3-Tine Cultivator & Heart-Shaped Hoe

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Sale 3-Tine Cultivator & Heart-Shaped Hoe
German-Made Standing Tools
54A03.01 3-Tine Cultivator

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54A03.02 Wide Heart-Shaped Hoe

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These long-handled, stand-up gardening tools are very sharp, with real heft – use them early in the season to break up hard ground, or when watering has left the dirt compacted. The cultivator’s broad tines and the hoe’s beautifully shaped blade (both of Carbon Steel) will cut deep into hard surfaces to loosen and move generous amounts of soil. The European Ash handles are comfortable in the hand, and long enough to save your back when breaking up hard earth. Made in Germany to our specifications by a long-respected blacksmith foundry, these are great tools that will have a valued place in your garden arsenal.

Both tools 41” long overall
Cultivator Tines: 7” long; Hoe Head: 7 ½” x 6 ½”

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Overall Rating
  • Talk about a sturdy tool!

    Marketa Anderson, 5/24/2019 Three tine cultivator is A very substantial and well made tool. A bit larger than I needed, but a real workhorse.
  • Workhorse

    James, 4/2/2019 Great tool. Sturdy and well made
  • Three tine cultivator

    Doug, 3/18/2019 Garrett Wade has the most "unique" tools that are available on the market. Look forward to the Garrett Catalogue and reminder of other items I need.
  • Quality Shows

    Nancy J Waage, 2/26/2019 Quality is the word that applies to this tool. If you want a tool that will stand the test if time, then you want a tool from Garrett Wade. This hoe will make you smile and it gets the job done. In a state that grows rocks, this is a must have.
  • 3 tine cultivator

    Don Clifton, 8/19/2017 The tine angle is a little too much, but this thing will dig. This short handle allows for some real power and I like it.
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