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German Made Classic Weather Station
$ 199
Classic arrangement of Clock, Thermometer and Barometer in a row. Beautifully mounted on a 17 x 8" walnut display using solid brass and glass components. The barometer has two needles: a black needle reads barometric pressure in millibars and inches of mercury, while the brass pointer can be adjusted by hand to note shifts in the position of the black pointer over time. The dial faces are 5" in diameter. Temperature is indicated in Celsius and Fahrenheit. For precision, it’s made entirely in Germany.

It’s easy enough to get someone else’s forecast these days on your personal device. Or you can do what generations of maritime explorers have done – use this trio of instruments with its highly precise analog technology that has stood the test of time and has long been a critical tool for predicting changes in the weather. Comes in a presentation that will enhance any home, office, or boat, and makes a very handsome gift.
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