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Faster & more convenient than an electric drill
37J03.05 Gimlet Set Special

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Gimlets are probably one of the most underrated hand tools in the modern workshop. They are easily used for quickly making pilot holes for screws sized from #2 to #9. At this price these gimlets are a terrific value. They will really speed up your work.
  • Set of seven: 5/64 to 3/16" (2mm to 5mm)
  • Made In France.

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Overall Rating
  • Gimlets

    Ellen Smith, 1/8/2021 My grandfather had one of these tools and I looked all over to get one/ I had never heard it called a gimlet. I was thrilled when one of my internet searches provided the name, then when I began shopping, your website came up- I was excited to add these tools to my toolbox. When they arrived, they are beautiful and beautifully made! So proud to have these tools!
  • Perfect Starter

    Dani, 1/1/2017 My husband had never seen these before, was very happy to get them. Says they will come in handy.
  • useful tools

    Peter Chast, 12/7/2010 Useful to have when a light tool kit is handy. I've used them already and it worked out fine.
  • these gimlets are not to drink! they involve no gin!

    mom, 12/2/2010 SSSHHHH! Don't tell my son I ordered these for him, I want it to be a surprise. He is going to love them. They look antique but the are very sturdy and artful! Also very handy for setting your screws in small spaces that are hard to reach with even the smallest drill. I used one on a sailboat and my captain told me where to order them. He gives good directions! Garrett Wade has a very user-friendly site, quick service, and I love the handsome product, can't wait to give it to my son. Thank you!
  • Always Handy

    Steven Engen, 7/29/2010 I bought these about 2 years ago and can't tell you how many times I have used them. Whether working on large or small projects, they come in so helpful when you need to drill just one or 2 holes. Such a treat to have a tool that is as handy as these gimlets. No woodworkers should be without them.
  • Must have for your toolbox!

    TBox, 5/3/2009 I totally agree with the review, that these are the most underrated tools, yet most VALUABLE! I cannot tell you how helpful these are when it comes time to put anchors in the wall! No need for a bulky/heavy drill. Just grab the right sized gimlet and you're in business - that's why you need a set. And you can't get these at Lowes or Home Depot, I've looked! Grab this set and you won't be sorry.
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