Gerstner International Six-Drawer Chest

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Gerstner International Six-Drawer Chest
great for art and hobby supplies or a pocket knife collection
96M01.26 Gerstner International Six-Drawer Chest

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This new Gerstner Six-Drawer Chest is made by the well known Ohio company as a special run for Garrett Wade. Reliably well made (in its Asian factory) with beautifully finished Oak veneer on all faces and edges, plus felt lined drawers. All-chromed steel hardware includes the locking hasp and corner protectors. This is a useful size chest for any small items that you want to keep secure and organized including, but not limited to, a pocket knife collection, art supplies, coin collection, or as tool storage for smaller, hobby-type tools. The top opens also, to give you a storage space in addition to the six drawers. The drawers include four at 1¼" tall and two at 2¼" tall. Top compartment is 10" deep. Leather carry handle. Overall size. 12 x 8 x 14" tall. All drawers automatically lock when the top is shut. (The lock comes with two keys.). Add this utilitarian beauty to our extensive line of fine Gerstner products.

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