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A 3" knife blade, small scissors, screwdriver, bottle opener, small utility saw, emergency glass breaker and a lanyard ring, all packed in a good looking polished stainless steel case. It's a partial "Swiss Army Knife" but not so common. 4" overall length. A great gift for a mature adult.
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:
Stainless Steel

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Overall Rating
  • Good set of tool blades

    Jim Petersen, 6/17/2017 The knife is of good quality and has useful tools. I was surprised at how heavy it was given the title of Gentleman's knife. It is really too heavy to carry in your pocket but it would be good in a toolbox or in the glovebox of your car. The blades were very hard to open. I had to use a pliers to open some of them. The appearance of the knife is quite attractive.
  • Good EDC knife.

    Gregory, 5/19/2017 This is a well made knife. The blades are sturdy, and it functions well. I have not had a chance to see how it keeps an edge. I would worry about it as a pocket knife with the glass-breaker always out. But for the price, it is a good buy.
  • OK knife

    CLAIR, 5/16/2017 I appreciated the other reviews, and agree that the blade is hard to get open, so a little 3in1 may help. I like it is well built, but won't carry in my pocket.
  • Better than a Swiss army knife

    Michael, 5/5/2017 Nice size. A bit large for the pocket but great to keep in the glovebox. Well built and very solid.
  • Interesting Knife.

    Max, 4/17/2017 This is a really interesting knife. The metal handles and size and shape of the blade make it much more substantial than a traditional Swiss Army type knife. Quality is good. I like the blade, scissors and saw. The window breaker is really unique. Some reviews have said the blades are hard to open, but I didn't have a problem with mine. On the down side, the knife is heavy. It is fine for a sheath, but kind of heavy and bulky for a pocket. It doesn't have a set of instructions and it says it has a can opener, but if it is the weird tool on the opposite side of the blade, I don't know how it works. Also, it has a phillips head, but doesn't seem to have a regular screwdriver. I emailed customer service for a better explanation of the tools since it doesn't come with instructions, but nobody got back to me.
  • Interesting

    Terry Norris, 4/15/2017 I agree with all of the other reviews.
    This knife is certainly versitile and sturdy, but the blade is difficult to open and close. The pressure required to overcome the spring and close the blade can cause it to snap shut once you have overcome the resistance. This can cause the blade to close on your fingers if you are not careful. But then, it's impossible to hold the knife in a careful way and still get enough torque to close the blade.
    Also, its toughness and size make it too heavey to carry in a pocket or to hang from a belt. I suppose it would work in a leather holster, but for me, that is an awkward way to carry a folding knife.
    The size and construction make it a tough tool, but it is rather large. This is good for big jobs, but most of the work I do with a knife requires a fine, careful touch.
    Overall, the knife can be a useful tool, but not for me. However, to me, knives are not just tools, but works of art. I collect knives, and this one is interesting enough to keep.
  • Great quality

    Sally, 4/15/2017 Hefty feel, perfect size, quality construction. This knife will make an excellent gift.
  • Knife

    PB, 2/17/2017 Fantastic, already wonder how I lived without it. Would recommend a spritz of oil (3 in 1, 10w40, whatever) to loosen the hinges, otherwise good to go out of the box.
  • Poor opening act

    William Williams, 1/11/2017 This knife will be going back, not because it isn't a decent item, but because it is nearly impossible to open. My thumbnail quite simply will break before the blade will open. Using the tip of a letter opener (which the blade does wonderfully well), or a small screwdriver, I can get it open, but even with lubrication and trying to break it in, this knife has got to go back. It is also way too heavy to use as a pocket knife, if that's your intent. It's too bad, because otherwise it's a fairly good (and very sharp) blade.
  • A great Gentlemen's Knife...for a gentleman or a lady

    Tim Barefield, 12/14/2016 It slices, it dices, and it even saws. What a great large and very sturdy knife for the tougher small jobs around the house. I strongly recommend this for the individual with projects that require a small knife...but not too small.
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