Giant Roll of Jute & Dispenser

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Sale Giant Roll of Jute & Dispenser
soft, all-natural twine from plant fiber
87A04.10 Giant Jute Roll + Dispenser

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87A04.01 Replacement Large Jute Roll

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1,000 feet long, this ball (6" X 5½" ) is huge, but easy to use. You’ll go looking for objects to tie together. It comes with the brushed stainless steel dispenser shown. Our super soft, all-natural Jute makes tying off your garden tomatoes, or bundling your cardboard for recycling a much more pleasant task. Sometimes referred to as The Golden Fiber for both its range of uses and durability, it is often used to make the burlap sacks that hold such food staples as rice and coffee. Far more pliable than your typically stiff hardware store twine. Our Jute Twine knots well and is a dream to work with.

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Overall Rating
  • Update to Epic-Bad - Actually good!

    Bryan, 11/30/2018 After pulling enough of the twine - I found there was a HUGE leader line wrapped on the outside. Once you take this piece off the spool then works normally like all others. Just had to be very persistent.
  • Epic bad design

    Bryan, 11/26/2018 Dispenser took vice-grips to get the spindle out of the base - doesn't go back in very well (poor threading at Mfgr). Also the spool of twine was wound with no intention of you ever dispensing it on a spool! Both ends are inter-wrapped so you dispense maybe 2' and it's tangled with the competing end. GW - you need to audit all your products before you offer them to customers.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Giant Roll of Jute and Dispenser. We're sorry to hear that you received one in this kind of condition, and appreciate your taking the time to let us know so we may address this issue. Please feel free to return it using the postage-paid label which was included, and we will either issue a refund or a replacement which has been checked by our product specialist. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Crafting

    Debbie Gideon , 5/23/2018 I do macrame, and was looking for some jute for my projects. I was a little hesitant since I could not touch it. But, I am so glad I bought this. The jute is exactly what I was looking for. Very good quality. I will be buying more. Thank you.
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