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German-Made "Hurricane" Oil Lamps
$ 5.95 33.95
We are great enthusiasts for the handiness of traditional oil lamps and for their lovely, soft light. In fact, one of the original makers of oil lamps was a company named "Dietz" located right here in New York in the 19th century. These are the only lamps of this style we have found that are not made in Asia.

After a long search, we found a high quality German maker. These are virtually impossible to accidentally blow out. Fill with kerosene (or lamp oil). Adjust the wick until you get the highest, smoke-free flame. There is a built in "lifter" to raise the glass (for lighting and extinguishing).

These are 10" high to the crown, 15-1/4" with the bail fully raised. Freshly filled with kerosene, they will burn for about 20 hours. We offer these in two durable, baked-on lacquer colors (red & dark green) and in Natural Tinned. (Sorry the blue and black are no longer available.)

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