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Bestseller German-Made Real Shop Safety Goggles
The real thing for real protection
Extremely comfortable to wear
45A04.04 German Safety Goggles

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45A04.05 UV Protect. Lenses (2)

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45A04.06 Welder Protection

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45A04.40 Goggles (all lenses)

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The standard clear 1-5/8" diameter lenses are German-safety shatterproof, laminated glass (7/64" thick). Accessory glass lenses are gray (UV protection sunglasses) and real level-5 Welder's lenses (these however, are not laminated safety glass). These Goggles with aluminum frames are extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods as the middle flexible strap hinge allows them to fit almost any face and the cushioned leather padding fits the face snugly. They are several steps up from the typically available plastic protection and are really exceptionally neat, we think.

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Overall Rating
  • Exellent Goggles!

    Fred Garvin, 1/15/2021 Just got my goggles today and they are AWESOME! Build quality seems really good. As many have stated, the strap is not very long. They fit me fine at the outer limits of adjustment but if you have an extra-large melon, you may have to replace it with something longer. I believe the price is very fair but the shipping was way out of line. $17 UPS Sure Post. (U.S address) I am not a welder but as one other reviewer stated the welding lenses may not be dark enough for all types of welding. (I got the full set of lenses) I have welded and know how dark a regular welding shield is. That said, if you are a welder you should have a full face shield anyway. The lenses seem easy to switch out. Would be great if there was a case offered for the goggles and to store the extra lenses in. They just come in little plastic cellophane. For me, I am very happy with this purchase!
  • Stylish and Safe Goggles

    Carolyn Kelly-Winter, 12/27/2020 Awesome German safety goggles are very well made, and so comfortable! My husband looks like a race car driver while splitting wood! He says they fit well, stay clear, and easy to see through while wearing. A perfect gift for your busy tinkerers!
  • Googles

    Thomas Anderson, 12/23/2020 Great product . Excellent protection for my eyes.
  • General review

    Hannah, 12/2/2020 These goggles seem very adaptive. It's easy to change out the lenses and they appear to be very durable... The leather padding is a bit stiff, but I'm sure that will soften with use, and I do expect to be using them for a long while. Yes, the strap is a bit short, but that was easy to fix.
    The welding lenses are definitely not dark enough for MIG welding, but they are great for metal-grinding. The UV protection are alright, though I was having a little trouble with glare. Over all I am very pleased.
  • Second that emotion

    Jimmy , 11/3/2020 I agree the strap was way too short otherwise they seem to be quality made and I have faith in them enough that I’m kinda looking forward to getting something in my eye while wearing them
  • too short/tight strap

    Scott Tusing, 10/30/2020 very tight - short strap
  • Serious Eye Protection

    Ronald D Francom, 9/27/2020 My ATV is now something I can use. It pulled every spec of dust right into my eyes. Now I can ride and see and not ruin my eyes. The real glass lenses don't scratch when washed. So now I can really enjoy myself on dusty trails.
  • Strap issue

    Josh , 9/26/2020 I gave it two stars because the strap won’t stay tight. Really can’t use them if they don’t stay on
  • Hollywood Spectacles

    Greg Shell , 8/12/2020 Wore these once. My client thought I was a movie star.
  • Elastic strap too short

    Carolina, 8/6/2020 The elastic band is waaaay too small, even for a small head like mine. I don’t know if I somehow got a defective pair, but I have had to rejigger the strap to wear them at all. Not something I expect to have to do for an item from Garrett Wade.
  • great

    luigi negri, 7/27/2020 great retro design, very functional, good fit
  • fun solution

    allen, 7/19/2020 Very cool and fun solution to safety glasses. Chips and saw dust no longer in my eyes! A little bumming on the strap as it comes loose pretty easily and the nose strap thing is not adjustable. Only been using for a couple days in the shop but I dig em. Thanks.
  • Very cool! - bought two pair.

    John Lewis, 6/13/2020 Very cool! Comfortable and very reasonably priced. UV lenses for me and welding lenses for my son-in-law to be.
  • Not bad, for a guy with a wide nose

    DocPeepaw, 6/10/2020 I bought these to work as safety goggles while I'm in my blacksmith workshop after getting hit in the eye with hydraulic fluid and also getting a metal splinter in my eye. I am always hesitant about goggle as I am a large man and have a wide nose. Most goggles done fit well and I don't wear them. These goggles fit pretty well, they do pinch a little on my nose and completely block peripheral vision but they stay tight and the padding around the eye cups keeps sweat out of my eyes and is comfortable enough. I haven't switched out the lenses for welding with my oxy-acetylene rig yet but when I do I will probably wear them rather than my old welding goggles.
  • German safety goggles

    Greg Strejc, 4/5/2020 Cheaply made. For the price the craftsmanship could of been done better. Installing the optional lenses is not the easiest. Almost feels as they will crack. The elastic strap pops off. Needs to be a better clip. Very cool idea fir going retro....just make them as strong as they were in their hay days. If you need to charge more do it. Tradesmen buy things that truly will protect them from getting hurt. And they buy things that are built to last. Tools and PPE is everything to us.
  • Achtung! Mein Goggles!

    Richard Holloway, 4/3/2020 Super and Fantastic Item!. keeps my eyes safe and inexplicably provides enhanced lighting! Wow is too small a word to describe these goggles!
  • Vegetable farmer

    Will, 12/18/2019 Great for keeping sawdust out of my eyes while woodworking and dust while farming.
  • "Nice goggs, bro"

    Sengir, 11/17/2019 First off, these goggles have been a great conversation piece as well as useful for work (I'm a maintenance technician at an organic farm and historic inn). The product is good for its price: we get a lot of mild sandstorms out here, and they're great for keeping the debris out of my eyes as I bike to work. They're genuine safety glasses I can use once at work, and on the rare occasion we need to weld I'll have my extra lenses at the ready.
    That said, the elastic band is cheap and comes off quite easy. I'm looking into replacing it with leather, which will definitely improve the aesthetic of the goggles as well. Overall, a good buy.
  • Can't be beat!

    A M Perry, 8/18/2019 Lightweight with an extremely comfortable fit that seals out dust and debris better than anything I've ever used.
  • Es ist nicht die Schutzbrille--du bist es (It's not the goggles - it's you)

    Deutscher, 8/17/2019 I received the goggles in good time and as I expected--based on the complaints and whining expressed in numerous product reviews--there were a few discrepancies in the assembly thereof. Specifically: (1) the leather nose-bridge strap was a bit too long, consequently locating the eyepieces somewhat closer to my ears rather than over my eyes where they belong, (2) I found the elastic head-strap to be a bit lacking in the elasticity/retention department and the buckles refused to hold the strap in place under tension, and (3) the point at which the two ends of the leather padding for the eyepieces come together to form the orbit resting against the wearer's face--at the lateral/outer side of the aluminum lens housing--wasn't unified/bound together. Additionally (but inconsequentially), these two leather orbits were not alike; one had an overall smooth appearance and feel while the other had a variegated appearance and feel (think "showroom-floor-leather-car-seat-slick" versus "orange-rind-left-on-the-picnic-table-in-the-sun-pitted-rough-leather"). Some folks--many who've posted their two-cents' worth on this page--would consider these goggles useless junk or worthy of little more than some cosplay/steamdork/burning man/sandstorm and smoke protection (FYI: they won't keep fine particulate dust/sand/smoke out of your tender eyes--they're vented). because they don't possess the common sense and wherewithal to (1) gently pull and bend the metal retaining bands that hold the leather nose-bridge strap to each eyepiece, thereby freeing the ends of said strap, allowing it to be shortened to the desired spacing between the wearer's eyes and then firmly bend the retaining bands back into position where it will once again trap/hold/retain the strap at its new and shorter length, (2) acknowledge that the elastic head-strap is total ******* and that whining about it will accomplish exactly ZERO, remove it, and replace it with a more durable variant, and then (3) locate a sewing needle, some dual-duty thread (it's stronger), and sew the gaps in the leather orbital padding for each eyepiece closed--that's what I did.
    It's the dying art of self-sufficiency, situational flexibility, and the willingness of an individual to "do" for him/herself instead of expecting someone else to do everything for them, from preparing their food to tying their shoes. The goggles are legit--don't blame "the Germans" for your inability to assess a situation, formulate a solution, develop a plan, and then execute that plan efficiently and successfully.
    I wear these goggles every day. I'm pushing them and my face through the atmosphere (and everything in it) at 100mph +, and when the mutant life-forms that slumber among the cornrows of southern Indiana until a straight-pipe Harley Davidson goes screaming down the road start jumping out into and across the blacktop, you can bet your a** I'm loving these goggles, because they're the only things between my eyeballs and the 2-3 inch long giant grasshoppers that explode on impact with my bike, body, and face.
  • Great goggles; needs a better head strap.

    Kris, 6/10/2019 Great goggles, and I love the interchangeable lenses. I just wish the elastic strap was up-to-snuff. Shockingly LOW QUALITY elastic for such good goggles
  • safety googles

    chris, 5/26/2019 the head strap broke the first day, other than that they are ok
  • Almost perfect

    Thomas, 4/28/2019 The googles are great. Strap slips so I had to tie a knot.
  • These Googles Rock

    Chris Coffelt, 4/22/2019 Enjoy the fit and look of these super functional googles. The are well vented and ensure proper eye protection.
  • Quality product

    Kaleb Dickerson, 2/18/2019 Goggles are very nice and the lenses are easy to switch out, however expect to replace the strap because itll slip right off. Additionally the nose bridge strap is quite long and is non adjustable.
  • Strap

    Frank Doyle, 2/14/2019 The glasses work great when the strap is holding.
  • Great goggles!

    Merissa Freudig, 2/4/2019 These fit and feel great! They’re comfortable and seal against my face so my mask doesn’t fog them up.
  • Satisfied customer

    Jalan, 12/30/2018 Impressed by the quality of construction for the low price.
  • Safety first

    Karen Saporito, 12/3/2018 A must for anyone who welds !!!!!! Incredible quality for the price. But who can place a price on safety.
  • Nice goggles

    Jeff Lesiecki, 11/19/2018 This is what I was expecting in the safety glasses
  • Perfect for the shop

    Jason, 11/11/2018 Great safety glasses, great seal against the face but also comfortable to wear. These were exactly what I was looking for.
  • Goggles

    Mark, 10/22/2018 Excellent set of eye protection! One call and got it all from Garrett Wade!
  • great goggles/weak strap

    David, 10/2/2018 The strap is a little weak and narrow for its intended use. Great goggles otherwise.
  • Pretty good

    Dave, 8/11/2018 The strap is the weak point. Too short for my big head and the strap holders tend to slip and be difficult to adjust. I guess once you get the strap dialed in it won't be bad as long as the strap holders don't slip and require you to re-do. The threaded caps to hold the lenses are a bit fidgety and on one side it slipped when I went to tighten (slipped over the threads - the outside thread isn't quite tight enough. The lenses look like good quality.
  • 5 Stars Despite the Strap

    Alex, 6/15/2018 I've been looking for real safety goggles like these for a long time. I agree with the folks that don't like the strap, but that's easy to fix myself. Everything else about them is perfect.
  • excellent can not be better

    bruce taylor, 5/9/2018 excellent can not be better
  • Lense Set

    Patrice, 4/8/2018 The lenses seem to be of decent quality and come suited for a variety of uses. Good for making the goggles more universally useful.
  • Welder Lenses

    Patrice, 4/8/2018 The welder lenses seem functional for their intended purpose.
  • UV Lenses

    Patrice, 4/8/2018 You can see through the UV lenses fine, but they do a good job of filtering out the light.
  • Functionsl

    Patrice, 4/8/2018 A little light on the durability, though I just got them and haven't had time to see how they break in. They are comfortable and not prone to fogging up though, which is good.
  • Good purchase

    John, 3/20/2018 Excellent quality....qreat price!
  • Germans let me down on this one

    PHH, 12/8/2017 I have to agree with most of the other reviews. These goggles are worth the $22. I think they would be good for 'costuming' but not for every day use. The strap is poorly constructed and broke from its connection on the first tug. Two thumbs down for this one.
  • Better than you think...

    Lynn, 12/7/2017 Super cool goggles. They are even better quality than I thought. Have some heft to them. I bought for costuming and they are perfect.
  • Thread trouble, but excellent return service.

    Jack Kruse, 12/3/2017 Two of the three pairs I ordered had trouble with the threaded caps: one slipped right off the threads, and one was stuck. Fortunately good-old Garrett Wade had sent a prepaid return sticker and encouraged me to send back the ones that gave trouble. I bought them for my son (an engineer who doesn't wear glasses), but I tried them on, and they weren't a great fit on me; if I were keeping them, I'd fashion a longer strap across the nose and put a better elastic strap around the back. The lenses themselves seem excellent.
  • good goggles bad strap

    Rob Sudduth, 11/28/2017 The goggles seem to be good quality, but the strap is... useless. It's like buying a volkswagon with bicycle tires.
  • Pat

    Pat phillips, 11/24/2017 Great item but strap is a bit weak, otherwise happy
  • Cheap, flimsy elastic band not worth the purchase

    Brett, 11/15/2017 The cheap and insufficiently secured elastic band often comes undone from goggles and fails to securely fashion goggles to your head. The multiple lenses are nice but the extreme length between the two eyelets coupled with the poor band make the goggles not as protective as one would hope. Overall, they're a cheap novelty buy.
  • fantastic goggles

    bruce taylor, 10/20/2017 fantastic goggles
  • Work great and steampunk looks

    steve, 9/29/2017 Nice Quality and now I can look like a steampunk or some other oddball while my grinder whines away in a hail of sparks! These goggles work great and fit well. Worth the cost and would buy again.
  • Great for protection from dust.

    ANDREW, 9/4/2017 Great goggles. I had to do a bunch of sanding of plywood and these kept the dust out of my eyes much better than just safety glasses. Watch the rust, and the elastic band is a little on the flimsy side, otherwise this would be 5 stars. Buying a third set for my son's steampunk halloween costume. The second set was for my nephew who goes to Burning Man every year.
  • German Safety Goggles

    John, 9/2/2017 Great fit. Nice selection of lenses. Quality product and great price.
  • 3 years and counting

    Steve, 7/27/2017 I've had mine for 3 years now and am going to get a 2nd pair. I use them pretty regularly and even though there is some rust from sweat, I've learned to keep them oiled and they are fine. I use camellia oil.
  • Nice safe and you can play Minions....

    Marlene, 7/16/2017 Not only cooling looking but also good protection. Dont think I will be needing them as sunglasses but it might be a fun look.
  • German-Made Real Shop Safety Goggles

    Jeffrey Sutton, 6/26/2017 GREAT ! Quality! really going to get good use from these goggles!
  • Awesome Eye Protection, from Germany, the place that makes things Correctly.

    Philip, 6/26/2017 I bought the entire set, Goggles and the two darker green lenses. they are easily adjusted, and fit nicely. I could not find my Sun Glasses today, so I actually used the UV lenses for the "Bright Shiny ORB in our Oregon Sky" a nice side effect was no glare from the Sides, they are closed in!
    I do not do torch work much anymore, but I will have the proper lenses for just that if I decide to restart my Bronze Foundry again
  • German-Made Real Shop Safety Goggles

    Jeff Sutton, 6/25/2017 I LIKE IT!
  • Highly recommended

    Charles, 5/26/2017 They are well made and the lenses are easy to switch out. Very comfortable and have already saved my eye from a large splinter during the demo of my guest room.
  • Cutting and grinding

    Andrew Finley, 5/12/2017 Great lenses for grinding and cutting , would definitely recommend these
  • Retro, Cool, 10/10 Would Goggle Again

    Amanda, 5/6/2017 These goggles are amazing! You have no idea how long it's taken me to find a legit, workplace-approved pair in this retro style. My only issues are fogging and slight soreness around the tops of my eye sockets from extended wear, but these are things that can easily be solved with defogging solution and periodic adjusting, respectively. With regard to the latter issue, I also have a large-ish head so expect it if you do as well, but it certainly isn't enough to make me stop wearing them. Overall, these are incredible. Will be ordering the other lenses soon.
  • Perfect

    Luis Alx, 4/11/2017 Its fine and very comfortable item
  • Yay

    Chris, 4/7/2017 I love the them so far, they came fast and work well stained glass shop. I also bought the uv lenses for outside and they are sweet too. Bought a second pair so i don't have to switch between clear and uv lenses.
  • Look and feel good, just minor issue

    Gordon, 3/24/2017 I really like them and they feel well made. When I initially tried them on after opening the packet I was a little worried about having tunnel vision since the field of view is narrow, but as I started working with them I felt it went away and didn't really bother me. I like the air flow that comes in the sides. My only complaint really is the straps. They will do for now and do work, but I think I'll have to replace them with something a bit sturdier in the future.
  • Old style function and steam punk fashion

    Kara, 3/23/2017 Great safety glasses but also key for a steam punk gathering. Like the industrial, retro look.
  • Comfortable but a few minor things, easy to fix!

    Brian, 3/21/2017 I bought these for work since they meet the safety standards for my shop. Just the safety goggles mind you, none of the extra lenses, and I wore them during one of the warmer days. Fogging was definitely an issue, but is easily solvable with some defogging solution.The only bad part is I have a rather big head so that means the strap that comes with the goggles is a bit small and shoves them against my face, making it a bit painful for extended use, however since the material is rather easy to find, I should be able to get a longer strap and fix this issue as well, all around I really like the feel and look of them.
  • Very cool

    Phil, 3/20/2017 These things are cool and fit well.
  • Great!

    Wayne Phillips, 3/20/2017 Really comfortable and safe.
  • I love these things

    Brian Drescher, 2/24/2017 I love these things! They are comfortable and I can wear them for a long time without them fatiguing my eyes. The only thing I am concerned about is that I don't know if the welding lenses are dark enough to protect your eyes. I have yet to get a welder so just something to think about.
  • Alternative Chic

    Jeff, 2/12/2017 Different look - retro. That said, there is something to classic tried and true design. These goggles are comfortable to wear and function flawlessly. I bought the complete lens set and use them all. My only warning is that your should mark the lenses permanently when you take them out of their original bags so you can identify their particular use. They all look the same otherwise. The only way you could improve these googles and lenses otherwise would be to offer a nice case to store them in - a cool small cigar box did that trick for me.
  • Funky and functional

    Wendy, 1/14/2017 Great gift for the DIYer and biker brother.welding lenses are perfect for him.biught a 2nd pair for my blind super active dog too!
  • The rear thing.

    Corey Burton, 1/11/2017 These things don't just look cool, they are the real thing. Honest to goodness safety glasses. I have been using them everyday. I love em!
  • Get 'em ... You'll love 'em

    Cujo, 12/30/2016 Outstanding -- Very steam-punk look, but that adds to the fun factor. Lenses are crystal clear, the eye pieces are well made and fit very comfortably.The nose strap looks like it'll fail sooner than I'd like, but I'd buy another pair sure as anything.These work a treat :)
  • Safety goggles

    Wendy Marsh, 12/30/2016 Bought these as a gift for our boy. He loves to blacksmith, do carpenter work etc. They are very good quality and the way they fit so nice and snug we don't have to worry about another trip to the doctor for something in the eye. Awesome!
  • Terrific safety goggle collection

    Martha Lewis, 12/29/2016 My husband was thrilled to receive an assortment of your safety goggles, including the German ones with lenses for different activities. He quickly found many uses for them, both at home and in his biochemistry lab at work. One happy guy, literally what he always wanted!
  • Safety and Style

    Kathleen. Cheek , 12/27/2016 The goggles were a fantastic hit with my son on his 30th birthday. He said they were very comfortable and are perfect for use while woodworking. Also great for steampunk styling.
  • Safety glasses

    Ann, 12/24/2016 Great design and functional!
  • Surprised

    Corey, 12/23/2016 I didn't expect the quality of the goggles to be very good because the price was reasonable, but I was pleasantly surprised. The overall quality of the goggles is quite good. They are also comfortable and the lenses are easy to change out.
  • Good looking goggles

    Sharon Howard, 12/20/2016 These were purchased as a gift for my sons in law by my son. They are really nice looking and look to be of the highest quality.
  • High quality and high comfort

    Bill McIntyre, 12/15/2016 Comfortable, well made, looks awesome!
  • excellent googles

    John Arnold, 12/15/2016 Excellent safety googles. Stylistically the googles are appropriate for a heroic old time steam locomotive engineer!
  • Highly recommend

    Lorelei, 12/14/2016 Wonderful quality. Really fair price. These are exactly as I hoped. I would highly recommend getting the goggles and the lenses pack.
  • High Quality

    Keith Regan, 10/11/2016 Great goggles! Very effective and appear to be very well made (typical of excellent German engineering!)
  • Better than I anticipated

    Bill Berthel, 9/30/2016 I bought these goggles for part of a Halloween costume but I think I'll end up actually using them in my shop ! The highest quality part of them are the lenses they're incredibly well-made . I would've given this five stars however the strap in the nose bridge piece is a little wimpy . The lens holders are decent quality and material . My only complaint is that a few days after I bought these I see that they went on sale as part of the buy one get one free promotion . Bummer! Timing is everything !
  • safety goggles

    Dan Denov, 9/26/2016 great goggles and they look pretty rad as well - more comfortable than other safety goggles
  • Great eye protection

    Dave, 9/25/2016 Very nice safety goggles. Comfortable to wear for long periods. Better than other eye protection I have had.
  • Outstanding

    John Beatty, 8/26/2016 Primary eye protection at a bargain-basement price
  • Going to use for a costume

    Shaka, 8/26/2016 I got these to have on hand for work , but the more I look at them the more I like them for a mad scientist/steam punk costume. The fit was not quite good enough for me for work, but it works for a costume in a pinch.
  • Great Protective Woodworking Safety Glasses

    Isaac Jang, 8/4/2016 I bought these safety glasses for woodworking, specifically for routing wood, and making dusts. The cushions on glasses cover around my eyes tightly, yet comfortably so I could work for extensive hours. The adjustable bend is easy to work with to fit around my head. The leather strap (unadjustable) between the glasses were spread a little too wide for my face, so I dabbed a small amount of superglue in the middle of the strap, and folded it to set it permanently. Besides having a cool retro look, these german safety glasses do wonderful job of protecting my eyes from getting any dust or debris.
  • very good catalog products

    martin, 6/11/2016 really liked the quality of this item , and plan to use them alot
  • Good Product

    Dennis, 5/11/2016 Good quality, They leak a little, can be fitted. I attached the elastic to the buckle and sewed it in place easy fix.
  • Bad Head Strap

    Shannon, 5/9/2016 These are really good safety goggles! I use them in my wood shop regularly and still haven't gotten another wood chip in my eye! However, I had to replace the head strap because the one it comes with is pathetic and doesn't stay in place.

    Fred Chapman, 4/21/2016 Great safety goggles, BUT, I have a suggestion. Unfortunately, the goggles are not adjustable in the distance between the eyes, hence, the nose strap piece should be made to allow adjustment. This is IMPORTANT! I was soldering some Cu pipes last week, using these goggles of course, but I splattered hot solder into my eye because there was a small opening between the side of my nose and the eye cup. So, someone needs to FIX THIS!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the German Safety Goggles. We're sorry to hear that this happened while using them. We have passed your comments along for consideration.
  • Quality

    Phillip, 3/26/2016 Materials could have been of stronger and heavier metal.
    The elastic is of a lower grade and will not last over repeated use.
  • NO FOG !

    GEORGE, 2/26/2016 Do your safety glasses fog up right in the middle of measuring for a cut? These won't! Best safety goggles I have ever used. Snug fit around the edges, but extremely comfortable to wear. I wear them with my safety mask I ordered from Garrett-Wade and they work like a charm. When I cut the grass it eliminates all those blowing grass clippins from getting in my eyes and whenever I use the old tablesaw they keep my wife from having to tale me to the emergency room for wood chips in the eyes, been there done that. The best part they can just hang around your neck until needed, so convenient. Plus the small piece that fits over the nose is very comfortable to wear, can't think of anything I don't like about them. I just love mine.
  • Interesting Look For A Metal Artist

    Andrew Carrizales, 10/12/2015 These are fantastic use them, when grinding and the welding shade when using the plasma cutter.great conversation piece in the studio, function well and neat looking. Do yourself a favor and replace the head strap.
  • Best Goggles I've Owned

    Robert, 10/8/2015 Bought these German-Made Real Shop Safety Goggles to use with my chainsaw. My other goggles would fog up and would not keep all the saw dust out of my eyes. These goggles are great by comparison! I wore them all day they never fogged up! I never had to stop due to particulate matter in my eye either. If you looking for goggles I would highly recommend these German-Made Real Shop Safety Goggles I rate at 4.5. Only because I thought the padding on the eye cups could be a little better, but maybe I just have then too tightly adjusted.
  • Just Sensational

    Robert, 9/21/2015 Very well made, fit just about anyone perfectly, very comfortable, less fogging and great eye protection. They also stay around your neck or on your head when not in use. Did I mention they offer 360 degree protection. I lost an eye so I am hyper about safety goggles and these are the best I have seen.
  • Good Eye Protection

    Don Osborne, 4/1/2015 These are will made but they have a design flaw. The thread are not deep enough to put the safety lens with the shaded lens per the instructions. The thickness of the lens prevents dual lens as described in the instructions. I will keep them but I will not be able to use them as I wanted to.
  • Safety Goggles

    Bob Curlee, 2/10/2015 These safety goggles are of very high quality. If you purchase the kit, you receive the welding and UV lenses. I personally have had no trouble with the strap that others mentioned in their reviews. And darn it, they are just bad a$$ looking! I am very pleased with them.
  • Comfortable View!

    Patrick G., 9/29/2014 Been shopping around for light-duty comfortable goggles for general-purpose torch work and safety glasses. Well here, for a very reasonable price you get nicely padded eye-pieces (if ordered as a full kit) laminated safety glass, UV blocking and torch-worthy welding lenses. The elastic band quickly adjusts and the eye pieces fit snugly and stay in place. Versatile and well-constructed!
  • Old School Cool

    Jarod Hillyard, 9/10/2014 Pure old school cool. I wanted to get back to my German roots, so I ordered these awesome retro safety goggles. I purchased all lenses, and don't regret it a bit! As a knife maker, welder, and blacksmith - these are immensely handy. I have all the lenses I need for the various tasks around the shop and even sunglasses for when I want to cruise retro. I haven't had one problem with the headstrap and because of this, they get a five out of five stars from me. With the breathable side vents, they never seem to fog up like my other glasses and since they're self contained, they have added benefits. You can wear a dust mask with these beautifully, which usually goes hand in hand with grinding and welding some metals anyway, so they work out beautifully. I get lots of positive comments on them and they're a great conversation piece. I like them so much, I had to write a review on how practical yet retro they are all in one. Thanks Garrett Wade for offering such high caliber products and speedy delivery. Old school is here to stay!
  • Comfortable and easy to fit

    Dave Rife, 6/24/2014 Comparatively, these are well-priced, and fairly well made, with the exception of the head strap. Quite surprising that something made in Germany would lack a quality feature in that the straps come off easily and do slip. However, these fit very comfortably upon the face, and the addition of UV" and "Welding" lenses was an excellent bargain! The eye cups breathe well, although they will fog up if left up on the forehead too long (like when checking work). Pros: fit well; laminated safety glass; good price; nicely manufactured; look stylish; quick shipment. Cons: first shipment of product brought broken lenses, but customer service took care of it immediately and replaced in two days; poorly designed strap, which I repaired by sewing the ends to the strap where it fit me; metal isn't finished at the edges where the keepers screw down to hold the lenses and may slice skin, which I rectified by using a small diamond file to smooth it out; laminated safety glass isn't really scratch resistant.... a nylon scotch scrubber actually left marks after a light washing. Honestly, for value and customer service this 'entry level' pair of goggles gets rated a 3.5 out of 5. Although I did expect a little better quality from Garrett Wade, I am satisfied with the purchase."
  • Sweet!

    TB, 6/14/2014 Too cool! Old school glasses. bought a pair for myself, ended up letting the whole gang" wear them and do "selfies" =awesome!"
  • Straps

    Ed Wright, 5/18/2014 I love the goggles. The best pair I ever owned. Very safe, secure and comfortable to wear. I'm puzzled why the manufacturer would make such a fine product and then totally neglect the strap. They come undone all the time, so I finally tied them. It worked but it is aggravating to have to do that.
  • Safety Goggles

    J B, 4/20/2014 Have not used them yet but are easy to rate. Lightweight, good fit, good lenses. I know that using them will be excellent.
  • Great Googles!

    J. Earle, 4/6/2014 Glad we purchased the goggles with multi-lenses. They are very well made and do not interfere with your vision.
  • Too Cool

    Jeff Schmidt, 4/1/2014 Got them for my son, thought it might help him to remember to wear safety glasses without me harping on him, but I'm always wanting to wear them!
  • Retro Goggles

    Kyle, 2/3/2014 Nice retro style goggles. The only issue I had was the elastic strap and buckle don't work well together. I switched the strap to a thicker material and it works great now.
  • Steam Punk

    Barry, 1/28/2014 Steam punk all the way - these are fun. Only criticism is the strap come undone easily - they are cool.
  • Steampunk Ready

    Chuckl, 1/1/2014 Purchased these on a whim, since the design is clearly, somewhat dated. Work well as shade 5 welding goggles. Have not yet tried the U.V. protective lenses. Wanted to use the clear lenses with a motorsports application but the tunnel vision" effect (because of the depth from the eye to the lens is too great) is rather like wearing a set of "blinders". They severely restrict peripheral vision. All that being said, they are very well constructed. The adjustment band tends to slip slightly (remedied with two small safety pins), they are fairly light weight and would be perfect for someone looking for a "steampunk" theme accessory item. I'm actually quite happy to see that someone is still producing this style of goggle, instead of the plastic styles so common today."
  • Retro Eye Pro

    Andy Killebrew, 12/2/2013 Nice comfortable fit that gives complete eye coverage. Eye cups fit closely, much like swim goggles. Lens and frame seem well made and durable. Lens swap is easy and offers options as to the type of light protection needed. Very nice product.
  • Useful and Wonderfully Old School

    Adam, 11/20/2013 Just got these goggles a couple of weeks ago because sometimes regular safety glasses just don't cut it and also these have the benefits of having replaceable and having a particularly unique appearance. They work really well, though the strap takes a little bit of finagling.
  • Fun

    John, 11/4/2013 More fun than a barrel of Minions!
  • Cool

    JB, 8/10/2013 I bought these for when I am working in the yard, mainly when mulching my leaves in the fall. My mulcher tends to throw things out of the top. Others I have tried fog up. I have not had the opportunity to use them yet, but hope they work as promised. I also bought a pair for an artist friend who does welding and woodworking. The only thing I didn't think about was that he wears corrective lenses. Maybe an optician could have lenses made for these since they do have interchangeable lenses.
  • Googles and Lenses

    Bo, 7/21/2013 Fit's very nicely over the eyes, and the leather rim is nice and soft. The rubber elastic is a little too short, as you have to extra wind it around the 2 small buckles for it not to slip the grip and open up.
  • Very Comfortable

    Steve, 6/22/2013 I got them because I liked the way they looked, but didn't actually expect them to be so comfortable. Once I adjusted them they fit better than any safety glasses I've worn and they don't fog up like the others.
  • Amazing

    Rob, 5/12/2013 I use these everyday when I need full eye protection, although a little warm at times, they rarely steam up. The goggles fit and feel great. I wear these especially when grinding hazardous materials (metal and fiberglass). The Germans have been know for their great quality, designs, and efficacy, this pair of goggles embodies all the good traits eye protection should have. Even though the goggles are tubed in" visibility is fantastic, some peripheral vision may be lost how ever. I would not recommend these as riding goggles, but I will wholeheartedly recommend these for the workshop."
  • Used as Motorcycle Goggles

    J Sullivan, 4/2/2013 Bought these German Safety Goggles to protect the eyes on a motorcycle. They get the job done with great fashion sense! The looks from people are priceless. The protection the goggles provide is tested daily with debris, insects and water while riding a motorcycle and these perform without a hitch. Have not tested in cold weather, yet. If you are on the fence, order now from Garrett Wade and you will not be disappointed!
  • Great Goggles

    Jeffrey, 3/14/2013 I love these goggles, they are great for working, nice to have something with safety glass that can be cleaned without scratching.
  • Campy & Functional

    Pat Sullivan, 1/2/2013 Versatile, fun, & campy. These goggles are reminiscent of days gone by. They are well made & can be used for a variety of tasks.
  • Clear and Comfortable

    P. Perry, 11/22/2012 My plastic safety goggles always become scratched and dull quickly from sawdust and I usually discard after a few uses. The glass lens on these German made goggles remain crystal clear after cleaning and the fit is great.
  • Looking Retro

    Stanley Andrews, 11/20/2012 Aside from looking goofy, these are great for most jobs where eye safety is important. I do a lot of automobile work so having good eye coverage is critical. And besides, looking retro is hip...
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner November 2012 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Stanley!!
  • Goggles

    Tom Flippo, 11/8/2012 Great goggles! I use them for motorcycle ridin. I suppose if I need then for workin they will be fine.
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