Garrett Wade Tomahawk Hatchet

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Garrett Wade Tomahawk Hatchet
54A03.13 “Tomahawk”-Hatchet

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54A03.50 “Tomahawk” & Full Sheath

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This beautiful Tomahawk Hatchet features all the hallmarks of the iconic tool: namely, a long, straight handle, and the distinctive profile of a sharply flared edge that tapers abruptly at the handle. The drop-forged head is 8" long with a broad 4-½" curved edge. The butt end is a 1"-square poll that you can use to drive wedges or pound in tent stakes around camp.

The Tomahawk is familiar to the modern eye as one of the classic implements of the North American frontier. It was used a weapon, tool, and in ceremonies—by Native Americans and European settlers alike. (The word itself derives from a pan-Algonquin root for a cutting tool.) While the form is an Indigenous design, European traders formed a sturdier, more effective tool/weapon by replacing the customary stone head with forged steel.

Our Tomahawk Hatchet will work hard in the campsite and yard alike, at making kindling, clearing brush, and even splitting smaller logs. The 15-½" handle is made of USA hickory. A USA-made full-leather belt sheath is available. Made in Germany by one of our most-trusted forges, this functional tool packs a lot of history into its compact frame.

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