German Made Set of 5 Shoe Brushes

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German Made Set of 5 Shoe Brushes
45A03.55 German Made Set of 5 Shoe Brushes

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This kit comes with the full complement of brushes required to maintain your shoes and keep them healthy and new-looking. We should clean our shoes every few weeks, and this is perfect set to keep you on track. First up, a coarse brush with rough poly bristles. Next come the applicator brushes (one each for lighter and darker treatments), perfect for working your preferred wax or oil into your shoes; this is where the waterproofing and rehabilitating happens. Then you’ll move on to the buffing brushes (again, one light and one dark) to gently polish your shoes. An included microfiber cloth is perfect for touch-ups, and the storage bag handily shows a print of all the included brushes. Made in Germany, this set will keep you looking sharp for years.

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