German Made Sector Sprinkler
Generally known as an “Impact Sprinkler”, this is the classic design that sends a series of briefly interrupted jets of water over a wide area; the staggered pulsing action allows the water to be distributed all along the jet’s arc, not only at the furthest extent of its reach. Solid Brass construction, with chromium steel springs and interrupter stud. Provides an infinitely variable arc from 20-360 degrees, with a maximum jet reach of approximately 40ft, depending on water pressure. Very rugged and transportable, and will save you hours of time setting and resetting hoses.

Just insert the 8" Brass spike with included quick connect into the ground anywhere you need coverage, and attach the hose. (The spike and quick connect are our own additions to the design, because of the incompatibility of German and American hose connectors.) The design is highly developed, very precise, and does its job exceptionally well. Get more than one to cover all areas simultaneously. Instructions are included for setup and adjustment.

Comes with a Free Brass Quick Connector to make attaching to any Garden hose a breeze.
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