with this custom-made Garrett Wade model.

The entire mechanism and the bits are contained within the steel cover of the Yankee drill.
Remove the bit you want from the handle and slip it into the quick-release chuck and it’s ready for action. Additional replacement bits are also available, which fit both our push drill and older models.
Your satisfaction is guaranteed for 90-days with free returns.

Traditional Push Drill

When you need an efficient manual drill, sometimes the old tools are the best tools. This vintage design has been a staple for professionals and DIYers for generations. Don’t forget to check out our video that covers the features of the Yankee Drill and that shows you how to get the most out of it. Order yours online from Garrett Wade today.

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Overall Rating
  • Back in the Saddle.

    Whitney Eisenwinter, 9/18/2020 Bits to my 30 year old Yankee had worn, but even they still cut with a little persistence. I believe GW put out replacements for a while in twist drill form, which meant they cut only clockwise. These new bits keep the fluted design so they cut on both the push and pull, and being new-sharp, drill with more finesse than my combat bits. I keep the old set for the rough stuff, like drywall, and use the new for finer work and harder woods. Any chance for a set of masonry bits?
  • Yankee Push Drill

    Dick Van Meter, 7/16/2020 I had one of these drills years ago. It finally rusted out from too much humidity in the garage. My Father had one and introduced me to it when I was a youngster 60 years ago. It is great for drilling small holes in a wall to hang a picture. Our house had plastered walls so you couldn’t pound a nail without scattering plaster. The drill is good for holes into cabinets without getting the heavier electric drill out. The drill is no good for large holes or drilling into very hard wood or metal. If you take care of it this product, it should last a very long time.
  • It's the specific tool I need for a specific job

    Dan Reigle, 7/6/2020 I bought this drill for a job that will require careful drilling in cabinet doors without room for mistakes. Thinking about how to do this, I was remembering a drill that my father (a lifelong farmer) had and used often, and started looking for one. To my surprise, they are not very common today, but I was pleased to find this drill at Garrett Wade. I appreciate the excellent customer service, and look forward to using it.
  • Pulled apart on first hole

    Michael, 6/21/2020 Drilled My first hole with the 1/8” bit to 3/4” depth without properly clearing the swarf and the bit stuck in the maple, when I pulled up on the tool by the grip the tubes separated and now will no longer remain engaged. Other than that it is completely functional and I continue to use it as a two piece tool. I have examined it closely and there is no apparent mechanism to retain the tubes I can see. Obviously my fault. I just wanted others to know that if the bit seizes in the hole it must be extracted with a right hand turning motion while pulling the bit out otherwise the tubes may disengage permanently.
  • What a find!

    Norris, 6/5/2020 My son purchased a professional Stanley push drill, but had no bits. This inspired me to dig out my old plastic handle one. I had a broken bit and a couple well worm ones. Finding new is difficult outside of antiques. These bits are excellent, fit and work very well. It is a real find. It will restore your push drill and remind you how handy it is.
  • Perfect fit for Stanley push drill

    Tommy Hunter , 5/23/2020 A great set of bits which fit my old Stanley push drill perfectly. They are quite expensive particularly once imported into Scotland but they have breathed new life into an old tool I inherited from my Dad and which is such a potent reminder of the projects we undertook together in my now, sadly distant youth.
  • The drill is great, the bits not quite so much

    Ian E. Gorman, 5/6/2020 Adding to my comment of 9/27/2019:

    My Garrett Wade push drill now works as well as my old North Brothers Drill. A new G-W push drill tends to bind on the push stroke because of friction between the return spring and the inside of the lower tube. As the spring compresses, it tries to take a serpentine shape and pushes strongly sideways against the the tube. I cured this by getting the spring and tobe to polish each other. The old North Brothers Drill probably required the same treatment about 70 years ago.

    I kept putting machine oil (probably sbout SAE 20) in the oil hole and working the drill a few minutes at a time daily for a couple of months. I I used a ball bearing under the empty chuck to make the job easier.

    The excess oil flows out between the upper and lower tube and must be wiped off immediately because it is black with wear particles that will mar the lower tube.

    Eventually the spring and the inside of the tube will be polished to smooth surfaces, the oil will come out almost clear, and the drill will operate smoothly. Then, every month or so, you can put in a couple of drops of oil -- just enough so you have to wipe off a little oil. Always keep the lower tub clean because oil on hte outside will collect dirt and carry the dirt into the drill.

    The problem with the bits is that they jam when drilling across the grain. I think this is because the bits are so accurately ground that they cut holes to exact sizw instead of slightly oversize. I will eventually order a full set of replacement bits and regrind them to see if I can get better performance.
  • Yankee driver tool and spare bits

    Andrew, 5/5/2020 I picked up two Yankee drivers with spare bits - one for my toolbox (my old Yankee driver was showing its age) and a second one for my father. My dad is a carpenter, and has been involved with detailed work (like cabinets) for over 60 years. His previous Yankee driver was borrowed and not returned - this will be a replacement for that one that never came back. These drivers seem to be every bit as good as the original ones - perhaps even better!

    Thank you for continuing a strong tradition!
  • Flawless Yankee Push Drill With Memories!

    Wayne Kruger, CAPT, USN, (Retired), 4/18/2020 So happy to receive this beautiful Yankee Push Drill from Garrett Wade. It’s flawless and the extra set of bits is a real plus as I now use it frequently in my workshop. When I was 5 years old (65 years ago), my dad let me use his “Yankee Drill” for the first time to help him build our family clam shell camper from plans he found in a magazine. I will treasure having this tool in my tool box to pass along to my grandson. Great memories! Thanks, W Kruger, CAPT, USN, (Retired)
  • Black Limited Edition Yankee Drill

    Jim Miner, 4/11/2020 I bought a Yankee Push Drill 30+ years ago and remember using my dad's before that. It's a useful tool that gets the job done without cords or batteries. Since then I've bought a couple that I've found on Etsy and just purchased GW's limited black edition along with some spare bits.
  • Quality par none.

    Kari, 4/6/2020 I, too, was looking for a replacement for my ca. 1975 Stanley Yankee drill and was ecstatic to find this high-quality replacement. I can't imagine not having one of these in my toolbox, and am thinking these would be great Christmas gifts for my adult children this year.
  • Push Drills are a great tool, compact and no batteries required

    Jay , 4/3/2020 I probably bought my first push-drill over 40 years ago. I used it frequently over the years for all kinds of jobs, it was one of my favorite tools. A few years ago the number of working bits had run out. I was having trouble finding bits that would work wit+h the drill. I came across Garrett Wade bits and they worked great. Recently I purchased a new Garrett Wade push drill and extra bits, retiring my 40+ year old drill that was well worn. I am very happy with the new drill and the 2 sets of bits that came with it. It will probably outlast me; I will have to leave it to someone in my will.
  • Dream fulfilled

    Gregory Knox, 2/5/2020 I bought my Stanley Handyman Yankee drill decades ago. It came with only four bits, which became dull and/or broken but still used on things like wall board. I despaired of ever finding replacement bits so I didn’t really pursue it. Then I came across these. Wow! Not only replacement bits but the whole set! For the first time ever, all eight holes in the bit storage are full. Even though these new bits cost probably twice of what I paid for the Handy Yankee in the first place, I am tickled pink.
  • GW Yankee Push Drill

    William, 10/1/2019 This is an absolute must for any basement genius for easy jobs around the house. The ultimate cordless drill for the hobbyist or a skilled craftsman. I purchased my Stanley drill many years ago and needed to replaced broken bits .
  • Good replacement for an North Brothers / Yankee push drill

    Ian E. Gorman, 9/27/2019 I bought the Garrett Wade Yankee push drill to replace a North Brothers (Stanley) push drill that has been in the family for more than 70 years (maybe 100 hours of use?). The old drill works well, but I gave it to a younger cousin who wanted to build a collection of our grandfather's tools.

    The drill itself is very similar to the North Brothers drill, and works as well (although not as smoothly after only a few minutes use). The operation becomes smoother with use and with oil. I put in more than ten drops of oil. The excess comes out on the lower part of the shaft and should be wiped off immediately to avoid collecting dirt.

    The new bits don't work as well as the older bits. They require more force and tend to stick in the hole. I think this is because the new bits cut more aggressively. The cutting edges of a North Brothers bit meet at an angle similar to that of a modern twist drill (110 degrees). The edges of a Garrett Wade bit meet at an angle of 80 degrees. The smaller angle makes the new bits act more like a piercing device and less like a cutting device, particularly in softer woods like pine.

    I may order a second set of bits and try to grind points more like the points of the old bits and more like the points on a standard twist drill. But those points are unlikely to be as accurately formed as the points ground by Garrett Wade.

    Notwithstanding my dissatisfaction with the bits, I highly recommend the Garrett Wade Yankee push drill to anyone who wants to replace a North Brothers / Yankee push drill.
  • Great tool, great service

    Shaw lively, 6/9/2019 I inherited the drill from my father but over the 40 years, bits had been lost. It was fantastic to be able to order a replacement set.
  • Great cordless drill

    HARRY TOMPKIN, 6/3/2019 Wonderful cordless drill. Have one in each of my tool boxes.
  • Didn't know I needed it until I used it.

    Daniel Lindley, 4/22/2019 Excellent for pre-boring small screw holes. Solid feel, plenty of torque for drilling through hardwoods. Far more convenient than using a cordless drill. Highly recommended.
  • Lost and found

    Maggie, 3/2/2019 For years I had one of these in my tool kit. I’m sure it had been my dad’s but it’s just always been there...until it wasn’t. I’ve never been a collector of tools, just what it’s taken to get along. That would be a hammer, screwdriver, level, nails trusty hand drill. I don’t know what happened to it but it was gone and I moved and wanted to put up a few things. I tried to start a hole by my own pressure alone. If I’ve dropped one screw I’ve dropped them all and was longing for my long lost hand drill. Then I started the hunt and found it! It’s wonderful. I have projects planned and really have to do them myself because I don’t want to hire someone and have to wait for someone else’s schedule. I’m back in business myself!
  • Fondest memories

    Timothy Mueller, 2/16/2019 From the moment I saw this push drill, I was transported back to my Dad's workshop in the 1950's, and I knew that I had to purchase this. I can't remember how many Dad and son projects were created around this tool. With everything today being battery operated, this is classic that will find a home in my tool box. Thank you for keeping this available.
  • Yankee push drill

    bert p., 2/14/2019 Good to get this "old time" tool ! been looking for one for few years.
  • Yes!!!

    John Hathaway, 2/12/2019 I learned to love the Yankee Push Drill when I was a poor graduate student doing handyman work in exchange for a room (it beat living in a tent in a county campground after I found I couldn't afford rent and out of state tuition at the same time). Old Byron (husband of Marian who hired me), the retired plumbing union shop steward at NASSCO shipbuilding yard in San Diego, let me use his but gave me the evil eye and a warning not to lose or steal it. I could never find another one until years later when I came across a Stanley Yankee 03-043 (probably from Garrett Wade) but sadly it only came with three spiral bits and not the full set fluted bits I came to appreciate. Joe Wolfe, the excellent products support specialist at Garrett Wade promptly got me the catalog number to order a full set of fluted bits and corrected the term I used for the three spiral bits I had (I called them screw bits - my recollection of the Roy Underhill PBS show The Woodwright's Shop on "spoon" bits was fuzzy). I'm looking forward to installing some more curtains and nothing works better at drilling pilot holes than the true boring fluted bits driven by the cordless, no-battery, lightweight, one-handed drill when you're standing on a ladder holding on with one hand and drilling pilot holes with the other.
  • Just the Bits

    LeeBear, 2/2/2019 I just picked up the bits, great item for the bell systems push drill, or craftsman. Almost wish they had them in bulk!
  • Just the right tool

    John Snowdon, 1/25/2019 Remembering one my dad had, I bought this from GW a couple of years ago thinking it would someday be helpful. The day just came and it is the only way I could drill holes in such a narrow space. This drill is excellent quality and worked perfectly. I will use it much more often now that I finally tried it. What a joy!
  • Oldie that is still very useful

    Mike Juddo, 1/12/2019 Inherited the drill from my father and I have had it for many years. Was down to 3 bits so I was very pleased to find these. Used the other day on s project and worked like a charm. Great for jobs with tight clearances and depth because I could not get my electric drill in to the work area.
  • Yankee Push Drill

    Barbara Brown, 1/2/2019 When my dad was alive he bought a push drill, similar to the Yankee, for my husband years ago. We BOTH love it! This Christmas I purchased the Garrett Wade for two sons and a son-in-law. I'm thinking a handy grandson would love one also, and maybe we should update to a Wade because of the bigger variety of bits, plus we can purchase replacements. We can't live without this push drill. And did I mention how handsome this tool looks? Thank you Garrett Wade for all you offer.
  • Yankee push drill and bits

    Susan , 12/31/2018 I've been looking for new bits for my very old craftsman push drill for years. When I found them online I was delighted. They fit perfectly so I went ahead and bought a yankee push drill with extra bits for each of my children. One of them said she'd been wanting something like that for years. A perfectly well-received gift.
  • Yankee bits

    W B Martin, 12/29/2018 Perfect, Brought my Yankee drill back to life again. I had forgotten what a great tool it was until I loaned my Makita to a friend and needed just two small holes to mount my battery backup unit inside my desk. I found the Yankee and luckily was able to salvage one of the broken bits to do the job. Right then I went searching for a replacement set and found Garrett Wade!
  • Old fashion push drill

    Brian Moran, 12/25/2018 This is the exact Yankee push drill my dad kept on his work bench for years. Then it was a staple on my bench. I passed my dad’s on to my son and bought myself a replacement.
  • Spreading joy

    Jon , 12/14/2018 I purchased one of these beautiful tools a few years back and love it. I used something like it as a teen and had been trying to find one ever since. The one I just purchased is a gift for another craftsman for Christmas.
  • Yankee Drill

    Mark A. Paul, 12/9/2018 It was a surprise to receive your catalog in the mail and discover the Yankee drill. This is a tool that both my father, grandfather and I have used extensively in the past. Mine was stolen a number of years ago and I never thought I would see it made again. Thanks a ton.
  • Yankee drill

    Walter A Troester, 12/8/2018 Excellent tool . I do a lot of scroll sawing with thin material. If you want to mount the piece on a wall there is no better tool than this drill to help you establish a hole for the hanging hardware. It is possible to drill a hole without going to far and coming out the other side thus ruining the piece.
  • bits

    Dennis Dieck, 12/5/2018 The bits fit well and allow me to use my push drill again. I plan on teaching my grandson how to use these in building projects in the near future!
  • Yankee Push Dril

    Tom Gossett, 11/22/2018 I bought this for my son. My grandfather had one and I have one. This is the most useful product i have run across. It is high quality and quickly drills pilot holes. It is much more convenient than an electric drill. It is high quality and reasonably priced. I am sure it will continue in our family.

    Robert Booth, 11/10/2018 I have a collection of antique "egg beater" drills. My habit when boat building or restoring is to set up several with a different sized bit each and have them readily at hand. These are still the best cordless drill available when driving bits are not required. The push drill bits are nearly identical to the original bits furnished with these hand drills. The only difference being the shank machining required for locking the bit in the push drill chuck. This style bit does not bind like a twist bit when using the egg beater drill.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner November 2018 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Robert!!
  • Yankee Drill bits

    Paul Lancia, 10/22/2018 These bits were perfect for my Yankee Drill. My Dad used this when I was a kid, and now I'll continue the tradition. Thanks Garrett Wade!!
  • Thing of Beauty

    Greg Horton, 10/4/2018 This tool is a thing of beauty. Well built and rugged. I had a cheaper yankee drill before and like it for jobs around the house. But this new one is way better. Thanks
  • Yankee push drill bits

    John Kolodziejski, 9/15/2018 I purchased the replacement bits for the Yankee push drill. I have been trying to find these for a long time. The bits on my original Yankee drill, that I purchased some 40 years ago, were about worn out. These bits fit perfect, are very sharp and drill without walking. I would recommend these to anyone that has an older Yankee push drill. I'm going to purchase another set so I have a spare.
  • Old drill gets second life

    Bob D, 9/5/2018 I've owned a Stanley Yankee push drill for at least 35 years, and the original bits have become dull over the years through extensive use. I was very happy to see that replacement bits are available through Garrett-Wade at a reasonable price, and ordered them. They were shipped quickly and arrived as advertised, on time and in perfect shape. I was very relieved to find that the replacement bits fit very nicely in my old drill --now good as new!
  • Push Drill

    Janet Palubinskas, 8/23/2018 Excellent Quality. Heavy duty. I use it to drill holes in resin... Perfect. The instruction do say to be gentle with the smallest bits which will get stuck and break off ! I would recommend buying a spare set of drills which is what I plan on doing.
  • Quality & Quite

    Norman Latini, 8/12/2018 Fit, Finish, function - terrific... Technique improves with use
  • Functional But Only Sort Of

    Cole Fay, 8/2/2018 Take it from someone who has 3 true Yankee Push Drills Of varying age- this one is just “eh”. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t know what to expect from a copy of the infamous push drill. I use my Yankees all the time but the bits are in disarray and the springs are all pretty shot so I thought I would try out the much-raved-about Garrett Wade model. The pros are simple. To the untrained eye and hand, it is infact a beautiful carbon copy of the original. The bits are fantastic and are functional with the original. They come very sharp and ready to work. The collet or chuck (whatever it is) has a tight lock up so the bit doesn’t wiggle. It has a nice push and retract action. Now to the bad. The fit and finish is sub par for a $75 tool. Based on how this came, I would have been much more understanding at a $45 price tag. The chrome paint or plate or whatever it is on the handle of the tool cane chipped away in places. That was unfortunate out of the box but could be a one-off problem. What is a consistent problem to my understanding is the ridiculous satin handle cap. Not only does it look stupid and not match the rest of the tool, it it much too large for the handle to slide onto so it takes a bit of fuss and trouble to get it on with the bits inside. The Yankees never had either of these issues. The caps were beautifully chromed and the handle slid up and on to the cap with blissful ease. Part of the reason I love these tools so much is the ease and swiftness of use. This issue will annoy me every time I use the tool. If I lived near a Garrett Wade store (I know), I would walk right in and get my money back, but returning it is simply too big of a hassle so it will forever be my little Garrett wade dissapointment. Like I said, perfect tool for $45, but for $75, buy a clean Yankee and save yourself the annoyance.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Garrett Wade Yankee Push Drill. We're sorry to hear that you aren't completely satisfied with it. We can send you a return label if you don't have one, and we'll issue a refund upon receipt of the drill. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Sometimes Customer Service is better than the product and is priceless!

    Leon D. Jones, 7/2/2018 After many years of great service, the first Garrett Wade push drill sprouted legs and came up missing. The second copy of the push drill arrived as a defective product because the knurled nut at the bottom of the handle which holds the bits could not be tightened enough to "hold" in the "closed" position.
    A quick call back to Garrett Wade resolved the problem without any fuss or argument. Many thanks for your assistance and great customer service!!!
    Some may think I gave a rating too high but, people aren't born perfect and every once in awhile a product gets out that doesn't do quite what it was intended to do. I already knew that the push drill is a great product but, this case I received conversation with folks that cared to solve the problem and keep me as a happy customer. Thanks to those that rendered assistance!!!!!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you, Leon! That was incredibly thoughtful of you to write and tell us so. We want to see our customers satisfied with not just our products, but with our manner of treating people. We appreciate your business, and your taking the time out to let us know how you feel about us. Have a great day!

  • Push Drill Bits

    Nancy Ayres, 5/22/2018 Best tool to have in your junk drawer. Excellent present received over 40 years ago.
  • Love it

    Paul, 5/13/2018 Great working tool. Convenient size.. as has been said, reminds me of my Dad's which I still have. Thanks
  • Craftsman

    Tim krejci, 5/7/2018 Great product, great service. That's why I shop at Garret Wade. when I look through your catalog I'm reminded of days gone by of excellent tools and the people who used them . Thank you for that.
  • Dad's drill

    Ken Lammers, 5/5/2018 I looked high and low for a push drill like my dad had. I was surprised that no big box store or hardware had one. So I was delighted to see one in your catalogue!
  • Love it

    Tammy Hickey Woodruff, 12/26/2017 Had one of these when I worked for Southwestern Bell as a installation/ repair tech over 30 years ago. Been looking for one for years. Found it on your web site, my husband got it for me for Christmas. One of my favorite presents.
  • Yankee Drill saved for future use

    T. A. Reiff, 12/1/2017 I remember my dad using his Yankee drill when I was a boy in the 1940's. Upon his death I added that drill to my tool box and ultimately needed new bits. After years of searching I had given up in despair when Garrett Wade came along with a replacement set. I can now give the drill and new bits to my Son as a Christmas gift and know he'll cherish the drill as much as I have.
  • Lost But Found Once More

    Thomas Keliher, 11/19/2017 I remember my dad using an old push drill with a red wood top when I was just a boy. This was back in the 50's. When I collected all his old tools, this one item was missing. I never knew what happened to it. Now I have that tool and it will be used.
  • Replaces Craftsman

    Olin Wellborn, 11/19/2017 I chose this to replace my 40-year-old Sears Craftsman push drill. Garrett Wade seems to be the only one. I'm delighted with the quality--better than the old Craftsman.
  • Quality made

    Michael Bachuk, 11/10/2017 Push drill is a great quality made tool. Especially like the contained holder for bits and that I am able to order replacements as needed.
  • Old Dog, New Tricks.

    Thomas A Boyd, 11/5/2017 Around 60 years ago my uncle, who worked for Bell Telephone, gave my father a "Yankee" push drill No. 41. It had "BELL SYSTEM" stamped on the shaft. My father loved that tool, and I was fascinated by its simple use and utility. I inherited it almost 25 years ago and it remains in perfect working order, with one exception: I had snapped 3 of the original bits. When a Garrett Wade catalog came to the house and I saw that I could buy a set of replacement bits I was excited but also dubious that modern bits would fit my old tool. I ordered them, they fit perfectly, and have given new life to a treasured tool. Thanks!
  • Spare Set of Eight Bits

    Steve Jewett, 10/31/2017 I found an old Craftsman push drill, possibly from the sixties, with only two dull bits left in the handle. Rather than ordering replacement bits on eBay or elsewhere, I called Garrett Wade and spoke to their tech who was very knowledgeable. After asking me some questions and for a description of the remaining bits he was confident they would fit my old Craftsman, and they did. A new life for my old drill!
  • replacement drill bits

    brian, 10/21/2017 inherited the push drill from my grandfather. The old bits were quite worn, these new bits work really well in the old tool. It is great that I can still find replacements and make use of the old drill.
  • fantastic drill bits

    bruce taylor, 10/20/2017 fantastic drill bits
  • Yankee push drill

    Brian Pask, 10/14/2017 This push drill was my late fathers. All of the bits had been lost or broken. I am so glad I was able to replace them. I love this durable and handy tool. Thank you
  • Great find

    Daniel J. Shuster, 9/23/2017 Stanley made excellent push drills. I own three and until now I had a hard time finding fresh bits. Garrett Wade is really on to something reproducing drivers and bits that are compatible with the originals, and by the same token, Stanley missed the boat. As we seek out more sustainable tools, GW is my go-to supplier.
  • The real deal

    Brian Wesley Joseph, 9/16/2017 I lost my old Yankee drill in one of many cross-country moves. I was very happy to find the Garrett Wade Yankee drill. It is as great as any Yankee drill I have ever owned. As soon as I used I knew I was going to give these as gifts this Christmas.
  • Perfect Fit

    Stephen Perry, 9/7/2017 These bits fit perfectly into my 30 year old Stanley Yankee Screwdriver. The screwdriver is one of my favorite tools for drilling small holes without the hassle of breaking out power tools. I was relieved to be able to find these bits and thereby add many more years of use to my Yankee screwdriver.
  • The Best

    Daniel, 8/21/2017 One of the MOST useful and convenient tools EVER. No one should have to unpack, lock and load a power drill for day to day small tasks. The old Yankee Drill was a stand by. Found this looking for replacement bits. Have now given several as gifts. Well made. Glad to see it available.
  • Quality Hardware

    Katrina, 8/4/2017 I was getting a set of replacement bit's for my dad's old Yankee and picked up a new one for my own toolbox. Super handy to have for those quick jobs and in the workshop. Great quality and such fast shipping!
  • Yankee Push Drill

    John J. Kester, 8/3/2017 A very handy tool to have available. I purchased mine in the mid 70s and would not be without it.
  • New life for a very old tool!

    Tom Currey, 7/18/2017 My Yankee Drill was my Dad's. He died in 1958 and I have used the drill and gone thru bits for a while. Great to find a full set of bits to replace the last two survivors, now getting quite dull. Thanks!
  • Grandmother's gift

    Elizabeth Huffaker, 7/11/2017 I'm 69yrs. old and I can remember my Grandmother using this drill. In fact, when I was a child, I didn't know that people had electric drills at home. This baby is the bomb! It's always ready to go to work, no electricity, no problem. It works better anyway. I'm so thankful that I found you. It needed new bits and now it has them, fresh and sharp. Every time I take it out of my toolbox to use, I remember Grandmother. Priceless! Thank you Grandmother for leaving this drill for me. Thank you, Garrett-Wade for carrying these hard to find bits. Now the "Yankee" is ready for another 70 plus years.
  • Quality bits.

    M. D. Reeson, 7/4/2017 The product is great. I looked for these for a long time and finally found them. Kind of expensive, but the only game I town.
  • Excellent tool for homeowners and pros.

    J.M.Kayes, 6/30/2017 We had these when I worked for the Bell System, 40 years ago. This the absolute best tool the homeowner, or handyman can have in their tool pouch. It will last for years. I bought replacement tips fort my old drill and they fit perfectly. The new drill is for my handygirl, daughter. She has always threatened to steal mine.
  • Vintage drill gets new life

    Daniel Kuczera, 6/18/2017 I inherited an old yankee push drill from my dad way back in 1985, over the years the bits got lost or broken. I now have a useful drill again.
  • Heirloom replacement should last generations!

    Bill Kelly, 6/6/2017 My grandfather had one of these and passed it down to my dad, and somehow it disappeared from our Sumer home in Maine. Maybe someday I'll find it under a pile of pine needles, but now I have one that works beautifully, thanks to Garrett Wade. As a retired geezer of 65, I've become a passionate and serious woodworker and I love this tool. It's so nice not to have to take out the electric drill or go to the drill press when I need to bore a few holes or set some holes for screws. I prefer hand tools whenever they are quick, easy, accurate, and well-engineered, and this has it all. The bits are easy to pop in and out with the Spring action chuck and they cut and pull material cleanly and quickly. It's better than my hand drills because a straight push is cleaner and more accurate than you get when you crank the egg beater on most hand drills. Remember to push straight. I haven't broken a bit yet but know it would be an easy error with sideways pressure. Since I hope that at least the next two generations will love this tool, I bought a set of extra bits. These bits are so much better than the ones I used on my grandfather's drill and they have worked fast in both cherry and maple. Softer woods are a cinch! The price may seem a bit high, but this drill will save you time and last 100 years, at least.
  • Every girl should have one.

    Kathleen Sigsworth , 6/2/2017 I was excited to be able to get replacement bits for this hand drill that my father gave me years ago. This is my favorite tool. I am not sure if he ever gave one of these little gems to any of my 4 brothers but I am glad he gave me his!
  • Yankee Handyman handed down to another generation

    T M Schauer, 6/2/2017 My mother just passed away at the age of 87, and I got her Yankee Handyman. I have wanted one for so long. Thanks for stocking replacement bits. Mine arrived quickly and I am delighted with the quality and ease of operation. I don't know when Mother purchased her Yankee Handyman, but in spite of dings on the handle and a faded logo, it still works great. As her 65 year-old daughter, I plan to put it to good use until it is handed down to my daughter. Thanks for the fast shipping and keeping this part of Americana alive.
  • Finally good bits

    Jay, 5/29/2017 Cannot believe this useful tool and bits went our of production. Thank you Garrett Wade for bringing them back. I just got the bits and I think (hard to remember that far back) that they are better than the original ones.
  • Happy Wife

    Glen Macumber, 4/29/2017 I have had my Yankee #41 for many years. Now that I can get new bits for it I know it will be back in my tool box again. Thanks..Glen
  • These bring new life for one of my favorite tools!

    Diane G, 4/25/2017 Thank god there finally is a place to get replacement bits. My dad, my brothers and I all have Yankee push drills and none of us had any of the smallest bits any longer. I bought my younger brother the 8 bit pack and one each of the 1/16 and 3/32 3-packs for his birthday. My older brother looked green with envy, so I guess I know what I'm getting him for his birthday this summer.
  • The one and only

    G Casal, 4/20/2017 Be proud! Your company was the only site that I could find for a good push drill and its bits. I needed the bits for my old Stanley, to be used by children in a teaching shop class. Two other places offering push drills were shameful: in one the bits were regular wood bits, good for your electric driver but not for a push driver; the drill bits of the other site were cannulated bits but sorry copies that did not drill well even in soft wood
  • Awesome piece of Americana!

    Dave Kesslen, 4/14/2017 The ordering process was easy and I had the drill in less than a week. It was exactly how I remember my father's original. I have used the drill a couple of times and highly recommend lubing it. It literally was as smooth as silk. Bit changes are straightforward and simple. I have no reservations about highly recommending this tool.
  • Spare bit set fit my two old Stanley push drills perfectly

    gdblake, 4/9/2017 I have two old Stanley push drills. Over time the smaller bits have snapped. I bought two sets of the 8 bit spare set and was happy to find them to be a perfect fit. The quality of the bits match that of the old Stanleys and work well. I learned years ago that you have to be careful with smaller drill bits of any make and not force them or they will all snap. Thanks for making these available.
  • Yankee Drill Bits

    Robert Dalflyen, 3/28/2017 It was good to get replacement bits for the Original Yankee Drill
  • Revived a beloved tool

    Phil, 3/20/2017 I loved the tool but only had 1 size bit. Not anymore. Thank you for offering bits that will breathe new life into an old friend.
  • Great Old Time Favorite

    Vivis Smith, 3/13/2017 Great old time favorite....So glad your company revived it. Sturdy and the weight makes it even more functional. Clearing aspect of the bits offers greater accuracy. Can't praise this tool enough.....
  • An old favorite revived

    Ellen, 3/7/2017 I was excited to discover this remake of a classic tool, and quickly ordered one. It is even sturdier than the ones I remember from my childhood, very finely made. I immediately ordered another for my brother!
  • SPARE SET OF 8 BITS 69P01.02 fit klein push drill.

    brice, 2/26/2017 They came through with the free shipping offer so this is a update to my earlier reveiw. Fit my klein push drill perfect, every bit! quality seems as good as original set so 5 stars .
  • SPARE SET OF 8 BITS 69P01.02

    brice, 2/24/2017 The bit set fit my Klein push drill well and are good quality.
  • Push drill bit replacements

    larry schultz, 2/12/2017 Great quality replacements. The only place I could find these bits.
  • Review of Garrett Wade Push Drill

    Edward J. Vecchio, 1/29/2017 My first purchase of this item was defective. I was very impressed with Garrett Wades response, replacing the push drill promptly. At this time I am very pleased with the performance of this tool and would recommend it to others.
  • Classic tool reborn as a high-quality reproduction

    Len, 1/23/2017 Excellent drill for close clearances. Drilling 1/16" pilot holes in a pinball playfield close against the outside walls is a challenge. The Yankee push drill quickly and accurately makes these holes in the MDF. This tool is a classic design, and the Garrett Wade re-creation is well-made and well-finished. A pleasure to use.
  • Yankee Push Drill

    Joe, 1/20/2017 Became familiar with this tool through my years in the military. Found it not only versatile, but also very compact and durable. After over 40 years of use I wouldn't have a carpenter box without one. Ever. Your bits are made great and greatly appreciated.
  • Garrett Wade Yankee Push Drill

    Evelyn Annand, 1/12/2017 Bought two Garrett Wade Yankee push drills for my granddaughters tool bags (they're 12 and 15), never too young to learn about fixing and building. I've had my Craftsman push drill since the 60ties. It's my go to tool. Sure it will be theirs
  • Better and Better

    Joshua C McCoy, 1/3/2017 I never owned a Yankee Push Drill, but always planned to pick one up every time I had to do small jobs and had to bring out the big drill. After the job, I would say to myself, "I've got to pick up one of the Yankee push drills. Then the thought passed me just like my New Year's resolutions.

    Last month I broke the drawer slide in our hutch and was replacing it. I decided to look for the Yankee push drill because I could not get my portable drill in the tight space to make holes for the screws. When I looked for one, I could not find it. Then your catalog came along and answered my prayers. You told me that it was discontinued and you made your own replacement. This became my Christmas present!

    I am very pleased with the quality of the drill and look forward to tackling the little jobs again with this tool.

    Thanks a million for bringing the Yankee Push Drill back from the Dead!
  • Very Good Replacement Bits

    Charles, 12/30/2016 Great replacement for original bits they fit well and work well. If you need new bits buy these you won't be disappointed.
  • Push Drill

    Robert Davis, 12/27/2016 Great quality! Gave as a gift and my woodworking friend loved it!
  • Yankee Drill Bits

    Robert Davis, 12/27/2016 Great item for fitting my old drill and my new one.
  • Solid tool

    Gary Ritchie, 12/25/2016 Great tool Makes it quick and easy ti do small holes and good for pilot holes
  • Must Have

    kevin lonie, 12/17/2016 great tool. Well made. perfect for quick drill. buying one for sons and son in laws! Thought the shipping was high.
  • Yankee drill bits

    Garry honnor, 12/11/2016 Both my dad and I had been looking for these push drill bits for many years,I had even looked for them on trips over seas. So it was great to be able to buy a set for both of us. So when are you going to open a branch in New Zealand.
  • From Father to Son

    James Vacca, 12/11/2016 One of my oldest memories is of my father using this style of hand drill, and I have owned mine all my adult life. But when my son asked for a hand drill like mine for Christmas I was sure that they were out of production. Luckily I found this item from Garrett Wade and ordered it for my son. I'm so happy to be able to continue this family tradition. Merry Christmas!
  • Great efficient tool - replacement for old Stanley and Craftsman

    Greg, 12/5/2016 This is an outstanding tool. Stanley and Craftsman both used to manufacture very similar versions and they are still strongly desired (do a search on Craftsman 4221 - old, used versions don't sell cheaply). I owned and cherished a Craftsman 4221 and this seems to be a very adequate replacement. This is a perfect tool to keep in your tool belt or toolbox for those tasks which require smaller holes, away from power or where your power drill is not efficient or practical. This tool is not a necessity, but not a luxury either - it just makes you much more efficient and effective on a myriad of jobs.
  • Yankee drill bits

    COL FLOYD lucas, 12/5/2016 Bits worked fine with original Yankee drill.
  • Bought two sets of bits they all work extremely well

    Gregoy Blake, 12/4/2016 I have two vintage Stanley Push Drills. Each drill was missing the smaller diameter bits. I bought two full sets and am very happy with the quality of the bits. They fit the old Stanley push drills just fine, are sharper than the origin bits, and drill beautifully. Thanks for making these available for a reasonable prices.
  • Great push drill

    Robert Thomley , 12/4/2016 Good design well executed. Been looking for one like this for years and this beauty exceeds my expectations.
  • Good bits.

    Mike, 12/2/2016 Well made and work with my original Stanley Yankee drill.
  • Good push drill

    Mike, 12/2/2016 This is a pretty good reproduction of the original Stanley model it is based off of. The casing is not quite as well made and the action is not quite as smooth, but it is still a good tool and I recommend it.


  • I was glad to still be able to find the technology.

    Rick, 11/20/2016 Not as finely finished as I had expected - the jury is still out on whether the handle actually needed to be knurled - but nice to have it in metal. Nice weight and balance. The right tool for the right job - not replacing my electric drill but irreplaceable for those situations where the electric drill cannot "go" (as long as what you are trying to drill is not metal!) I am glad to have this replacement of my now very old plastic Stanley Yankee Drill.
  • I've been searching for years!

    David Meer, 11/20/2016 I bought an original Stanley Yankee drill 30-40 years ago and have loved using it on hundreds of projects. Through some mysterious process unknown to me, my collection of bits has gradually dwindled to only the larger sizes and I have been searching unsuccessfully for replacement bits, or a new Stanley, for about the past ten years. Until now ... thanks GW for bringing back this great tool. I love my battery powered drill/drivers, but a Yankee drill is much handier to use atop a ladder and it fits in my pocket. So that my old beloved Stanley does not feel abandoned, I also bought a replacement set of bits for it.
  • Christmas Present

    Sue, 11/19/2016 This is a Christmas present for my husband and I picked up the catalog sitting in a waiting room and knew he would love having this. The website was easy to navigate to order and it was shipped immediately.
  • Great Company to Purchase From

    Sue, 11/19/2016 I am not qualified to write a review about the product but I was very impressed with Garrett Wade for the ease of the purchase and the package was shipped immediately. This is a Christmas present for my husband who I am sure will find many uses for them.
  • Exactly what I was looking for

    Michael Donovan, 11/10/2016 Well built, exactly what I was wanting. I was hesitant to pull the trigger at $72.50. It went on sale for $50 and that was all the incentive I needed to purchase.
  • Owner

    Robert Anderson, 10/31/2016 Very nice set of bits. Look better than the originals since they are ground to a better point.
  • Great!

    Will, 10/1/2016 Great tool, works as well as my old one. Five stars for the simple availability of the item.
  • Christmas in September

    Timothy, 9/28/2016 The Yankee Push Drill (s) and spare bits arrived and they're perfect. It's kind of like the Christmas when I was twelve years old and had been asking for a 3/8" electric drill. I've been drilling holes just to drill holes. And yes, the bits are interchangeable with my Stanley Push drill of fifteen years ago.
  • Very useful tool for the small jobs

    Dave K, 9/17/2016 Really nicely designed and well made. Used it the day after I revived it to install shades and it made the job so much easier than dragging my drill /driver out.
  • Looking since childhood

    Virginia, 9/10/2016 As a kid I watched my father use this tool in his workshop and was always impatient for "my turn" to use it and help out. It was fun and useful. I'm delighted to see it here as I have always wanted one for small chores around the house. This is a great video and I can't wait till the next paycheck to order mine. Can't rate it yet but in this case other pros and cons are a good indication that it will meet my expectations.
  • "Push Drill???"

    Jim Joines, 9/2/2016 The bits fit. The bits work. That's great. Better still, however, is the fact they are available.
  • GreatProduct

    Fred Krout, 8/20/2016 I needed new bits for my "Yankee Handyman" drill. It's obvious that I am an ole
    guy. I've had the Yankee for about 50 years, and was very happy to find new bits.
    The Garrett Wade bits are great.

    Sharon, 8/9/2016 Bought two 8pc bit sets to replace my old dull ones. They are wonderful in every way !
  • Handy tool for a female!!

    Mary, 8/5/2016 I had one of these that got lost in a move. It's perfect for a woman to use instead of spending much more for a few projects. Same high quality as my first one.
  • Not a proper fit

    Craig, 7/30/2016 Although they work in my Stanley Yankee 41Y push drill. They are machined differently than the original ones and don't fit in the drill properly.
  • kudos to Garrett Wade for resurecting this excellent product.

    Eugene, 7/27/2016 In addition to my Garrett Wade drill, these bits also fit my Craftsman push drill DD 94221
  • Nice too, great support!

    Louise Smith, 7/13/2016 Seems to be a good sturdy product. I particularly appreciate the assistance of the GW people when I couldn't figure out how to put the bits in. Once they explained it was really easy. They also gave me some good unsolicited advice on the best way to use this tool Thanks so much!
  • Garrett Wade the best

    Mickey, 7/9/2016 I'm just like many of the other reviews. Never thought I would be able to find replacement bits but Garrett Wade came through!
  • Push Drill Bits

    James Stephens, 7/1/2016 I have an old Craftsman (Sears) Push Drill and thought I would just end up throwing it in the , "Let my son figure out what it was for" Box when I pass on, since the bits were ground and regrounded to stubs. But I ordered a set of bits and extras in the smaller ones and couldn't wait to show my son how easy the original cordless drill work just fine.
  • Yankee push drill bits

    Glen, 6/22/2016 Thanks for restoring my 1969 Stanley drill by supplying new bits!
  • Yankee Push Drill - lots of love

    Walter, 6/13/2016 I was using an original Yankee push drill and broke a bit. It was a borrowed item (Ball Canada built in Canada) and my partner said two things: Biuy one for her and use a bit from it to fix the borrowed one from her girl friend. When I saw I could get replacement bits, I decided 'brownie' points were in order and got her the push drill, with two spare bits and also fixed her girl friends push drill. Thank you Garade Wade, I'm in heaven.
  • Great!

    Carlos, 6/12/2016 Great tool. It's hard to believe they're so hard to find these days. My old Stanley finally ended it all, and this was a much-needed replacement. Great quality tool!
  • Yankee push drill bits

    Gerald, 5/31/2016 I have been looking for replacement bits for many years - these fit my old Stanley drills perfectly - thank you!!
  • Yankee push drill

    Lynn, 5/9/2016 Works great, really useful tool to have
  • Yankee Push Drill

    Robert, 5/4/2016 Excellent tool. I had similar tools from Sears that will be given to my sons. I plan to use the drill from Garret Wade exclusively. I recommend buying additional thin bits because my experience from the past shows the thin ones break more easily.
  • Excellent tool

    Carpenter 4 Christ, 4/30/2016 Excellent tool. High quality materials unlike cheap foreign made knock offs. Complete set of drill bits came with the drill. I didn't receive the free knife with my order as stated on the website.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Garrett Wade Yankee Push Drill. We're pleased to hear that you are pleased with it! We apologize that your free gift wasn't included. It's on its way.
  • Yankee Push Drill

    Brian McDaniel, 4/28/2016 Solid little tool. Seems well built. Operates smoothly. I am sure it will have a place in my tool box for many years to come.

    Laura Smith, 4/11/2016 I cannot begin to tell you how long I searched for this product. I had no idea that it was no longer being manufactured. Growing up, my mother had this and used it everywhere. She guarded her prize jealously and refused to let my dad "play" with it (he really was not a handyman). When my parents passed, this was the possession we daughters fought over. Through nefarious means, my oldest sister became the proud new owner and I was left to look everywhere for a replacement. I found it in your catalog last year and did a happy dance all over the house, much to my husband's amusement, my daughters' bemusement and our pets' fear. I use mine every bit as frequently as my mother did, and probably more. It's perfect for placing pilot holes for much larger bits, getting a hole started for so-called self-driving screws, or for the placement of nails. Seriously, I labeled this product MINE and use it for everything. I even used it recently to punch holes in the rim of my paint cans to prevent paint buildup. THANK YOU!!
  • Push Drill

    Charles Shemenske, 4/3/2016 As many others I have this tool in my toolbox for some 55 years. It was given tome by my father who received it from a friend and was used by him formany years prior to that. I have looked for replacement bits and find what I purchased will do the job. I also was told that on my first purchased I would be given a small pocket knife with Garret Wade inscribed so far no knife!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Garrett Wade Yankee Push Drill. We're sorry that your free gift wasn't included! We'll get it right out to you.
  • A tool no one should be without!

    Gerald A. Williams, 3/16/2016 I have searched for this hand drill for over a decade! I received one over forty four years ago as a wedding gift! Not only did it become my favorite gift, but one I used almost weekly! After 35 years of use, it developed a problem. Despite many searches in stores and on web sites, I finally realized that it was apparently no longer made! When I discovered yours, I was one happy man! I am like a kid with a new toy! I had a home drilling job that I intentionally waited to do until I received it! It is magnificent! I am going to order both of my sons-in-law one for Christmas. Actually, my daughters will love it too! You made me a happy man with this wonderfully handy tool! I would highly recommend it to anyone! It only takes one use to see it as a "must" for the home and business! Thank you for making this tool available once again! It is worth every penny and more!
  • Yankee drill.

    John J. Miller, 3/10/2016 Great brand new "old tool". I liked it so much I bought 2!
  • A drill a minute!

    JAMES L APPLETON, 3/8/2016 A chicken in every pot; two cars in every garage; a Yankee Push Drill in every tool kit

    A chicken in every pot; two cars in every garage; a Yankee Push Drill in every tool kit! The Yankee Push Drill is ideal for most jobs around the house. It is almost too easy to store and transport, so a featured item in the traveling tool kit. I would recommend it for anyone who might be considering an electric powered drill for work such as hanging pictures, drilling guide holes for wood screws and the like.
  • Yakee pushdrill bits

    Robert L. Wehrley, 3/6/2016 I have had this yankee push drill for more years than I care to remember. I can sharpen the larger bits but not the small ones. I was glad to find this set of bits. They fit this old drill perfectly. Absolute satisfaction!
  • Garrett Wade a priceless resource for irreplaceable tools

    Charles Williams, 3/5/2016 Yankee drill is one of the handiest non-power tools you can have. Perfect for cabinet work or countersinking screws; any job where it's a hassle to have to be plugged in. Garrett Wade is a priceless resource to have parts for these vintage tools
  • Great

    Craig, 3/4/2016 Better than the old Stanley.
  • "Yankee" type push drill reproduction

    David C, 3/4/2016 This push drill is based on the original “Yankee” push drill designed and produced by North Brothers Manufacturing of Philadelphia, PA. North Brothers, and the “Yankee” trademark, was acquired by Stanley in 1946. Liked the original, the eight fluted drill bits are stored in the handle. The original chuck was operated by twisting a threaded collar; the current chuck is governed by a spring and is push actuated. The new drill operates smoothly and has a quality feel; Whether or not it will serve as long as my original only time will tell (I tried to append .pdf pictures of the two drills for comparison, but this system will not allow that).
  • Garrett Wase Push Drill Bits

    Robert, 3/4/2016 Garrett Wade was the only source of replacement drill bits for my Stanley push drill. Glad I found them because the small sizes break easily and that makes the drill worthless. I use the small sizes to start screws.
  • Excellent Drills to Give as Gifts

    SFox, 3/4/2016 Bought my first Stanley Yankee Drill in 1970 and still use it for everything I want to today. Great for any drilling it is capable of and use it before considering using on of my battery powered drill motors. Recently bought 4 Garrett Evans push drills to give as gifts. Excellent replicas of the Stanley originals.
  • Handy

    T Andrew, 3/4/2016 Very sturdy. Did not have a drill handy, so I grabbed this. Very sharp bits got the job done quickly. Easy to control.
  • Perfect! A Must Have Tool!

    Michael, 3/4/2016 Grand reproduction of an excellent old tool! Works perfectly!
  • Push Drill

    Kenneth, 3/4/2016 Great tool for any drilling needed that doesn't require a power drill. One use that's perfect is for pilots holes when installing hinges. Operates smoothly and easily.
  • One of my favorite tools.

    Joyce, 3/4/2016 I inherited a Yankee Push Drill years ago from my father-in-law. Since then I have used it exclusively for small hole wood drilling. After I discovered Garrett Wade when I needed some replacement bits, I gave Garrett Wade Yankee Push Drills as gifts to 4 people--2 men and 2 women. It is one of my favorite tools.
  • Superb Replacement Bits from a Superb Company, Garrett Wade!

    Kent D. Hansen, 3/4/2016 Leave it to Garrett Wade to bring an excellent, highly useful product to market! These bits fit perfectly in tools made tens of years ago! Fantastic! Perfect fit, perfect hole for screws and nails or even small dowels! Wonderful replacement bits!
  • Push drill replacements

    Kenneth Carter, 3/4/2016 I have looked for replacement bits for years and never found them. Bought a set for myself and a new push drill for my son so he would stop borrowing mine.
  • The Best Work Wonderfully

    Douglas Wake, 3/4/2016 I bought one of these and used it so often, I had to buy a second set of bits for my Miller Falls No. 2. They are perfect and almost identical to those that came with the original push drills and hand drills. The cost of an equivalent set of old stock is 3 times as much at the least.
  • Push drill as gift for new home buyer

    Kenneth Carter, 3/4/2016 I have had one for years and had to buy my son one. I have found this to be the greatest tool to set curtain rods, other types of brackets, and use as a starter hole in trim work. Greatly prevents splitting to drill a small hole first.
  • Lady DIY

    Patsy Allen, 3/4/2016 I have one my Dad gave me in 70's. I took it with my other hand tools to my friends home during holidays. There were blinds to install in garage. I always use this drill to install primer holes in walls etc. It works perfectly, is handy and drill bits are self contained. As a single DIY person, I love the convenience. One of the two sisters is like me. Does as much as can without help. She wanted one. I told her I would get her one for her Birthday. I did not know they were not on the local store shelves or made any more. Mine is in such great shape never had to buy a replacement. So I searched the Internet for Yankee Drills. This is the only quality one made now in my opinion. Was happy to find it for a gift and also get replacement bits to fit my drill as backup. Last weekend , Went to flea market and one guy had one of these exact products minus the bits. Rare find. Now I have two. Most younger people do not even know what a Yankee Drill is. Great product. Great company with fast order responses. Glad to find it .
  • Push drill

    Hal Pratt, 3/4/2016 Great little tool. Very handy. Well made.
  • Bits Fit More Than One Model

    Charlie McLean, 3/4/2016 I have a Yankee version of this drill and a Craftsman version. These bits fit either. For small wood screws there's nothing faster. Like other reviewers, my dad taught me how to use his Yankee in the 1950's.
  • Best drill for small holes in wood

    Dick, 2/6/2016 My Dad introduced me to this drill back in the 1950s when I was a kid. He loved it for small holes like hanging pictures. I had one in the 1970s until it rusted out or I lost most of the bits. When you need to drill a small hole and your wife wants it done right now! It is the handiest thing to pick up because you always have the bits with the drill right when you need them.
  • Since 2000

    Bob, 1/22/2016 Been using one for over 15 years. Can't tell you how many times, each year, that this little guy has come in handy. Priceless, quick fix tool for simple jobs.
  • Great Product. Glad you are making them again.

    Dan, 12/17/2015 I have one that my dad had from back in the 50's. I still have one of the original bits. Still works great. I highly recommend it for doing quick jobs around the house. Beats pulling out an electric or battery powered drill. I love it.
  • Buy this tool

    Dick, 12/2/2015 I have an original Yankee Drill that I have had since 1964. It still works like a "Bandit", just needs a squirt of 3 in 1 oil to keep it in good working condition. If you don't own one, I highly recommend this tool for your wood shop!
  • Indeed a Worthy Tool

    XSRocks, 10/20/2015 In the '70s AT&T field installers had these in their tool pouch and could fill a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood with 66 block brackets in almost no time. Truly a handy tool to have.
  • 2 Sizes of Bits

    Lewis Ingram, 10/11/2015 The new Yankee drill is useful for pilot holes when fitting hardware. The bits are smaller than some earlier Yankees (I have one of each) and a countersink would be useful though I have one of the older larger ones that needs sharpening.
  • So Handy

    F. Manning, 10/5/2015 Every home should have one of these - I have an old Stanley model, and have taken good care of it, but did not realize how worn down my bits were. Every woman should have one of these as well - not much effort needed to hang things, indoors as well as outdoors. Don't know what I'd do without one, so I ordered 2 more plus replacement bits. I'm so happy to have found this again. It works perfectly - so easy to drill a hole of any size with only one hand and minimum effort.
  • Yankee Push Drill Bits

    Mark, 9/7/2015 The bits perfectly fit my decades old Yankee push drill. I use the drill whenever I want to quickly drill a hole and when power tools are inconvenient or not available. The bits include the small bits, that I broke years ago. I am thrilled that these bits are still available.
  • Out Of 5/64 Bits

    Charles Chicoine, 8/29/2015 Its nice to be able to have a company where a person can get replacement parts for tools like my Yankee #41 push drill. I have been without a 5/64 for sometime , glad to find out about Garrett Wade. I have ordered the 3 pack as they are a thin bit, every one should have a push have a push drill doing fine woodwork.
  • Compatible Bit Set For Yankee Driver #41

    E.Younken, 8/11/2015 Bits work very well with my step father's old Yankee driver #41. I don't know what became of the original bits, but it doesn't matter as these work very well.
  • Thanks

    Dick, 6/27/2015 I was raised by my grandfather who was a cabinet maker. Many of my happiest memories were sitting in his shop watching him persuade long pieces of stiff straight grained lumber into smooth curved works of art. At his side were several Yankee push drills from 12 to 36". I use this push drill every chance I get it connects me to the material and the project, it's what "hand-made" is all about."
  • Useful Tool

    Jim Gould, 6/26/2015 I purchased this tool to replace the ancient one that I can no longer find bits for. I use this to drill pilot holes in aluminum and find that this is capable of easily going through 1/8 aluminum sheets. I also like the fact that the bits have a socketed base that keeps them from turning in the chuck."
  • Best Drill For Installing Screws

    Don Denison, 6/17/2015 I have used the Stanley Push Drill most of my life for drilling pilot holes for wood screws, and an occasional clearance hole. That drill with it's stored bits, and a medium sized Yankee 130 screwdriver (once you learn how not to gouge your fingers) make it foolish to carry a portable drill, bits etc. This is a great tool like so many that Stanley has dropped because stupid people don't know how to use them. It is a shame that the old Stanley tools are not in production any more, I probably have a list of 50-60 that cannot be replaced by any thing on the market. If you don't have a push drill, get on you will love it. By the way, that gentleman demonstrating the tool in the video either came close or actually did drill through the workpiece into the bench, shame on him!
  • Your Grandfather's Drill

    Christian, 6/13/2015 This drill is amazing -- exactly like my father's, but higher quality materials and absolutely smooth operation. Garrett Wade also supplies replacement bits, which I've found to be high quality and very durable (even the smallest, most fragile bits). This is an heirloom tool -- but remember that even the most durable bits can break in normal operation. I recommend ordering replacements right off the bat for the smallest bits (which are conveniently packaged), and get to work on your small and detailed projects right away!
  • Push-Drill Bits

    Ray Anderson, 5/27/2015 Excellent quality bit set. Probably better than the originals from Stanley. This is the first time in 30 years I have been able to have a full set of bits in my trusty old push-drill, which is still in use after forty years. Thanks Garrett Wade for responding to the needs of tradesmen.
  • Push-Drill

    Ray Anderson, 5/27/2015 I have had a Stanley push-drill for 40 years - since I was an apprentice electrician. It still works fine and is in regular use. This one is for my daughter, who is half way thru her apprenticeship as an electrician. She has often used mine and wanted her own. Thanks to Garrett Wade, these are now again available and the quality looks even better than the original. This is a really handy tool, despite the abundance of the modern battery drill. The push-drill is great for marking out drilling templates, for starting cuts in dry wall cladding to install switch boxes, for locating the studs in a wall and of course, drilling holes for screws. Excellent tool for the tradesman and home handyman.
  • Just Like The Original

    Don Brooks, 2/26/2015 Almost just like the original I have in the hobby chest in the basement. This one is now in the household chores tool chest in the garage. Perfect for hanging blinds etc. without dragging and extension cord set.
  • Incredibly Handy Tool

    Doug Cremer, 2/26/2015 This is one of this incredibly handy tools to always have on your field toolbox. For all this times where you need a quick few holes in wood or wallboard - with no need to pull out the power drill or screwdriver and chuck up a bit. Very handy, and this version is very, very well made.
  • Just Like My Grandfather's

    Kenneth Krigelman, 1/29/2015 The Yankee Push Drill makes my work better because it places the pilot hole exactly where I want it, and makes driving the screw so much more precise. The drill is exceptionally well-made and feels perfect in my hands. And I remember by grandfather and his workshop every time I pick it up.
  • So Convenient And Easy To Use

    fortunaj5q, 1/29/2015 I'm sure that many of us have portal battery powered tools, but for a quick easy job, this is the tool to have. Well made, easy to use, and works every time never runs out of power.
  • Elegantly Made

    John Connor, 1/25/2015 Very nice tool, well made, sturdy and useful. Smaller than I expected.
  • Drill Bits

    Gwen, 1/24/2015 I'm thrilled to find a good source for these bits. They came in a timely manner.
  • The Bits Really Fit!

    Liz V., 1/22/2015 I bought a Stanley Yankee drill in an old hardware store. The drill looked like it had been in the store for many years (wonderful old store, but it was not doing well, business-wise). Anyway, I wanted extra drill-bits for this drill and Stanley wasn't making them anymore. I ordered them from Garrett Wade hoping that they would fit. I ordered the 8 bit set. THEY FIT! Hooray! I am one happy camper. I love my Yankee drill. It's all I need to start pilot holes. I'm going to try out the larger bits, but it's so nice to have a handy little tool like this when you don't want to drag out the electric drill. Thanks, Garrett Wade! To summarize: if you are wondering if these bits will fit your old Stanley Yankee drill...they do!
  • Right to the Point

    Vince Waln, 1/20/2015 So easy to get 'right to the point' when needing to drill that pilot hole... Easy to guide right where you want to drill... No electric needed...
  • Replica of Stanley

    Tom, 1/16/2015 Just like the Stanley I had years ago. In this day of battery powered everything, it is pleasing to have a manual, battery-less tool of such quality.
  • Push Drill Bits

    Eric W, 1/15/2015 I have a non-Stanley push drill I have used for years, and have searched for replacement bits. Not only do these fit my old drill, they are higher quality than the originals. Thank you for helping to preserve our craftsman heritage!
  • Yankee Drill Bits

    Charles Philipsen, 1/11/2015 I have been looking for some time for a replacement set of bits for an old Yankee push drill. After talking with a fellow woodworker, he suggested that I look under the Garrett Wade website. I found the extra set advertised. The bits arrived about five (5) days after I ordered them. They were a perfect fit.
  • All American Tool

    Jack Donaldson, 12/24/2014 A classic American Tool that frees you from power cords & batteries when needing to drill the occasional hole. No man should be without it. I give it as a new house" warming gift. Everyone loves it. "
  • One Of My Go-To Tools

    Dave M., 12/22/2014 This is one of the tools I always keep handy. For any kind of quick, light duty hole that I need I use this rather than my cordless drill. It fits in my my back pocket and can pop a pilot hole in any kind of wood in a couple of strokes. This tool is solidly built as well. All steel, no plastic and feels good in your hand.
  • Appears To Be A Quality Tool

    M. Larkin, 12/20/2014 While I have not yet used the drill, it appears to be a quality tool. I look forward to the first project so I can find out.
  • Appear To Be Good Bits

    M. Larkin, 12/20/2014 Have not yet used the drill and hope not to have to get into the spare bits for some time. They are quite sharp and should work well.
  • Good Emergency Option

    Paul Vaccaro, 12/18/2014 This is a good option if you find yourself having to work without power. Cordless drills are all well and good, but they need to be charged very often. These hand drills are good for light duty jobs without power and also they pack well in your normal tool bag so you won't have to carry another case.
  • My Push Drill

    Don Gruszka, 10/5/2014 I'm a fix-it type older man who has about every tool a fellow can have. Often times I needed a drill to make a simple hole without lugging out my cordless units which usually needed charging. This Garrett Wade push drill is (for me) a real time saver and it does a great job. I'm very happy with this purchase.
  • Handy Man

    Bob, 8/3/2014 I located my fathers Yankee Handyman #1633H b/4 purch. a new push-drill for bldg. a model sailing ship. Only need new bits. Works stiff but with care & proper cleaning it should work with ease sometime soon.
  • Best Tool Ever

    Craig Tavis, 6/30/2014 No HOUSE/TOOL SHOP SHOULD BE WITHOUT ONE! If you want to drill a small hole - use the Yankee Push Drill. NO pulling out the electric or battery operated drill motor, and NO looking for the right drill bit. This Tool is light weight and can't do without" Handy. I have my Grandfathers (which is worn out after more than 100 years) and my Fathers newer version from the 1950's. I just ordered two new ones which are well worth the expense and convenience."
  • A Great Yankee Push Drill

    William Graff, 6/22/2014 I owned 2 push drills I inherited from my father. One was a brass beauty about the size of this one. The other was a much larger Yankee. Both had overstayed their time on earth due to the dearth of replacement bits. The GW push drill is well made and works like a charm. A little hard to compare tools over 60 years old, but at least equal to. Excellent quality and great feel. I am so happy to find this tool! I am going to send one to my brother as a memorial to our Dad, who loved great tools.
  • An Old Friend

    MK McManus, 6/20/2014 Hard to find; used my grandfather's when I was a kid. Very nostalgic and useful! Need another set of bits! Thanks
  • Push Drill Bits

    David, 6/9/2014
  • Love It!

    Kirsten, 5/28/2014 I have been looking for a Yankee drill for years...happily I found it at Garret Wade. I use it all the time for small jobs where I don't wanna break out a power drill. Great quality...reasonable price...very happy overall!
  • Lost Tool Finally Replaced

    Darrell Basore, 5/18/2014 Finally, an old friend returned to my tool box. The new" Yankee Drill is exactly like my old "lost" Stanley drill, something I thought I would never ever see again. The quality and performance of the product is excellent, just like my old drill. I look forward to future offerings of new "old tools" from you."
  • Great Tool

    Harry, 5/3/2014 This is the most useful tool I've owned - received it as a gift 46 years ago and it's still going strong. I use it only on wall board and wood.
  • Push Drill Set

    Carlos Cabrera, 4/22/2014 This is an awesome tool, just like many Stanley tools. Again the tool is awesome !!!
  • The Best For What It Does: Manage Your Expectations

    HandyGuyChris, 3/20/2014 I've had the old Craftsman version for years now, just bought the GW version last month and haven't test-driven the new one yet. Here's what I know from past experience:
    The manufacturer's directions tell you most of what you need to know, but a couple points bear stressing.
    - The bits are not intended to cut anything other than wood or plastic. they lose their cutting edge quickly when they hit metal or masonry. 'masonry' includes plaster and drywall, which appear soft and crumbly but in fact are a matrix of microscopic, very hard particles which do a number on any drill bit not designed for hard stuff. masonry bits are the answer to plaster wall-drilling.
    - It's important to maintain a straight-in push when drilling. any lateral wobbling, especially when the hole has developed any appreciable depth, will stress the bit and tend to snap it off. the smaller the bit, the easier it is to break.
    - Use a good-quality machine oil for lubricating this thing. not much, just a drop, the mfr says once every 6 months. a tiny smear in behind the bit-release collar and on the thread of the handle retainer ring won't hurt either.
    It's the *original* cordless drill!
  • Yankee Push Drill

    Ronnie, 3/11/2014 No house should be without one.
  • R.H.J.

    Russell Jella, 3/8/2014 I love my Yankee Push Drill. I've looked for one for a long time and am glad to finally find one. This is one of the handiest tools I've had. Thanks for bringing it back, and for the fast service. Keep putting out the best tools.
  • Every Shop Needs One

    Jerry K, 3/4/2014 I lost my Yankee Drill some time ago, and was happy to find one again. I don't know how anyone can work without this invaluable tool.
  • Push Drill

    Rod Lezette, 2/23/2014 I've had my Yankee Push drill for probably 40+ years. Thru the years, the bits have gotten dull & broke a couple. Hadn't been able to find new bits, until I went to Google and Garrett Wade showed up as probably my only hope. Although the 8 piece bit set was rather pricy, I ordered them anyway. Happy to say they fit the push drill perfectly and work great.
  • The Old is New

    Mark Avery, 2/11/2014 I have found this tool to be well made and a pleasure to use. It is the go to tool that I use for everyday projects around the house and garage. It sure beats lugging even a battery operated drill around the house. This is the drill that has a place in my everyday chore bag. It is very much like the old Stanley that I used to own. I say used to because I lent that tool out over 20 years ago and it has never made its way back to me. I guess the borrower found it as useful as I did. To be sure, I won't make that mistake again with this drill.
  • Great Tool

    Rick Glackin, 1/6/2014 I paid $18 for the two I have...that was almost 40 years ago. :-) That goes to show you just how good this tool really is. They are still in excellent shape, no rust, best push drill I ever owned. I go over them with an oil rag about every 10 or 15 years just to keep them operating smoothly. I've given these to several friends who are tool fanatics, like me, they love 'em.
  • Simple and Functional

    Rob, 1/4/2014 A durable and uncomplicated tool for a frequent need: Drill a hole. Your power drill does tons more, but this tool is completely self contained and indestructible and small/thin enough to go with you everywhere, and it never needs charging.
  • Perfect Replacement

    David Dennis, 1/3/2014 I have several Craftsman push drills; however, the bits were really dull. Since I use these handy drills all the time, I have been trying to find a way to sharpen or replace the bits. During an internet search, I found the Garrett Wade replacement bits. I ordered two sets and was very happy when they arrived and I found they fit the Craftsman drill perfectly. I have used the drills several times since the new bits arrived and am very happy that someone still produces bits for my trusty push drills.
  • More Pushdrill & more

    Ken Kennedy, 11/13/2013 See Previous review DTD 12/28/12---bought a set of replacement drill bits so I have an 11/64 bit to complete the set after using the original as the shank for my 3/8 Jacobs chuck conversion. Kept waiting for a good deal and took the recent 10% off (made up for the excessive S&H charge).
  • The Best Tool In My Toolbox

    Tommy, 11/11/2013 Great quality and feels well balanced. The bits also fit in my father's old Yankee. Looks like I need to place another order for bits.
  • 1/16 bits

    John, 11/6/2013 Need 1/16 bit Reviewed By: Jim (Charlottesville, Virginia) NEED 1/16 bits but not listed. Do I have to buy the 8 bit set and get bits that I do not want. Would buy the four small sets if had 1/16. " ditto on Jim's review. Also would be nice to find a "walk-in" supplier store near Denver, CO. Have an old Stanley Original w/an unscrew Cap AND a newer Stanley {looks like a Garrett but labeled as a Stanley}. "
  • Very Handy

    Elizabeth Brousseau, 10/24/2013 So glad I found these bits. Have looked everywhere. Received very promptly and in excellent condition. Used immediately to make a hole for hanging a light picture - works great and saved me from getting out my drill.
  • Good product but...

    Ed, 10/2/2013 The items ordered came right away and was very well over-packaged. The item was 1/2 X 1/2" 1.5" and weighed about 4 oz. I was charged close to $10.00 to ship it. I would have purchased the item some time ago were it not for you shipping pricing practice. Perhaps you could change your system to charge based on actual costs for realistic packaging. If the push drill wasn't so handy, I would have tossed it away out of sheer frustration. But, thanks for having them available. Ed"
  • High quality ease of use

    Richard, 9/19/2013
  • Necessary complement to push drill

    Richard, 9/19/2013 Great to have when you will invariably break a drill bit.
  • Yankee Push Drill

    Rich, 9/10/2013 Should have gotten one of these sooner. High quality and easy to use and control, the Yankee push drill works very well on my complex framing projects.
  • Extra Bits

    Rich, 9/10/2013 I ordered the extra bits just in case, but they are so well made that I haven't had occasion to use them yet because the originals have held up quite well.
  • Bits Fit Stanley Push Drill

    Brad, 8/19/2013 I have an two old Stanley Yankee push drills (41 and 46). Unfortunately the smaller bits tend to break and replacements are becoming harder to find w/ extremely inflated prices on Ebay. Be advised that the Garrett Wade drill bits work perfectly and appear high quality. Problem solved.
  • Perfect Replacement Set

    Kent Hansen, 8/12/2013 I purchased this set to replace the originals found in a used drill I bought on-line. I admit I was concerned about whether or not these would fit. My worries were TOTALLY unfounded! This is an excellent set...perfect fit...perfectly sized...and quick processing and shipping service made the whole experience wonderful. THANKS GARRET WADE're the best!
  • Perfect Fit

    Mike, 8/9/2013 The bits fit perfectly into my 70+ year old North Bros Yankee 41 and are of excellent quality. It's nice to have a set of bits for my drill again.
  • Yankee Push Drill

    Capt Jack, 7/22/2013 No home can be without a Yankee Push Drill. No batteries, no recharge time, no extension cords just quick work of a short job!
  • Cordless Made Easy

    Joseph, 7/14/2013 I find this Yankee push drill a great alternative to use instead of getting out my 3/8ths drill, no cords to plug in or getting a extension cord to find. I've had this tool in my tool bag for 10 years.
  • Yankee Drill Bit Set

    Glen Harris, 7/6/2013 The new drill bit set worked perfect in my 50 year old Yankee Push Drill.
  • Will old Yankee Drill bits fit new drill?

    Stephanie Shank, 5/30/2013 I have a set of drill bits from an old Yankee Drill and am wondering if the old bits will fit this new drill?
  • Batteries not included

    Frank, 5/16/2013 I was doing some pierce work on the scroll saw and mentioned how useful a Yankee drill is to make starter holes for coping and scroll saws. This was something that I used decades ago with a coping saw. So, one day in a bit of nostalgia, I reflected on the merits of using a Yankee drill compared to modern tools. I then showed her the late ‘60s model Stanley Handyman–less the drill bits. Surprise! She bought this rare beauty. The drill performs wonderfully and will see lots of use. ----------------- How better to say I love you than a new/old tool.
  • A Real Tool Treasure

    Ronnie, 4/15/2013 I have had my Yankee drill for over 45 years. I had been looking to replace my bits that I had come to break over the years. I was happy to find Garret Wade, where I could get the bits. I highly recommend this Push Drill. Handy and durable. Enjoy!
  • Best Tool

    Nancy L. Hurley, 4/10/2013 I wanted this tool for years before you even invented it. I had one of the old Stanley models and the drill bits were either broken or dull. I am very happy that you reinvented it. I love it because it is compact and works in small places. Thank you.
  • Looked and Looked

    Sydney Pringle, 4/4/2013 I inherited my father's Stanley Yankee Push Drill...............30 years ago. At that time 3 of the drills were missing and the remaining 5 were pretty dull and all but useless. I put it away and didn't give it much thought until I retired 2 years ago and started doing a little woodworking. Naturally I needed the drill but without sharp drill bits it was pretty much worthless. I looked and looked for a replacement; on line, at auctions, and at antique shows. Nothing. And then I saw your ad in a woodworking magazine. I ordered the drill bits. They fit perfectly and couldn't be happier. Keep up the good work!
  • Resurrection

    Chuck Alverson, 3/17/2013 I have 2 older Yankee drills, a Craftsman and a Stanley and as usual broke the smaller bits. I did an internet search for what I hoped would be a used drill with bits, and lo!, this popped up. I immediately ordered one and was delighted and also amazed to find extra bits available. This is a finely made tool, works well and hope to have many years of service, and the bits interchange with the other 2 brands. Great Job!!! I also like the spring loaded twist lock bit storage, much better than the original.
  • Not available for years

    Chuck Alverson, 3/17/2013 I found the drill and was amazed to find replacement bits, full set and smallest easiest to break in 3's and they interchange with Stanley and Craftsman Yankee drills. GRRRREAT!
  • My Push Drill

    Bill Pearsey, 3/11/2013 Am enjoying the push drill very much! Haven't had one for many years, and can once again reach tight places to drill with ease. The drill is a quality toll and works fine.
  • Great set of Replacement Bits

    Sam Cook, 3/8/2013 These are a great set of replacement bits for my push hand drill. They fit perfectly and I used them as soon as I received my order. I would recommend them to anyone that has this type of drill.
  • The Best

    Ben, 2/15/2013 Every man in my family has owned one of these and now so do I. Have used these for years (had to borrow), but finally have my own. I think my son will get one for Christmas next year.
  • Great Tool

    Phil, 2/15/2013 Get one, you won't regret it. No batteries necessary. Always ready to use.
  • I Have The Power

    Davis, 2/15/2013 No batteries or wall socket needed. Everyone should own one of these.
  • Love It

    Ricky, 2/15/2013 Received this item for Christmas and was immediately taken back to a younger day. Don't know why I haven't looked for this before. Now I will be searching for replacements for other nostalgic tools.
  • Simply The Best

    John, 2/15/2013 This item is hands down the best tool I own. Bravo for putting out such a high quality tool.
  • Pushdrill and More

    Ken Kennedy, 12/28/2012 While the push drill is a great addition to my cordless tool array, I kicked it up a notch by adding a 3/8 jacobs chuck option. I did this by drilling a 3/8-24 cap screw thru 5/64ths Dia and JD welding the 5/64ths bit supplied so the protruding shank engages the push drill chuck (i cut off the excess cutting end) The 3/8-24 screw is threaded into a 3/8ths jacobs chuck and will accept standard drill bits up to 10mm. Pix provided on request.
    Oops - I meant the 11/64ths drill bit
  • Yankee Push Drill Bits

    Judy Crandall, 5/9/2012 I have an old old Yankee Push Drill & broke the last bit. I looked all over for replacement bits & found this site. I ordered the 8pc set & they fit just fine. I LOVE this tool & use it for multiple things. I even used the broken bit to start a hole. This tool is so useful & easy to use, it can be used everywhere, I didn't want to get rid of it cause I couldn't find the bits. Now I'm happy again cause I can use it. I have a cordless drill, but I go to this one the most because of the ease of use.
  • No battery needed

    Charles, 4/23/2012 This is an excellent tool. I use it in place of my battery powered drill gun. I've drilled in red oak, cypress, cedar, poplar, mahogany, maple, several tropical species and had no trouble. Very useful, holds up and enjoyable to use. I was surprised at how fast you can drill holds using it.
  • Top Quality Tool!

    James Catino, 3/1/2012 A true craftsman appreciates fine quality tools and this one makes the grade! This tool will have a place of honor with my collection of fine woodworking tools. The drill bits are the highest quality I have ever found for this type of drill (I own an original Stanley).
  • Excellent tool

    James, 2/29/2012 This is now one of the most used tools in the box! It is very well made and worth every penny. This will last a lifetime (or three)!
  • Why didn't I buy one sooner?

    Tom, 2/29/2012 I find that I reach for this more often than I ever imagined because it's so much easier to manage in tight spaces. Recently I was replacing some under the cabinet lighting in the kitchen with new LED lights. In the past, the electric drill made this job one that would usually lead to more than a few curses because it was impossible to see what you're doing and hold the heavy electric drill straight so as to not break the drill bit and to control it so I didn't come up through the cabinet. With the Yankee Push Drill you have so much more control and room to work. In addition, the drilling power of these bits is quite impressive. Works beautifully every time and it has such a nice weighty feel in your hand. My only regret is that I didn't buy one sooner!
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner February 2012 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Tom!!
  • Awesome!

    Stacey, 1/31/2012 This is a wonderful tool - heavy-duty and solid. You know it's going to last forever. It even sounds heavy-duty! I was excited to see this Yankee Push Drill in the Garrett Wade catalog. As a first-time customer, I am very satisfied and pleased with the service I was provided. I will certainly be returning to browse the GW catalog. Thank you very much!
  • handy

    jules, 1/21/2012 I got one for everyone in the family. The kids will get them for graduation presents. We have used them for several repairs and love the ease of use,
  • Well made

    Debbie, 1/1/2012 This is a great tool! Very well made, easy to use and looks and acts like it's going to be around for a long time. Well worth the purchase!
  • Machinist

    Frank Pelzl, 12/16/2011 After fighting with a battery powered drill to get in a tight corner to hang window blinds I thank my Dad for having this “GOOD OLD” Garret Wade Yankee Push Drill. The WORK with the battery powered turned into a simple task with the push drill.
  • Oldie But Goody

    Bob Hall, 11/29/2011 I have had my Yankee for 50 years and it is in perfect shape. I have been looking for extra bits for 5 years. Thank you for bringing it back to life.

    KEVIN OSHELL, 11/19/2011 This is one of the best tools I've ever purchased. It's surprising how much I use it. I keep it in the house eliminating trips to the garage all the time. It's well made,compact and you con get extra bits if needed. A tool every homeowner should have and will last a lifetime!
  • Not your Grandad's Tool?

    Rick Glackin, 10/14/2011 I noted that one reviewer said this is not your granddad's tool. Guess again young one. I purchased my first of these 40 yrs ago for $17.99. The tool they are now selling is identical to that one. The original was made by Stanley Tool. I've used these for years and years, they just never seem to wear out. Also, over the years I've purchased at least a half dozen of these. A couple for myself for different locations and others for gifts. It is indeed one of the handiest tools around. And, I find the old Yankee push drills" very awkward to use. This one is great."
  • Great tool!

    Ken, 9/14/2011 One of the handiest tools I have in my tool box, light weight easy to use when you have a couple of holes to drill and don't want to get out the power stuff.
  • Fits Klein No. 64002 push drill!

    Jasper, 7/24/2011 The push drill bits fit my M. Klein No. 64002 tool collet perfectly.
  • Only 1/8 inch!

    Christopher Gray, 5/6/2011
  • Push Drill

    Tom, 3/11/2011 Very good quality for the price. Smooth action and much handier than a cordless drill for most instances - like making a pilot hole. It replaces a push drill I've had and used many years.
  • Ages old.

    Keith, 2/21/2011 I've owned a Yankee NO. 41Y for 40 years and used it a lot! It's like the drill you 'need', the drill you 'use' the drill ' you can't do without'. Fast, effective and so glad to find bits on your site!
  • Makes the grade

    Tom Twaddle, 1/24/2011 This push drill is a winner. Compared side by side to an orginial push drill that I received from my dad, it holds it own. Thanks for bringing such a fine tool back to game. It is so easy to drill starter holes for screws with this drill, that the cordless drill is now retired.
  • Look Dad Still No Electricity

    Brian Phelps, 1/23/2011 My dad has a push drill and still uses it today. When I moved into my first place my dad gave me a push drill which I still use today. My life's partner always uses mine and I was so excited to find this fine push drill in your catalogue. My partner is going to be surprised on his birthday. Thanks Garret Wade!!!
  • Push drill

    Ed Frantzen, 1/12/2011 Had a similar tool before. This one is far nicer and built for work. Great little hand tool for those small jobs.
  • Solution

    Paul Kotowicz, 12/24/2010 I was delighted to bites for my push pointer. I have been searching for a long time. I feared the shank would be a mismatch but was delighted to find it fit perfect. I used the push pointer the same day. Thank you. The next time I need a tool I will look to you first.
  • Both Ingenious and Useful

    Adam Apt, 12/21/2010 I bought one of these drills about ten years ago, because I admired its elegance, compactness, and simplicity. I've used it repeatedly for maintenance work on a house that I rent out. I was sorry to see it go out of production. Now that it's back, I've just bought one as a gift for my brother, for use in his house.
  • Push drill

    Charlie, 12/19/2010 Probably the handiest and most used tool in my box. Am glad it is available again. I have one I have been using for over twenty years and just bought another one for a Christmas gift.
  • Just one little thing

    Lawrence, 12/18/2010 This is a well-made compact tool. It's great for small drilling tasks where power drills are overkill and the old crank" drills tend to wobble. The only problem with this product is the lack of instructions. It would help if there were a simple set of instructions telling people how to remove and install bits and any tips as to the proper use of the tool. "
  • Handy Drill

    Lawrence Gordon, 12/18/2010 A handy tool. I have owned one for over thirty years. It was a gift from my father-in-law. I purchased this one for my new son-in-law. Who knows, maybe he'll buy one in a few decades for HIS son-in law!
  • Garrett wade pushdrill bits

    Ran Sheller , 12/4/2010 Owning an original Stanley , given to me by my granddad, finding replacement bits has always been a challenge. Leave it to Garrett Wade to offer quality steel bits that snap right in like the originals and cut sharp and clean. Thanks for doing what other sellers don't do, offering the hard to find stuff.
  • Exceptional

    Anthony Lovenguth, 12/3/2010 Exceptional product for the money. I would rate it better than the original.
  • yankee drill bits

    Ken, 11/29/2010 Thanks, Garrett Wade, my wife has been using the Stanley Yankee drill, in her business, for years and loves it. Several of the bits have been broken,making the drill less than optimal. Your drill bits are an excellent replacement!
  • mr.

    joe, 11/28/2010 My father left me 2 drills and over the years I have lost or broken several drills due to the use I give them. I was thrilled when I discovered Garrett Wade where I could replace my drills. Now I will continue to use theses drills.
  • Timeless

    Dan L, 11/26/2010 Temporarily bypassed by technology, this essential tool is making a much-needed comeback. No cords, no batteries, fits in your toolbelt. Need I say more?
  • Yankee Drill Bits

    Floyd Welker, 11/25/2010 Very pleased with the quality of this 8-bit replacement set for my yankee drill. It's great to drill holes quickly again. The workmanship is excellent.
  • Yankee Drill

    Frederick Barnes, M.D., 7/24/2010 This is an absolute requirement for your tool box. Don't worry about charging batteries, missing chuck keys etc. Drill under your own power! This is a fine precision tool at a very reasonable price.
  • Yankee Pusher

    Joe, 7/22/2010 The Yankee pusher is a great tool. My uncle had one that I used when I was a teen. We did carpentry and the pusher was great to use to hinge doors. I went on to college and become a wood shop teacher. I looked high and low for a Yankee pusher for my students to use. It is safe and accurate to use. I picked one up from you and we use it in the shop almost every day. Thanks for a great tool!!
  • Great Tool

    Retired Telco, 6/11/2010 This push drill has been a telephone repairman standard issue tool for decades. They are great. We also used to use the brace and bit drill for inter floor and drilling through walls. The brace and bit has gone to the back of the drawers in the trucks, but this push drill will usually be seen in every tool pouch. It is really a great tool.
  • Push Drill

    Rick, 4/18/2010 I am a electronics installer and also commission Fine yachts (Sail 35-50ft) I find this tool to be very handy when I need to place an item or bracket on a location that has fine wood finishing. (Teak, Cherry, Mahogany) This places the hole right were I need it without worry of marring the finish. A great tool to have, very well made.
  • Great Tool

    Keith, 4/17/2010 When doing carpentry, sometimes hand tools give more precision and control than power tools. This push drill, for small holes, is very easy and accurate. You have much greater control over the drilling than with any power tool. I was so delighted with it, that I bought another to keep in my portable tool box as well as one in my garage.
  • Wouldn't Be Without It

    Siouxs, 4/17/2010 I keep my push drill in the kitchen drawer so it is always available and ready to go. I really don't feel like going to the basement to find a drill with a charged battery and a bit for just a few holes.
  • Easier Than A Cordless

    Ken, 4/16/2010 Its lighter and takes less time to setup the bit than a cordless drill (and you don't have to worry about a dead battery)! It's a great tool for drilling pilot holes.
  • Push Drill

    Keith, 4/16/2010 Great tool to include in your emergency tool box. Light, easy to use and best of all, needs no electrical outlet. I use it all the time.
  • Spare Bits Work Great

    Beth Shaw, 4/16/2010 My husband had an old Stanley push drill that was down to one beloved bit....I ordered the set of (8) spare bits, hoping they might work, as he could not find any replacements. The Christmas gift was a big hit....he says they work great and is thrilled.
  • My Push Drill Is A Joy To Use

    A. Hollaway, 4/15/2010 My dad had an old Stanley version which was lost over the years. I bought one to see if it lived up to my memory. It does! Smooth operation and way more handy than dragging out the cordless. A marvelous tool.
  • Hanging Curtains

    Ken Hein, 4/15/2010 When your spouse calls for help hanging curtains, gift her this handy drill. She will be consumed drilling holes and loving it while your on the golf course, it's like a hole in one!
  • Push Drill

    Stephen Hazard, 4/15/2010 The only flaw with my unit is when I switch size drill is difficult to secure the should become easier with use. Other than that it is Super.
  • Heirloom

    Avery St. Clair, 4/13/2010 I have one of these that my carpenter grandpa used all his working life. Then his daughter used it, and then I used it. Fifteen years ago I bought a new one, which I am thrilled to report is every bit as high-quality as the original. I use it all the time -- it's my cordless drill. And it'll last longer than my lifetime. Possibly my favorite hand tool ever. And worth every penny.
  • Drill Bits are GREAT!

    Mike E, 2/28/2010 Wife has a Stanley Yankee drill and through the years most of the bits were lost/broken. I found these replacement bits via Google and purchased the set - I'm glad I did! The bits arrived in fine condition and fit the drill perfectly. Shipping package was excessive (IMO) as I received a rather large box and inside was the thumb drive sized package of bits. Maybe the company can save a few dollars on shipping by mailing a smaller box.
  • No Batteries Included

    Britt, 2/2/2010 I really love this thing, I do warranty work for a design/build firm and now I just carry my tool bag. This drill and the Yankee style screwdriver keep me from having to go out to the van and get power tools! Great tools!
  • My Favorite Tool

    Older, 1/5/2010 Assuming that this is really a replica of the original Yankee drill, it's one of the most useful tools person could have. I have three (probably), two with the wooden handle and one with the metal handle. I was very unhappy when they became unavailable, but fortunately I was able to get a supply of bits. Garret Wade, could I talk to you about my favorite countersink bits, also now unvailable?
  • Not likely useable by older Yankee/Craftsman/Millers Falls drills

    Curt Seeliger, 9/29/2009 I'm glad people these old cordless drills are coming back. Judging by the pictures, it doesn't look like these bits will work in older push drills. While they look like the old Stanley 41 push drill, the bits are more like the Yankee/Craftsman. However the side notch appears much closer to the stepped end than the older bits
  • Almost Perfect

    MRG, 9/15/2009 My old Stanley gave out after 39 years of use. This is nearly as good but is missing the solid metal cap that allowed you to lightly tap a fastener. The action is smooth and works without fuss. Your replacement bits are bit pricey and the twist steel bits are lower quality than my old ones...I'll have to be extra careful with them, I guess.
  • Its All Good

    Preston, 9/5/2009 I already have 2 push drills but needed replacement bits and you had them. I'm so glad they were wore out and you guys had new ones better than the original. Thanx Preston
  • You're a blessing

    Robert Weldon, 8/7/2009
  • Bits fit Sears drill?

    Paul, 7/25/2009 I have an old Craftsman Push drill that I inherited from my Dad. The two bits are pretty well worn, and Sears no longer sells them. When the clerk asked why I ever want to use that drill I told him that it makes me feel 12 years old again working with my Dad installing window awnings. Will these Garrett Wade bits fit a Craftsman drill? The drill has a quick release tip, and the bit has a 1/4 moon indentation near the base.
  • Push-Pull Drill

    Mike Long, 6/6/2009 I am 60 years old, my father had one of these push pull drills. I have 2 of these drills (Push-Pull drill)I keep one at home and I carry one with me in my tool box in my truck. I love the drills because I do not need a power outlet or battery's to operate. It is so easy for me to drill a small hole in order for me to screw in a hinge or a pilot hole in anything when I am in the field. I have several friends who keep asking me to let them use the push pull drill, man it is so tough to get the drill back from then, because my friends just cannot work without it. Please keep this on your order sheet PLEASE.
  • Yankee Push Drill

    Lou Koerner, 6/3/2009 The Yankee Push Drill that Garrett Wade resurrected from the grave was a blessing. It is a tool that is handy as a pocket on a shirt". I use mine constantly around the house. It lets you drill holes in window sash and trim for curtain brackets and window shade brackets, without fear of drilling too deep or damaging the glass or soft wood used for window trim. It is also handy when hanging pictures when you need to drill very small pilot holes in picture frames to install screw eyes for the hanging wire. I've already had the painful experience of ruining a beautiful gold leaf frame with a power drill. Now that experience is a thing of the past. Thanks Garrett Wade for bringing back this wonderful tool."
  • Oldie but Goodie

    Linda, 5/26/2009 My husband inherited one of these from his father many years ago. He loves the tool for small jobs. Recently, we looked to buy one for our vacation home but couldn't find one anywhere. We were thrilled to learn we could order one through you. He loves the convenience of this tool.
  • Great Durable Tool

    W.D., 4/18/2009 My grand father, father and myself used the original Yankee push drills. I bought several sets of bits to replace the old worn bits. I have used the bits and they are made of high quality steel. I plan on buying a couple of the new drills for my own kids (in their late twenties). Great product and Garrett Wade is a great company.
  • A Winner

    LW Parker, 4/15/2009 I had bought a Yankee drill some 37 years ago from a generic supplier that also finally wore out the bits. Bought this one and a spare set of bits and the quality far surpasses the old one. Expect this one from GW to last at least 50 years.
  • Garrett Wade Push Drill

    David J Bush, 4/1/2009 I have been a fan of push-drills all my adult life, so was very happy to see Garret Wade begin offering their version a while ago. I purchased it right away and have not been at all disappointed. In the past, I used Sears Craftsman and Stanley versions, but neither had anywhere near the quality of the Garrett Wade product. It works very well, has an excellent system for holding and dispensing the various size drills and just looks good!
  • GW Push Drill

    Dick Vanmeter, 4/1/2009 I have the GW Push Drill that I love. I had one about 30 years ago that I wore out then lost most of the bits. I ordered one as soon as it appeared in the catalog. I use it for small jobs around the house where I don't need to get out my big cordless drill. The product is well made and you have replacement bits in case I lose or break some.
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