German Circular Sprinkler

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German Circular Sprinkler
Exceptional functional versatility
39A01.10 German Circular Sprinkler

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This German made lawn sprinkler is an astoundingly versatile design. Fitted to a 10" wide, stable aluminum base and with our Solid Brass quick-connect attachment for a USA 5/8 or 3/4" garden hose, the sturdy multi-function plastic head will (1) rotate a full 360° or any restricted arc that you select, (2) will produce any of 4 different spray patterns from wide spray to single stream, and (3) will aim the spray pattern high or low and anywhere in-between.

We are very enthusiastic about this sprinkler, and if you get one, you will be too.
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Overall Rating
  • Set to spray three shade gardens - East Texas

    Martin Eastburn, 6/25/2018 I set up mine to sweep three shade gardens in a pass. Took a while to find the right water flow pattern and pressure. Love the low volume function. Uses less water than expected. Watered the three beds nicely. Semi-random pattern of spraying water is nice coverage.
  • The best sprinkler ever!

    Ron Kalnitz, 12/26/2016 High quality, well made metal construction, reached the ENTIRE yard and has multiple patterns and adjustments.
  • I like brass

    Tom P., 6/14/2016 Yes it's quiet and cute and it does have 2 worthwhie spray patterns. Sending a single stream a long distance with very little water inbetween seems odd. Interesting concept but I see that a good brass pulse sprinkler still offers many more spray options. With the added benefit of metronomic sussuration. . . .
  • Sprinkler works great!

    Jean Melvin, 3/5/2016 It works great and I love it. I think it will hold up to the extreme heat and sun in southern New Mexico.
    BUT: I agree: where is the instruction manual? The controls for the degrees of a circle are a little confusing, and what is that cute red slider button for?

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the German Circular Sprinker. We're glad to hear you are pleased with it! Please give our technician a call at 1-800-221-2942. He'll be happy to answer the questions you have about it.
  • Exquisite Functionality

    Donny Jones, 8/20/2015 I was a bit dubious when I first opened the box and wondered if this would really be the sprinkler that could hold up to our harsh Texas weather that a half dozen other styles of sprinklers had not. The weight and strength of this sprinkler made it clear this is one that would last. The controls are simple to operate and effective--when you put them in a spot they stay, the coverage is well controlled and the water goes exactly where you want. bogie
  • Sprinkler

    Sam Jones, 8/9/2015 Great product. Quality with reliability. Tremendous value over time.
  • Were's the Instruction Manual

    Bill Savage, 6/14/2015 Seems to work well, but I am not sure I am using it optimally. Could use more info than three vague pictures.
  • Well Built Sprinkler

    Paul Rankin, 6/1/2015 This sprinkler is well built and the fit and finish seem very good. It also puts out some nice spray patterns. Just don't forget to turn it is almost completely silent when it is operating. It wont keep you awake when your taking an afternoon nap on the deck...
  • Best Sprinkler Ever

    Vincent, 5/23/2015 I love this sprinkler. It is completely adjustable. The rotation mechanism works so well, there is no extra lingering at the outer parameters like on so many other sprinklers. You know the kind, where the outer edges get twice the water as the middle? Not with this one. Smooth. Efficient. The base is heavy enough so that it stays in place without having to put a rock on it, or wrestle with the hose. The nozzle can be adjusted so that the water flows in a high arc, or kept low, or anything in between. I want another one!
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner May 2015 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Vincent!!
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