Gerstner International Rolling Cabinet

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Gerstner International Rolling Cabinet
96M01.16 Gerstner International Rolling Cabinet

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This Rolling Cabinet is made by a well-known Ohio company in its Asian factory, in a special run for Garrett Wade. Remarkably well made, it has beautifully finished oak veneer on all faces and edges, plus felt lined drawers. Other details include protective corner hardware, jointed, hardwood drawers and drawer-slides. The cabinet stands 33" high, including 5" rubber wheels, two of which swivel fully and lock for stationary storage. There are five generously sized drawers. (See table below for dimensions). An extendable 11” x 16” leaf folds down along the side when not in use. The top, with its curb, provides a work surface for the assembly of small projects, or a platform to display special items. The brace that supports the leaf, doubles as a locking drawer guard when placed down the front of the cabinet.

This beautiful Cabinet is offered at a special price for Garrett Wade customers, in a limited quantity, at huge savings over the regular price. The Cabinet is available singly, or it can be bought with our Gerstner "Solutions" Chest (which will snugly sit on top of this to increase storage capacity) as a matched pair.

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  • Finally, but I love it

    Gregory, 3/13/2020 I had purchased the GI oak “solutions” chest and was very happy with it. I kept looking at the GI rolling cabinet, humming and hawing, then I watched the video and said to myself, “That does it!” and I hit the purchase button. I was kind of iffy about those 5” casters, but....
    I spent the next week in quiet apprehension, watching the shipping progress as it slowly made its way across the country. Finally the big day arrived. I spent the afternoon keeping an eye out for UPS to be there to help unload it. Those guys can be sneaky. Suddenly the crate appeared in my drive, the UPS guy was nowhere to be seen, probably having dashed off to avoid the embarrassment of a beat up and sorry looking carton. Sure enough, when I opened the crate it became obvious that they had dropped it on one of the corners....split the bottom rail, knocked the side piece out of it’s dado, qqeffectIvely destroying my beautiful cabinet. I contacted Garrett Wade and ultimately shipped the cabinet back for an exchange. Again I watched it’s progress back across the country. Finally I got the word that it’s replacement was on the way...another week of apprehension as I had lost my faith in UPS also. I had no need need to worry, as this time I met the driver and helped unload it. The carton was in much better condition and to my relief there was no damage.
    I was still a bit iffy about those casters. When I pulled them out, I was very impressed with their quality. They were still, at least for my purposes, much too high. Looked like stilts. I immediately bought a set of 3” locking swivel casters rated for 175 lbs each. The footprint of the mounting pad was a perfect fit and these casters bolted on just like they were made for it. I have to admit that these replacement casters matched the cabinet in function and form.
    With the cabinet in place I was impressed with the action of the drawer rails. They latched securely and slid in and out well, even better when some weight was added to the drawer. Of course, there is always something. One of the bottom drawers was stuck and refused to operate as it should. I removed the drawer to inspect the rails only to find that the roller bearing carriage stop on the main rail was not set right. Too low, the carriage would ride over it, bind up and lose a bearing. I was able to replace the bearing and adjust the carriage stop and finally got the offending drawer to cooperate.
    Works fine now.
    I liked the idea of the side shelf and had use of it. The brace board, however, was not secure as is, a slight bump would cause it to collapse. I was forced to shoot a screw in at the top and bottom to creat a secure shelf.
    All in all I like my GI chest and rolling cabinet combination. There is just something about red oak tool chests. Always wanted one and this set fulfills that dream. Granted it would have been nice not to have had to repair the drawer rail, but these things happen. It would also be nice if they came up with a way to secure the shelf brace, I had imagined it locking into place with the lock. It’s still loose at the bottom so securing it there needs to be addressed also. Having to replace the casters may be just a personal preference but 5” casters seem out of place. With the four locking swivel casters I chose the cabinet and chest combo stays put while opening drawers and is easily repositioned. I would certainly recommend these to a friend. I gave it a four star rating due to the difficulties I encountered, but as with anything of value it takes a bit of work.

  • Another happy customer

    Charlie , 12/24/2019 I initially ordered the mechanic’s chest to hold all my small woodworking tools and found it very useful to have everything together. When a one day sale came up on the rolling cart I decided to go for it. Both arrived in excellent condition. The UPS driver said he was worried all morning about how he was going to get the box down the driveway and seemed very relieved when I met him at the truck with my handcart to carry it down my long, steep driveway. There was plenty of packing material to account for it arriving in perfect condition. I am now getting used to having everything I need at the workbench right there in one place. They also look great. In a perfect world I’d have loved it if it had brass hardware and perfectly grain matched drawer panels but I would probably have balked at the price for those niceties. Overall, its a great product at a fair price.
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