Gerstner Collector’s Oak Storage Chest

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Gerstner Collector’s Oak Storage Chest
96M01.24 Gerstner Collector’s Oak Storage Chest

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Collector’s Oak Storage Chest

Gerstner & Sons is an Ohio company highly respected in making classic machinist-style storage chests for high-quality hand tools. This model is a high-capacity oak storage chest that is, of course, excellent for shop use. However, this chest is so handsome and modestly sized it can fit comfortably on any surface in your family room, home office or even the bedroom. Overall size 25¼ x 11¼ x 9". Made of Oak (except for the Pine drawer sides and laminate for the drawer bottoms), with traditional felt lining in all the drawers, and a lockable front cover that conveniently slides out of the way when the chest is opened.

The three drawers of the imported oak tool box are all sized 23½ x 8", are either 1½ or 2½" deep. When used personally, it can store wallets, multiple pairs of eyeglasses, notepads, rulers, passport, personal papers, pen & pencil trays, small laptop and so on – basically all the slightly “bulky stuff” that you need to run your life every day, and that you need to quickly and easy access to. Plus, it’s secure when you lock it up.

Oak Storage Chest Features

The oak storage chest is attractively designed with a full-surface felt tray on the top to “dump” stuff on. We liked it instinctively as soon as we saw it. A great idea and very handsome. Imported. FREE GROUND SHIPPING AVAILABLE. Air shipping not available.

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Overall Rating
  • Nice piece

    Peggy, 12/30/2020 Nice piece, the lock is a little less quality, you have to move the door back and forth to get it to line up.

    Walter Hays, 6/18/2020 Gerstner's Collector's Oak Storage Chest is MUCH more than just a nice looking chest that has multiple uses for men and women of all ages; it is a unique item whose value will increase over time as it is passed on to other family members.
  • Perfect

    Shari Windsor, 5/26/2020 Beautiful piece to hold all my Cabochons and Gemstones for making jewelry.
    I love the felt lined drawers.
  • A nice chest for the money

    Lisa, 5/8/2020 This is a fine chest and has much of the quality Gerstner is known for, but it is made by Gerstner International - the company’s budget line. While it is well-made and suits my storage needs, it does not have the class and the flawless finish of the US-made Gerstner & Sons chests. That said, it also doesn’t have their price-point, which was what made this appealing, It is a nice piece and solidly made. Side by side with an original US-made Gerstner chest, this storage piece looks nice - but you can tell the difference.
  • Perfect Storage For Crafts

    Thomas Borecki, 4/19/2020 I had wanted one of these for years and just got it for a birthday. The differently sized drawers are perfect for a storing items from a variety of crafts. For example, I usually se this for my fly tying hobby. Bulk feathers and hair fit nicely in the bottom drawer. Assorted tools, hooks, beads, and bobbins of thread go in the top drawer. medium sized packets of dozens of items fit in the middle drawer. Lots of hobbyist would love this.
  • Gerstner Collector Oak Storage Chest Review

    Brian Noland , 8/18/2019 Very pleased with the quality and features that come with the storage chest. Would recommend the purchase of the chest. I plan to use it to display my knife collection.
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