Heavy-Duty Splitting Mauls

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Heavy-Duty Splitting Mauls
Made Exclusively for us in Germany
American Hickory Handles
54A03.11 Professional Splitting Maul

Available 01/20/2021


54A03.12 Super Splitter Maul

Available 01/20/2021


54A03.14 ‘Twisted’ Splitting Wedge

Available 04/15/2021


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The 31" oiled Red Steel Hickory handles of these splitting mauls have extra thick necks and red steel safety collars to resist shock and damage to the handle. The Pro Maul’s head weighs about 4 lbs and has a pair of raised cheeks that function like small wedges to help keep the head free in really difficult grain. The head of the Super Splitter Maul weighs over 6 lbs, with a broad, arrow-shaped head whose shoulders widen and then taper dramatically, again preventing jams in tight grains.

For splitting lumber rounds into firewood you can’t beat a Splitting Maul, and these are absolutely terrific tools—well made and will last forever. A large twisted Aluminum Splitting Wedge is also available.

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Overall Rating
  • The super splitter maul is... SUPER! The name describes the maul perfectly!!

    Mitch, 1/3/2021 The super splitter maul from Garrett Wade is exceptional! It’s made to last like products made in USA from days in the past. Glad to see ???????? products made with quality and pride. Thank you!!!
  • Opened my eyes

    Scott , 1/1/2021 For years I would buy an from one the home stores or local hardware store and those were ok but from the first swing with the super splitter I realized that I had purchased a high quality tool that requires far less effort then those less expensive tools. After splitting hundreds of cords in.my life with low quality axes I will never go back. Thank you Garrett Wade for showing me the light.
  • Efficient Tool; All you Need for the Winter!

    Tim, 12/27/2020 This maul is all you need for the winter. It splits wood easily and with precision. It took a few swings to get the hang of it, but after watching a few videos and an early cautious approach I was ready to go. I'm a leaner guy, but the weight was still perfectly manageable. No complaints!
  • Splitting maul

    Tom Dunham, 12/8/2020 I think the maul is a great I split some wood but not to much yet. Looking forward to using it more.
  • well made, high quality steel. worth every penny.

    Bill, 7/18/2020 One of the best tools ever. I have used for 2 years. Heat cabin with wood stove in central Idaho - high elevation & cold long winters. I have split so many cords with this maul. Doug fir. great balance, nice splitting feature. The amazing thing - I have NEVER sharpened it. easily 12 cords. purpose built.
  • One of the best mauls I've ever used

    Sean, 4/29/2020 Just got this super splitting and the forest axe, right as soon I opened the box and had to test them, and for me splitting wood for 14 years with mediocre mauls I am impressed by these tools. The handles are a few inches shorter than I'm used to, yet still comfortable to use.
  • Works well, but cracked immediately

    Clayton, 4/19/2020 Works very well, although a crack in the handle on the backside near the head developed the first time I used it. We'll see how long it lasts.
  • Splitting Maul

    Meg, 4/3/2020 We recently installed a wood stove and had some trees felled on our property. My 14 yr old son expressed an interest in wanting to split the wood. He asked his friend's Dad what he would recommend. He said "The primo is the wood handle, Garrett Wade splitting maul." My son bought it for himself with his birthday money. Just when Coronavirus turned school into online learning. I am so happy he ordered it. He is out most days splitting 4 or 5 logs. It's a beautiful tool. He is doing a great job and learning a great skill while keeping his mind and body healthy during these crazy times.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner April 2020 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Meg!
  • Arrived with a possible crack in handle

    Jim Matthews, 2/17/2020 The mall I received appear to be everything that was advertised but somehow I neither shipping or handling it appeared that the heavy Hickory handle had been cracked in a couple of places so I contacted Joe at customer service we had a long conversation and he's taking care of everything so I look forward to actually using the tool when the new one is shipped to me but on receipt it appeared to be exactly as advertised and should be a worthy tool.
  • Excellent value. Head could be seated better

    Ryan , 2/4/2020 I will give a 5 to the head quality and steel and a 4 in hanging the axe and workmanship. Excellent quality for the money just as every tool I have purchased from Garrett Wade. The head started coming a bit loose after a few uses which is not good. However it seems to be secured well and nothing that cannot be repaired easily. I typically split oak, pine and cedar. Fit and finish is superb.
  • Green white oak

    Luke Harris, 2/22/2019 Split 1/2 cord of green white oak with no problems. Loved the shorter handle and light weight, I went on almost without a break. With my old 8lb. maul I would have had to stop several times and showered too. Great splitting tool.
  • Awesome Maul

    Rob Arends, 2/1/2019 Amazing, I am able to power through big logs with knots, no problem. Best maul I ever owned.
  • Splitting maul

    Austin, 12/14/2018 It is a nice splitting maul but the first time of use the head was starting to come off a little and it got a little split on the red guard down the side but splits wood great
  • The best!!

    Mark, 9/20/2018 Works better than any other mail I have ever used and I have been splitting wood for 50 years
  • Doesn't work by itself

    Mike Fresco, 9/3/2018 Although it won't work unless you swing it, I recommend this maul. Good, long lasting edge..excellent weight and balance. An excellent tool for splitting rounds. Such an improvement from using a sledge hammer and wedges. I'm glad to own this maul.

  • "Super Splitter" is an ACCURATE Description!

    Ryan S. Bonney, 5/7/2018 This Garrett Wade Super Splitter Maul is an excellent tool for the price! These mauls are made for the Garrett Wade house brand, but do not make the mistake of assuming that, because they are a house brand item, that they perhaps don't measure up. The construction on these mauls is every bit as refined and durable as one can find on axes and mauls produced by big-name European makers like Bruks Fors and others! From the perfectly balanced and turned hickory handles, to the keenly-honed cutting edge, these mauls will make short work of the knottiest hardwood rounds. I lopped through a half-cord of white oak in a weekend, splitting 25" rounds into quarters for the wood burning stove I keep out in my workshop. The edge on the maul held up beautifully and the balance when swinging was like a dream! I especially like the feature of the red steel collar that extends just below the head of these mauls. No dented, splintered handles? Yes, please!! I used to use a cheap, $40.00 maul from a local big box store. What a difference a couple extra bucks will make! That old, junky maul cost me half as much as this Super Splitter, but I got what I paid for...in spades! That big box special came from the store dull as a butterknife, necessitating a couple hours of grinding and honing by me. It was unduly head-heavy, with terrible balance and the shaft broke clean in two after one season's use. The Garrett Wade Super Splitter maul is heads and tails above anything you'll find in a local chain store! The craftsmanship and design of these mauls is worth far more than Garrett Wade is charging for such high quality tools. I, for one, am proud to wield a tool with the Garrett Wade name on it, because I have witnessed firsthand the quality and value of their products. You won't go wrong investing in one of these mauls!
  • Great tool for the woodshed

    Mary, 2/20/2018 I bought the pro splitting maul as a present for myself and I love using it. Makes short work of splitting rounds. Weght and balance is excellent, handle vibration minimal.
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