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The tools you’ll want with room for more
43B02.05 Med. Steel Utility Box

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43B02.20 Go-To Toolbox Set

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We’ve paired our new USA-made Medium-size Steel Toolbox with five tools we grab for most projects and repairs. The Medium Toolbox is a handy 10 x 4 ½ x 2", big enough for what you need but not too big. We are selling it in two ways. One empty so you can fill it with your favorite go-to repair tools or two, filled with five super handy tools you will use (at a saving).

They are: the Versatile T-Handle Screwdriver 06A01.03, our Compact Tape Measure (39A02.05), our Garrett Wade Pocket Knife (15T02.01), our Pen Style Micro Screwdriver (96A01.01), and our set of 50 Miniature Drill Bits (05R09.01). The whole package is available for a Limited Time at a discount of 30%.

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