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Bestseller Grampa's Weeder
The ultimate green weeder.
Saves your back.
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Grampa’s Weed Puller

Invented in 1913, this weed puller is a green innovation from a bygone generation. Recently remade after 70 years, it’s a blessing to all who like their weeding easy, with no bending over and no hand pulling. Simply position the two gripping prongs over the weed, press into the ground, and then “lean” the long handle in the direction of the footpad lever. Out comes the weed, root and all. This weeder is a simple tool and effortless to use.

Steel gripping prongs and foot lever make this weed puller a lifetime tool that you can count on to provide a great value. The wooden handle is 39” in length and will provide many years of use on the toughest weeds if properly maintained.

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Durable, Effective Weed Puller Design

If you’ve done any gardening, no matter how big your space, you’ve likely crawled out of bed after a day of weeding, hunched over and aching. This weeder uses leverage to decrease the work required to pull out weeds by the roots, leaving your grass, garden, or flower bed less likely to see a resurgence. Watch the video above to see this tool in action, or order your weed puller from Garrett Wade today.

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Overall Rating
  • So So

    Helen Tyler, 11/9/2020 The weeder did not work well on dandelions but did work with the grasses
  • Grampa knows what’s up.

    Danielle Sullivan-Ward, 11/2/2020 Impulse buy that ended up being a great buy!
  • Weed puller

    Robert Mesrop, 10/30/2020 Wonderful tool. It works beautifully.
  • LOVE IT!!

    Bonnie George, 10/25/2020 I saw a gentleman using his tool while visiting my son. I went and asked him about it and he gave a catalog! He let me use it and I loved it!! And bought myself one.!!
  • Grampa's Weeder

    Stephanie Spinosa, 10/8/2020 I am so happy with my purchase of Grampa's weeder. I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to weed standing up. The best part is that it really works. So glad I bought it.
  • Worth every penny.

    Jordan C, 10/6/2020 When I was a kid I used to borrow one of these from my great uncle when I'd weed lawns for money. They are a fantastic investment. It saves hassle and cuts back on bending down to pull weeds. Gets down to the roots and makes easy work when the soil is wet. Sturdy handle and quality finish work, hoping it will provide a lifetime of use.
  • Grandpa weeder

    Linda Kendell, 9/12/2020 Borrowed my neighbors, as I was digging weeds out with my knife, could not believe the difference and ease they came out. Came in and ordered it that very day. Love love love it!
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Margaret M Carne, 9/12/2020 I am disappointed that it isn't made for deeper roots but it's fine for shallow ones.
  • Wonderful product

    Beatrice, 9/10/2020 Made weeding so much easier. Wish I bought it years ago.
  • Simple and easy! Great price.

    Clark family, 9/7/2020 This tool take all the pain out of weeding! Simple to use and very little effort to pull up those mega weeds. Worth the price, beautifully made.
  • Grampa's Weeder

    Elaine Monsen, 9/7/2020 This tool is beyond our expectations in quality and craftmanship. Upon arrival of the Grampa's weeder, we used it in the yard on some common weeds that we break our backs pulling out. It removed the weeds in no time with such ease.
  • Excellent lawn maintenance tool

    Steve Durkee, 8/22/2020 The Grandpa's weeder is an excellent tool for anyone tired of stooping over to weed a lawn.
  • Back saver, and weeder all in one. A great product

    Howard Freed, 8/22/2020 My Grandmother had one of these years ago, and loved it. I was delighted to find they were still available, and ordered one. I had forgotten how well Grampa’s Weeder works, and, I’m saving my back as well as getting the weeding done.
  • Best Weeding Tool Ever

    James Wilber, 8/21/2020 I have tried numerous weeding tools over the last 48 years and was pleasantly surprised to find that this one works the best - and it has been around since 1913! I had a little trouble forcing moist dirt clumps out of the jaws and tried smoothing the jaw surfaces. That makes removal of the clump much easier but may occasionally allow a weed to slip out of the jaws when it might have held with the original rough finish. Anyway I don't expect to look for any more weeding tools. I think this one is as good as it gets!
  • Grandpa's Weeder experience

    Rick Hand, 8/21/2020 I received my weeder soon after a rain and immediately put it to use. I have filled a wheel barrow three times with Plantain and Dandelions in the last two weeks. I would not have even began the task if I didn't have the weeder. I wish I had one forty years ago!
  • Review update

    Kathleen Buckley, 7/27/2020 I'm updating my review. We had a drenching rain which softened my baked, clay soil. Grampa's Weeder works much better when the ground is softer.
  • Better than the rest

    John Nettles, 7/27/2020 I tried all kinds of weed pullers because I had these massive roots on my weeds in the back yard and nothing worked. I saw the Grampa's Weeder online and tried it. It worked perfect. It has the perfect design for the leverage you need to get those deep roots.
  • A knee saver

    Jenny Brahm, 7/27/2020 Works like a charm ! Powers through hard clay and grabs those big weeds that I can't get a good hand grip on. Using Grandpas Weeder takes no strength at all. I have arthritic knees and can't kneel for long so this nifty device is simple to use yet effective. I'm a happy gardener.
  • Grandpas weeder

    Katherine wilson, 7/26/2020 Great for us old timer gardening
  • Works pretty well; I'm satisfied

    Kathleen Buckley, 7/26/2020 I love old technology and have a problem with weeds, so I was happy to buy this Grampa's Weeder. That said, it takes some practice to use. When it does catch a weed, it does really, really well. Pulls the silverleaf nightshade right up by its roots. The hard, clay soil in parts of my yard are a challenge for it to penetrate, and I'm going to have to try watering those areas before weeding or else wait until it rains. I suspect if I still lived in the Pacific Northwest, it would have no problem at all.
  • Retired in Seal Rock

    tracy jones, 7/5/2020 A friend had an old tool she used for dandelions. I'd never seen anything like it. Really excited to find it and it works perfectly.
  • G weeder

    lynda wheat, 6/30/2020 A gardeners miracle tool. It does work standing up- i bought for my brother- he looks it.
  • Weed puller

    Douglas, 6/22/2020 Great Had another type but it required using my hand, which has arthritis. Foot action only needed on this one.
  • Great crabgrass puller

    Mary Lange, 6/22/2020 Purchased this for crabgrass as my new lawn was full of it. It really works great for this without pulling up alot of dirt.
  • Best Weeder

    Katherine Carlson, 6/21/2020 How can something so simple looking be such a great weeder? I use it for getting rid of thistles and dandelions and love to feel that little tug when I feel the root release itself from the dirt.
  • Good for dandelions not garlic chives

    Red Starks, 6/21/2020 I bought this tool to remove garlic chives which have seeded invasively. Unfortunately it doesn't work well for that. It does a fine job on dandelions, though. There were several delays in shipment due to supply side pressures secondary to the pandemic but the company stayed in frequent communication with me and were very friendly when I called.
  • Great tool and great company!

    Christine Dwan, 6/21/2020 Grandpa's weeder is a fantastic tool. Simple and smart. No more bending while weeding. Best pricing around is at Garrett Wade they also have fabulous customer service, I had to call and they were extremely polite and helpful. They made my experience so easy. Thank you!
  • Grandpa’s Weeder

    Rocco, 6/20/2020, 6/21/2020 Great product! To be able to get rid of weeds without having to be on my hands and knees is awesome. My back also thanks you.
  • no up and down on the ground- get em standing up in a hurry

    Robin, 6/11/2020 Hand weeders never work- except this old tool actually does! Ha! Finally a hand weeder that doesn't force you to grovel on the ground for every scattered weed, and that, done carefully and right, really does get those dandelions and other un-named weeds up and out. Woopee. We are older and all organic. Our neighbors all use pesticides and none would stoop to conquer. We still do but have noticed that weeds in have a tendancy to grow one here and one there. It gets to be time-consuming to get up and down 50 times. This old weeder stops that up and down and yet gets the job done- now we're happy and organic and perhaps our neighbors will realize there are easy and yet non-poisonous ways to go about getting rid of weeds and stop using dangerous and unhealthy pestcides.
  • Grandpas Weeder

    John Holt, 6/2/2020 We’re very happy with our purchase. Grandpas weeded gets weeds with ease! No more back breaking work! Thank you ! The best Father’s Day gift I’ve received!
  • Grampa’s Weeder

    Susan, 6/1/2020 Really like the way this works. Good quality tool and great for those of us with bad backs.
  • Grampa’s Weeder

    Mike Therriault, 6/1/2020 Works great, durable will last for generations.Worth the price, simple concept, love it
  • No Frills, and Built to Last!

    Dana, 5/31/2020 Grampa’s Weeder is so easy to use and quality made! I’m happy it was remanufactured after 70 years, and it is obviously designed to last (unlike most things these days). It’s a no-frills tool that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Unlike what other reviewers are saying about their backs, however, MY back is killing me because I keep stooping down to get excess dirt off the dandelion roots and refill the holes, and this process is taking forever. From this point on, I’ll just remove the dandelions and other weeds, while standing, and then later I’ll refill the hundreds of little holes with new soil and grass seed. One of the things I like most about this tool besides its quality, no-frills structure is its history, first designed and built in 1913. Makes me feel proud to own a Grampa’s Weeder!
  • Grandpa was right!

    Janet Hagan, 5/31/2020 We live in Maine and last year was horrendous with the acorns. We probably have 100+ saplings in our yard. Acorns are harder to get out of the ground than an ordinary weed because you have to figure out where the seed is. But I think this is a fabulous tool. I can't believe how well it is made!
  • No more back aches

    James, 5/29/2020 It makes pulling weed a breeze. The first time I used it pulled two five gallon pails of assorted weeds. I put down seed about five weeks ago and didn’t want to use weed killer. Great find it works best after a little rain.
  • No wonder Grandpas yard looked so good.

    Mark, 5/29/2020 I bought this to use since I have a bad back. My wife has RA and used it. It was easy fir her to navigate.. Great tool. Love it. HIGH QUALITY! So glad I bought it.
  • Your family will be fighting over who gets to weed.

    Scott, 5/28/2020 It is an amazing tool. A great back saver. Tom Sawyer would have had no problem getting his friends to pull weeds for him. It makes the task of pulling weeds fun.
  • Can't Live Without It!

    Suzanne, 5/25/2020 I saw this about 5 years or so ago - when I was could kneel digging dandelions all day long. Now this wonderful tool lets me dig them all day without bending or stretching. I am so glad I remembered it - can't do without it. And I have neighbors asking where I got it. Thank you!
  • QED

    frank, 5/25/2020 Dandelions and other weeds never stood a chance.
  • Sturdy well made tool that works great!

    Guy Hager, 5/25/2020 This is a sturdy well made tool that works well for pulling weeds and saving your back. The only trick is that you have to locate the center of the weed and place the two prongs on either side. I simple push with your foot on the lever then lean the tool over on the lever and you have the weed deep down to the tap root.
  • Grampa's weeder

    Suzann, 5/25/2020 I really like the weeder, but it does not work in the area I bought it for. It's a rocky area so I don't know if its the rocks or what, but it works great in the yard
  • Mystery tool

    James, 5/24/2020 Somehow I get the impression that what you show and what I did is only part of the utility of this great tool. Note the forked tang on the other end of the foot bar.
    That is the mystery attachment, tool, or what? Suggestions or info?
  • Take that, dandelions!

    Debby, 5/23/2020 I ordered it after seeing a couple of neighbors using this or a similar tool. I haven't used it long but it does get the dandelions, root and all. Only trouble is clearing the prongs with our clay soil. Maybe when it's drier later this summer it'll be easier.
  • Grandma (grandpa isn’t doing the work) tool

    Jodi, 5/22/2020 This is a great tool! My one and only recommendation or wish is that it go a bit deeper. I’m using every day though and glad I bought it.
  • Better than Advertised

    J M Vizzier, 5/21/2020 Excellent tool, not as fast as I'd like, but the only effective tool for removing the entire root that we have. It is as effective as digging the root out, much quicker and as advertised you do not have to bend over.
  • Grandpa’s Weeder

    Diane, 5/17/2020 One hour after receiving Grandpas Weeder my teenager actually volunteered to weed the lawn.
    Am I in the twilight zone? Easy to use, well made and it gets the entire weed root and all.
  • Quality

    Kristin, 5/15/2020 Well made! Fast shipping! Looking forward to spending many hours with my new best friend,
  • Amazing! Buy it now!

    Annette, 5/14/2020 Amazing. Already told my friends and neighbors. Love it. Have bad knee so bending and kneeling is not possible. Sold. Buy one!!!
  • New Best Friend!

    Anne McElreath, 5/12/2020 Great product! lightweight and easy to use. Gets the whole weed out including roots without bending or straining your back.
  • Happy

    Maria Lubrano, 5/11/2020 Very happy with this item. I have arthritis in both hands but can use this. Also it’s well made & will last.
  • Good Tool To Have

    William Travis, 5/11/2020 Easy to use. Effective on most weeds. Not sure full root is removed but I remain optimistic.
  • Love my Grandpa's weeder.

    Margi Roberts, 5/11/2020 I love my Grandpa's weeder!!! Being a lively cute senior, this makes it so much easier for me to pluck those weeds out. Thank you!! Even my farmer/gardener sweetie likes it. Have a great day!!1
  • Vermont Chic

    gretchen, 5/11/2020 Saving my back one weed at a time!
  • Plucking Time (don’t forget to MUTE)

    Cindy, 4/26/2020 Did you watch the video? I bought one of these because I liked the name. I’m pretty sure I have sold a couple of these after showing it to my friends. Does it work like the video 100% of the time - No. Aim is everything with this tool. My lawn is so full of weeds I use this while I am on conference calls (don’t tell anyone) so I can wander, listen and practice my aim. My lawn is still full of weeds - so many conference calls - so much time. Stay safe and keep on plucking.
  • Amazing and useful tool!

    Stan, 4/24/2020 Amazing tool, should have gotten this long ago. This makes it incredibly fast and easy to snag tough weeds from the yard,and garden, save the back and avoid the any thorns at the same time. Bought two just in case.
  • Most Fun!

    Kristin, 4/22/2020 Most Fun Garden Tool Ever! We removed buckets full of dandelion in one afternoon
  • Great for Grandpa . . . and Everybody Else!

    Kathy, 4/21/2020 I wish I had purchased two of these. Great tool, really works!
  • Grampa’s Weeder

    Kathy, 4/21/2020 Works great! Simple to use! My friend loves it! Saves his back.
  • Love it

    Deborah, 4/19/2020 Love this tool! So easy to use.
  • Amazing Weeder!

    Dean, 4/13/2020 I've been on the fence about ordering this, but as yard services have pretty much halted, my backyard has become a jungle, and it's not like I have anything better to do these days, I decided to give it a shot and man, am I happy I did! You figure it out very quickly and then you're off to the races. We've been unusually fortunate with rainfall this year, so the ground was soft and weeds just came up incredibly easy. I'll admit, the weeder did gum up a little bit with mud but it was because the ground is so damp, and all you gotta do is push the mud out and re-engage on the project. As well, I have a bad back, so this made a tremendous difference in my ability to quickly, easily, and painlessly remove some pretty serious weeds. I wish it'd stop raining....I wanna go do some more! Thank you!
    Rate & Review Grand Prize Winner April 2020 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Dean!
  • Neighborhood Favorite

    Pat Smith, 4/9/2020 The best tool ever, One neighbor loaned me his ( from a distance of six feet) and it was love at first use! I ordered one that same day. Another neighbor saw me using it and ordered one too! Soon ,thanks to this great tool, our neighborhood will have lots less weeds and beautiful lawns!!
  • Best weeder out there!

    Steve Lopez, 4/6/2020 I never would have thought that pulling weeds could actually fun until I bought one of these. It is super easy to use (even for my 7 year old son) and very easy on my knees and back which is a huge plus. After trying this tool out for the first time, I immediately ordered another one for my very active 78 year old father who also gets quite a few dandelions throughout his lawn. He could not wait for the rainy weather to clear up so that he could try out his new weeder, and once he did he absolutely loved it! The name "Grampas Weeder" definitely fits! Thank you Garrett Wade.
  • Fantastic!

    jacki, 4/5/2020 Absolutely wonderful tool to capture the small weeds as they come up. Easy to use!
  • Weeding Tool

    Michael Scheinfield, 4/5/2020 I bought Grandpas welder at the Phila flower show and it’s the best garden tool I have. No more bending over or kneeling on the ground. Try to use it after it rains. Easier to get the whole root.
  • A Feel Good Weeder

    Maria del Fabro, 3/27/2020 I can't say enough good things about this weeder! It is fantastic. I started using it as soon as it arrived and I could have kept weeding for hours. Amidst Covid-19 this has really lifted my spirits. Thank you!
  • Highly affective with an easily fixed flaw

    D Edge , 3/7/2020 I received this and was very impressed. It did take me a few times to master, even though directions are on the pole. I discovered the only flaw is the small screw holding the pole on the tool. I fixed this by replacing it with a number 10x1 inch wood screw. It is holding well. My yard is covered with 1/2 to 1 inch rocks. It works well, even on that terrain. I recommend the product.
  • This is the weeder you are looking for!

    Denise S. Wood, 2/17/2020 Well made, great weeder! I have been looking for this kind of weeder for awhile. Perfect.
  • Nice!

    J. K., 1/7/2020 Fantastic item easy to use.
  • Best ever

    Joan M, 1/5/2020 Work great. Had mine forever.
  • Great!!!

    AJ, 11/30/2019 Wasn't sure if it would work, but it does! Just make sure you get it in the center of the weed. Saves my back big time!
  • Great tool - EASY and fast

    Bill, 7/8/2019 FUN AND Easy!! Worked so good, I couldn't stop. Ordering one MORE today. Great gifts for any gardener that hates weeds and WEEDKILLER poisons.
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Ernest Anderson, 7/6/2019 As soon as I received the Grandpa's Weeder I tried it out. I was impressed, to say the least! The concept is so simple yet works great! I did discover a few quirks, however. For example, you have to make sure the weeder is placed directly over the center of the weed in order to remove the roots and all of the weed with one attempt. I also put a shopping bag through my belt to put the weeds in so I do not have to come back later and pick them up.
    I would definitely recommend Grandpa's Weeder to anyone. As a matter of fact, I already have recommended it to several neighbors. I have even demonstrated the tool for them and let them try it out. Several have said they were going to buy the weeder themselves.
    Overall I love it and recommend everyone should have the Grandpa's Weeder in their basic arsenal of lawn care tools.
  • Disappointed in my absolutely beautiful elegant new tool. I’m giving it to a friend to see how it works for her.

    Arlene, 7/5/2019 I was so excited waiting for that grandpa’s stool that felt like Christmas. Early in the morning I was out in the garden figured I’d get rid of every one of those pesky big weeds that look like dandelions but don’t have the long root.
    I am a great grandma of many; old but still keeping up a large area. If this tool had a longer piece going into the ground it might be perfect. But if I have to bend down three times for each weed because it doesn’t quite grab it because it’s not deep enough or strong enough then I’d be better off using a sharp shovel.
  • Anne W

    Anne Weaver, 6/21/2019 Makes weeding so easy no more stupid
  • It works

    Benjamin Winston, 6/15/2019 I never thought it would be so easy to use,
  • Grandpa's Weeder and now mine!

    Beverly, 6/2/2019 This product is so very helpful to me! It helps me keep the weeds down in my dog lot. And all around my yard, front and back. I am so glad I found it.
  • I love my weeder

    Pegi, 5/31/2019 Grandpa's weeder is well made, sturdy and does exactly what I needed a weeder to help me do.
  • Weeded

    Ken maloney, 5/28/2019 Super easy
  • Mixed results

    G R Jackson, 5/24/2019 Although, I purchased this tool to extract dandelions, it does not extract the root in the majority of extractions even in a rain soaked lawn. It also makes unloading the extracted weed from the tool somewhat difficult guaranteeing muddy hands. For weeds sans tap roots, it seems to do better.
  • Going Chemical Free/ An Investment for Saving my Back

    Joan, 5/24/2019 Looking to go chemical free in my yard in the years to come. This item intrigued me. I am not getting any younger so this tool should help my back. I have yet to use it bc we have had to redo our entire yard from being flooded by Florence last year. I figured it would be a great addition to all the new tools I need for our yard. Slowly but surely we will be replacing the items we lost after the flood. Hoping to buy more Garret Wade products as they look to be of excellent and lasting quality.
  • Love this tool!

    Paul, 5/24/2019 My wife wanted me to spray herbicides on our lawn to kill the dandelions then I found Grampa's Weeder and ordered it. I told her what I did she couldn't wait for it to come. I wasn't home when it arrived and she had it out weeding before I got home. She loves the tool, no more bending over to dig out weeds.
  • Grandpa's weeded

    Alvin Goodwin, 5/20/2019 Works great.I used it on all types of weeds.
  • Dare to GO GREEN By Using Grandpa's Weeder

    Eddie Richards, 5/20/2019 I bought this weeder as a alternative to using chemicals and weed killing fertilizer in my yard and flower beds. Great design and very simple to operate, just make sure the tines are open, center over the weed, stab down do not be afraid to use your , if you have harder soil such as clay this is very effective. in Eastern Virginia we have many miles of estuuary water from the Chesapeake Bay that is is both a commerical and sports fishery. The biggest threat to these waters is from overuse of Chemical Fertilizer and weed killers. The Grandpa's weeder is very effective weeder . as I pull weeds I put down a liitle fresh mulch or grass seed in and around the hole created. By doing this I both overseed and airate, Excellent for ALL, For all the GREEN gardeners this is a MUST HAVE.
  • A real body saver

    Susan Gingras, 5/20/2019 Best garden tool ever
  • Dandelion Puller Delux

    Clifford, 5/20/2019 I do not like the idea of herbicides on my lawn and my wife does not like dandelions so this is a good answer. Like several others, it takes a little practice to center on the dandelions but it does pull out the roots
  • Handy weeder

    GEORGE E REED, 5/18/2019 Very handy tool for removing weeds. No chemicals, no stooping.
  • Awesome Grandpa Weeder

    Charles Arnone, 5/17/2019 The grandpa weeder is everything I hoped it would be. It saves your back and clears up the yard of those obnoxious weeds..Thank you!
  • Back-saver

    Tony, 5/14/2019 An excellent product. My only regret is that the prongs that go into the ground aren't a bit longer to get at the roots of those nasty dandelions.
  • Love. It.

    Dean H., 5/13/2019 Elegant sturdy tool that delivers a satisfying smile every time it yanks up a weed.
  • Weeding Therapy

    Brent, 5/13/2019 I've had a different brand of this same design years ago. I find it can be addicting pulling weeds with this weeder I really hope the kids at our school who need some time find it just as addicting. I purchased two maybe we can have a little competitive weed pulling. These are built far superior to my weeder of my past.
  • Grandpas weeder

    Blanca T., 5/13/2019 This is a great does what it needs to do! Picks up the weeds with no effort and out it does not need to bend...I highly recomend it! Thanks
  • Grandpas Weeder

    Bob Walston, 5/13/2019 Great product. It is just what we needed.
  • Grandpa"s weeder and 3 pronged claw tool

    Judith Schainen, 5/12/2019 I was tickled by the title Grandpa' weeder, becuase I am now old enough to be a grandma, and have chronic low back pain. this weeder should help alleviate the problem since this year is a big weed year!
    The 3 pronged claw tool will be useful as well, since I have rocky clay based soil, and like to plant seeds and bulbs.
  • Weeder wins the day!

    Richard Field, 5/11/2019 This tool came ready to go, out of the box. It does everything that was advertised, get the weeds out and save your back and knees. And it's fun to boot, my 10 year old wanted a turn too. Great product!
  • Grampa's Weeder

    Linda Gay, 4/27/2019 Great product, glad I went with my first impression that this tool will do the job for me.
  • Weeding that Doesn't Require Bending, Finally!

    Betsy Rudden, 4/26/2019 Smart, sturdy, one of my favorite tools. It took me a couple of years, looking at his item in the GW catalog, before I finally gave in and bought it. Good-bye, dandelions and plantains. You've finally met your match! And my back is better for it.
  • Just What I Needed

    Al Fasol, 4/11/2019 Grampa's weeder is just what I needed. It saves me lots of bending, lots of muscle strain, and lots of time, and it is well constructed.
  • Handy tool

    Tammy, 3/27/2019 My husband and I love Grandpa's weeder! No bending and stooping to pull weeds! We have back issues and this tool has been a great help for us.
    Our 8 yr old granddaughter loves using it too!
  • Great product that should last for years because of good structure.

    Deborah Weaver, 3/26/2019 This works great with very little effort. It seems to be made very well and if God says the same it should last a long time because of the great structure.
  • Best tool ever!

    Kathi Phillips, 3/24/2019 A wonderful little tool everyone needs! It makes weeding so easy!
  • Grampa's Weeder

    Odessa Sawyer, 3/19/2019 Works great, love it!
  • Grampa Knew What to Do!

    Shane VerPlanck, 3/16/2019 I think my late Dad would have called this tool very "slick"! It really works well and saves my back a lot of extra bend-overs!
  • Great invention Grandpa

    Barbara Norcross, 3/5/2019 I had one for years, loaned it out and it got broken. I have been to endless garden supply, home centers to no avail. I have been searching for 1 year. I am so happy, I bought 2., just in case.
  • Best weeder ever!

    Janet, 2/27/2019 I love this weeder! I can weed my whole yard without bending or kneeling! It grabs the whole weed root and all and pulls it right up. It’s so easy. I had a blast weeding the whole parkway in front of my house.
  • Wonderful!

    Rae Mosher, 2/17/2019 Takes away all the stress, frustration, and backache from weeding.
  • New favorite garden tool

    RH, 2/8/2019 Grampa's Weezer is amazing. Pulls out weeds and plants cleanly and effortlessly with the root intact. Even the taller plants that I couldn't pull out with my bare hands in softened soil slip out quickly with this ingenious tool.
  • Great item

    Shirley Packebush, 2/3/2019 My Husband sent me the link to this tool. I am loving it. It is getting the sticker bushes out of the ground that I do not want in my yard and it can get to the roots.
  • No more squatting!

    Sheila, 1/28/2019 How wonderful to be able to pull weeds without squatting on my old knees! Thank you for the great design!
  • Daughter's addition to her favorite pastimes.

    william Mercer, 1/20/2019 My daughter is an avid gardner and bird aficionado will desperately looking for a birthday present that would fit her personality I found the Grandpaw weeder and clear glass bird feed. She was startled and thrilled with ready for her birthday on the 15thof January.
  • Weed puller

    Judy, 1/2/2019 Can’t wait to use this
  • Great tool for garden.

    Susan hart, 12/26/2018 Works great, as advertised and Grandpa loves it!
  • Mrs.

    Shirley Fox Rogers, 12/25/2018 This is a terrific idea for a tool for any gardener. My husband was most pleased, and I'm certain our friend will be will his, also.
  • Rebirth of an old too that should never have been retired.

    James, 12/17/2018 So many items fall short of advertisement hype and expectations but not this one. Amazing that such an old time tool fell of the radar--it is marvelous.
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Lisa Bradford, 12/8/2018 Despite this being a Christmas gift for my husband. I took it out to our dandelion laden lawn and tried it and it is wonderful and works as advertised. He will have his hands full, but Grandpa's Weeder will help him immensely. Glad I got it for him.
  • Get the weeds early

    Mark F. Miller, 11/8/2018 This is a great back saver for removing annual weeds. I've successfully removed thistles, lamb quarters, and even pokeweed if caught early. It really is not intended for perennial plants such as wild roses or locust seedlings after the second year.
  • It's a winner

    nancy schreiber, 11/4/2018 Amazing tool, great value, well made!!
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Don Gradin, 10/30/2018 Where has this been for the last 105 years??? Works very well and even allows my five-foot (minus) wife to tackle the biggest weeds! Absolutely LOVE IT!
  • Good idea but construction could be improved

    Kathleen Cioffi, 10/7/2018 The idea of this tool is great, but the handle should be made of metal and the tines should be longer. Several other reviewers have mentioned that the wooden handle bends if a lot of pressure is put on it. One said, "I hope it doesn't break!" Well, guess what? It DOES break. Fortunately, I bought two, so I still have one left, but it's kind of distressing that you can't really exert enough pressure to pull out tough weeds.
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Janet, 10/3/2018 I love my new Grampa's Weeder. At 82 years of age it is difficult to bend and kneel to pull weeds. This is a great help, especially to help pull the thistles that will not go away.
  • Effortsless weeder - grampas weeder

    Bharat Thakrar, 9/14/2018 I was waking though yard sale. On one yard I saw A grandma was pulling weeds easily with not much effort. I asked and found on line. It’s easy and useful. When soil is wetter weeder is not pulling weeds properly, that I noticed. Longer and wider teeth could help better. Grampas weeder can be use by next generations and generations.
  • Fun to use

    Terry Tyson, 9/14/2018 I love my new garden toy! No bending and so easy to use.
  • Adequate

    Therese Lahnstein, 9/6/2018 Seems to wrk fine. But handle bends. Should be metal handle. Hope it doesn’t break!
  • Adequate

    Terry , 9/2/2018 Seems easy to use but would be better with metal handle. Wooden handle does bend if too much pressure put on the handle. Would like to see another version with longer prongs with a wider opening & stronger teeth and metal handle. It did pull up some difficult weeds with a long root so will keep using.
  • Cool tool

    Debbie, 8/17/2018 I wanted a way to pull weeds without bending and here it is. The tool works really well. You just place the tines over the weed you want to pull and step down and tilt the tool towards you and up comes the weed. To dislodge the weed from the tool you can just step on the edge of it. You do have to clear out the tines about every 6 weeds or so. You just lift it up. It's light so it's easy. Love it.
  • Not very effective

    myob, 8/12/2018 Not very effective. There were a lot of weeds and grass that it would not pull up.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review of the Grampa's Weeder. We're sorry to hear you aren't happy with it. Please feel free to return it using the return label which was included.
  • Grandpas weeder.

    Hub, 8/11/2018 Came early. It works great. Get in the middle of weed where roots are and pulls them right up. Best on the big nasty weeds like we have on farm. Crab grass ect. Light weight. Walk around farm on cool evening a grab a weed or two or three and in and on.
  • Two Time Weeding

    Ronald Parker MSG (Retired), 8/2/2018 I started cutting the grass this year 2018, and I saw a few weeds I hadn’t seen before. The next cutting the few had turned into many. The following week, a Garrett Wade catalog came in the mail, I flipped it open and there was a picture of a Grampa’s Weeder and I thought this item just might work. I looked further and there was a deal when two(2) were purchased. I’m just having a ball with my two Grampa’s Weeders, a GW for the front and a GW for the back yard. Weeding is fun.
  • Effective and efficient weeder.

    Vincent, 7/26/2018 Nicely designed tool. Works well once you get learn how to use it on the weed you want to remove. Works quickly. It would be interesting if Grandpa offered a tool with a larger jaw and longer teeth to get out bigger weeds with deeper roots.
  • Easier in unexpected ways.

    William Sampson, 7/23/2018 I originally bought this because I have bad knees and thought and hoped that would help. Most pleasantly surprised! I have teenagers that actually helped in the weeding because the "tool is so neat". Which went even further in reducing the amount of bending and pulling that I had to do. So, directly and indirectly, this tool did make pulling weeds easier.
  • Surprisingly Effective Tool

    Lee B., 7/19/2018 I bought the Grampa's weeder with higher hopes than actual expectations. I put it to use the day after it arrived, following the easy instructions actually attached to the weeder. The instructions couldn't have been simpler and the tool actually worked very well on most of the weeds I attacked with it. My back sure appreciated not having to do as much stooping. I did have to clear dirt from the actual pinching tines, but this was easy to do as the tool can be brought up to a comfortable level to clean it. The foot step/pry bar did a nice job on lifting vines and pulled weeds. I doin't know it that was a planned use, but it works like a charm. I was surprised the tool actually worked as well as advertised. I will probably be buying more as presents. The tool seems well made and like it will last a long time. I am calling this a good investment both for tool usefulness vs. cost and for reduced back pain and blue air at weeding time.
  • Love it

    Beth, 7/16/2018 this is a great tool- more apt to weed as it does not break your back. Works well as long as you get to the center of the weed the first time. Love it!
  • Great product

    Kayla, 7/16/2018 Love using this weeder! Longer claws may help to pull more of the root out but I am very satisfied with this product.
  • Weeder

    John Frost, 7/15/2018 Does what it is advertised to do. I think we will give a lot of use out of it.
  • So happy with gift

    Sheila Shand, 7/14/2018 My whole family have Grampa's weeder. They love it and have thanked me over and over for buying it for them.
  • Great tool, a must have

    Bernie, 7/12/2018 Works well in most soils. I have same very rocky soil and I have difficulty getting it down far enough. But, that being said, I am very happy with my weeder.
  • Wow!

    Chris, 7/9/2018 Easy to use, glad I got it – worth the money. This tool will save my back and knees.
  • Grandpa's weeder

    Tonya, 7/7/2018 I loved it. I say loved it cuz I left it in front yard and someone walked off with it. I only just it briefly but it did everything it was advertised to do and more. It worked great on the clumps of crab grass in the yard in addition to the weeds. I will be getting another and take better care of it.
  • Meh, maybe

    Carl Lincoln, 7/7/2018 Just ok. Probably worth carrying. It could have longer jaws with more aggressive teeth as the tap rooted weeds I have [knapweed] do not reliably get pulled. It does loosen them up a bunch every time, tho, so as I said, worth owning but no panacea.

    Elizabeth Stewrt, 7/7/2018 I'm 68 and both hips have been replaced. It was looking like my lovely flower beds were going to become weed sanctuaries. I was excited to try this tool knowing that Garret/Wade makes high quality tools. Happy days are here again! This is my new favorite tool!
  • You speak truth...

    C E Romano, 7/4/2018 It's every bit as effective as advertised. We were amazed at how easy it is to do the weeding now. As two "chronologically challenged" people, our backs (and knees) thank you for the easy, efficient way of keeping weeds under control.
  • Great Weeding Tool

    John G. Wells, 6/22/2018 Our neighbor saw me using my Grandpas Weeder and wanted to try it. She lived it so much that she asked me to order her one.
  • Great Weeding Tool

    John G. Wells, 6/22/2018 This weeding tool is fantastic. No bending over. Gets the main root out and is easy to use.
  • Grandpa does it again!

    Lee Londino , 6/14/2018 Hey this is a perfect tool !!! I make canned jelly and dandelions DO NOT stand a Chance! Quick, easy and am referring it to every gardening person I know !!!
  • My back thanks you

    Brian Farmer, 5/22/2018 I was leery about spending so much for a tool for weeding, but the money back guarantee convinced me to give it a try, and I am glad I did. No more aching back, so nice to weed standing up. It does jam up with our sticky clay, but I just carry a screwdriver and clean it after every weed, no big deal. Once the ground finally dries out, I don't think that will be an issue, but it still wouldn't stop me from buying.
  • Love my Grampa's Weeder

    Mark Long, 5/21/2018 My Grandpa never had one of these, but if he did I'm sure he would have loved it as much as I do. I am pleasantly surprised at how easy and effective Grampa's Weeder is. I am trying to go more organic and use less weed killer spray and Grampa's Weeder helps to replace those toxic weed killers.
  • I see dead dandelions.

    Barry Wolk, 5/19/2018 I recently retired and decided to do the tasks that I used to pay others to do. We live on a ravine lot so I don't like using weed killers as they wash into the local water supply. I wanted to control the dandelions but being down on my hands and knees was a problem. This tool, with a little practice, works so well that I get 90% of the tap roots, some 8" long. I've emptied 10 5-gallon pails and the lot is nearly weed-free. The only downside to the tool is that after hours of hunting for the center of the weeds I see dandelions when I close my eyes.
  • Grandpa’s Weeder

    Laura Johnson, 5/6/2018 Santa Clause brought me a Grandpa’s Weeder! I am a 76 year old Great grandmother, and a gardener of 40+years. It was the perfect gift. It is getting more and more difficult to bend and weed. Now, it is a snap. Such a good sturdy well working tool! Highly recommend this tool.
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Mia Svaluto, 5/6/2018 Love Grandpa's Weeder. I don't have to bend over to get all the roots with pesky weeds...especially dandelions.
  • Happy Day

    Carolyn, 5/4/2018 Work effortlessly. I even got teenaged grandsons to help because it was so much fun. I was amazed at the length of dandelion roots it pulled up. My back thanks you.
  • Happy Dance

    Beverly , 4/30/2018 OMG!!! This tool is the bomb!!! Pulls weeds effortlessly and doesn’t hurt my back! You won’t be sorry when ordering this! Service is great too!
  • Grandpa's weeder -80 percent

    Jeffrey Dalton, 4/14/2018 This tool arrived this morning and I tried it immediately. Works well on shallow-rooted weeds, broadleaf plantains, for example. Deeply rooted weeds- (read damndelions) it's sort of iffy. The taproot breaks off so they will rise again. I think it might be great after a good soaking.
  • Useful to a degree

    Paul, 4/6/2018 On first impressions it seems to work well. But I'm concerned that on deep rooted weeds and blackberry the handle will snap off where it narrows entering the metal casted weeding head. A steel handled option would also be useful.
  • My back Thanks you!

    Suzanne Smith, 3/12/2018 No more back breaking weeding! Glad that you brought back such a simple yet sturdy tool! It worked well in our garden and lawn, pulled at least 60% more weeds than when I had to bend and kneel. My back and knees thank you! I may order another and get my kids in on the chore, they all wanted to try it!
  • Has “Old School” quality lacking in other products sold today

    Michael Barnes, 3/10/2018 Bought “Grandpa’s Weeder” over five years ago when Cracker Barrel had them in one of their stores one season. Been using this each year since and is the best tool for weed pulling I have ever owned. It’s almost therapeutic to walk around the yard with it, talk on the phone or listen to music. Great for folks with back problems, no bending required.
  • Wonderful tool

    Evelyn Boreros, 12/21/2017 Great for someone with a bad back ( namely me).
  • Bought 2 more!

    Delight Walters, 12/20/2017 We bought "Grampa's Weeder" this spring and loved it. It is sure easy on the back! Liked it so much we bought 2 more for Christmas gifts for our friends who like a weed-free yard. Our grandkids think it is fun to use. I think it is fun for them to use it, too! :)
  • Mr.

    Mark Rueschhoff, 12/16/2017 Works well on our soil. Easy on the back muscles.
  • Poor Grampa!

    Jana, 11/28/2017 This weeder was pretty much useless to me. On occasion I could get an inch or two of dandelion root, most attempts just mangled the grass a little. I tried several times throughout the course of the summer, thinking I might suddenly get the hang of it, but gave up.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Grampa's Weeder. We're sorry to hear that it didn't work well for you. Please feel free to return it using the label which was included. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Great for lawns, not so much for gravel.

    Stephen, 11/22/2017 This is an amazing and fun-to-use dandelion weeder. It works best in lawns, but has a hard time penetrating my crushed grant driveway (which always seems to have the most weeds!).
  • Awesome

    chrissanth gross, 11/7/2017 Awesome! Highly recommended.
  • beats every new-fangled gadget out there!

    Susan V. Lipton, MD, MPH, 10/16/2017 I've now bought 2 of these because everybody who helps in the garden wants to use MY WEEDER.
  • Love this tool!

    Rosalind, 10/11/2017 Easy to use, great on the body, I am so glad I ordered this tool!
  • First one broke

    Paula Nuckolls, 10/9/2017 I bought this tool and loved it. Then the handle broke right at the top of the metal part. I'm going to try another one. If this one breaks I'll ask for my money back.
  • Must have

    Marcea Tetamore , 10/8/2017 This is a must have tool for gardeners. The directions are printed on the handle so you can refresh your memory when gardening season starts. And it makes weeding...dare I say?!

  • Happy Chicks

    Susan, 9/16/2017 Thought I'd give it a try. At first I wasn't sure. Then I read the directions which are right on the handle. It is great. I had a bucket of dandelions in no time. My chickens are very happy too, the dandelions are a welcome treat. A must have for one's garden.
  • Grandpa's weeder

    John Wallace , 9/16/2017 Love this tool! Being 70 years old I don't bend and with this I don't have to! Also got another one for my wife! Hers hasn't been used, yet! Thanks for solving an annual problem! If you don't have one, get one.
  • Best Weeder on the market!!!

    Julia Savia, 9/12/2017 Amazing tool? Both my husband and I use and were so pleased with it, we purchased several for gifts. We were very surprised that not only did it work great in our grass but we have lots of gravel areas with weeds and darn if it didn't work perfect there as well. Fantastic weeder.
  • Great Weeder

    Douglas Mele, 9/10/2017 Wife loves weeder so much we are giving one to her sister for Christmas.
  • Grandpas Weeder

    Larna Scholl, 9/1/2017 This gadget works like a charm! Leave it to Grandpa to invent something so useful and solidly built to do the job! ❤️
  • It works

    Gerald Holtz, 8/18/2017 The darn thing works and it is easy to use
  • Great tool

    Tammy Fletcher, 8/18/2017 Excellent quality and a good tool!
  • Good for back

    Nicole Hoffpauir, 8/14/2017 Helpful to not bend over but since you can only do one at a time, harder to use in flower beds
  • Love It!

    Elizabeth, 8/11/2017 This has been the most helpful tool in my battle against weeds. Easy to use and no more bending over to yank and pull.
  • Granpas Weeder

    Pat Pugh, 8/8/2017 The weeder is both fun and functional. My back loves it!
  • Grampa's Weeder

    Dennis, 8/1/2017 wooden handle seems a little weak other then that it seems to work ok just have to make sure soil is a little moist will be using it mainly on my lawn. Might change handle to metal pipe
  • Grandpas weeder

    Larry Kitson, 7/31/2017 Very cool product. It really saves my back and knees. Other than having to clean it out know and then its great. Like they said in the ad it's an off shore product so the metal is not the best. It'd be a little leery of trying to use on hard dry ground.
  • Great but for divots

    Ronald Levin, 7/14/2017 4 stars. it shields backs and knees from bending or kneeling. It is fast, effective but it requires that you pull out from the tool the divot plucked from the ground with the weed.
  • Easy On The Back

    Marilyn Perez, 6/27/2017 Easy to use. No more bending over to dig out weeds. Those large nasty weeds are easier to get out of the ground. Cleans quickly and stores away easily. Thinking of getting another one.
  • Time and back saver

    William, 6/25/2017 This welder is easy to use and works pretty well. Having used it for only about 30 minutes, i can report that it is a time and back saver. It doesn't grab every weed - some slip through. It takes some getting used to in order to increase the grab rate. Definitely worth the money.
  • grandpas weeder

    eric birenbaum, 6/24/2017 It would be even better with a spade handle on top and an extra plate opposite the lever to step on for use in hard soil.
  • Recent Purchase

    Dawn Dziura, 6/12/2017 Couldn't wait to use it in the garden worked like a charm. Bought one for my daughter. Showed it to my neighbors and they asked where I got it from and I told them. Great tool

    Barbara Siegel, 6/5/2017 This weeder is really a back saver. Put the weeder in the middle of the weed, give a slight turn and out it comes. I bought two of them at the special price and glad I did. This would make a fantastic Father's Day gift, something useful.
  • Terrific Early 20th Century Technology

    James Lyon, 6/4/2017 I was curious to try this weeder and delighted with it when it arrived. It works well with most weeds and I have recommended it to others. I will be purchasing another soon as a gift.
  • I love it!

    Carol Fletcher, 6/2/2017 I absolutely love this product! I am 78 years old and my lawn has a ton of dandelions in it. My sister recommended this item. It does exactly what it is supposed to and it is so easy to use. I will have a nice lawn next spring. There will be no dandelions in it. Thanks.
  • All roots are not removed

    Mary dittmer, 5/28/2017 Works well enough on weeds with shallow roots, not so well on weeds with long tap roots.
  • Making Weeding Fun!

    Janis Miller, 5/26/2017 We had long been intrigued by this product. Curious at it's simplicity. I finally decided to include it on a recent order. By knees and back will be forever grateful!
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Jeffrey Nickolls, 5/26/2017 Does exactly what it is supposed to do. No more getting on my knees with my little prong digger getting out dandelions. Wish I would have gotten one years ago. Thanks for a great product
  • Weeder

    gail traweek, 5/23/2017 The weeder works great on dandelions, not so well on other weeds. Perhaps some experience with it will improve performance.
  • Review of Grandpa's weeder

    Daniel W Johnson, 5/23/2017 Grandpa (me) said " I think I will buy grandpa's weeder so I can pull weeds faster and have more time to read books and listen to music. Grandma said " please don't buy the that weeder , it probably won't work well. Grandpa said " I am going to buy this weeder. " Grandpa's weeder arrived quickly and in perfect shape. Grandma said "I love this weeder , you should have bought two. Grandma is very happy and is out weeding . Grandpa is happy and is reading a book and listening to music . Thank you for a great weeder!
  • Mama's Little Helper

    Lisa Long, 5/19/2017 I HATE weeding. This tool makes it so much easier, and frankly I do a better job of it. Thank you for saving my back.

  • Grampa's weeder conquers

    Michael Yost, 5/16/2017 While we were waiting for this weeder, our small weeds grew to BIG weeds. This weeder conquers them all!
  • Grampa's Weeder

    Edward Hollingworth, 5/14/2017 I think it has potential and I will keep it but I have rubber mulch on my garden and as the weeds come up through the mulch I am unable to get the prongs into the ground to the weed roots, as the rubber bits go up inside the fork stopping the Grampa's Weeder getting in to the ground.
  • Jury out on this one.

    Pamela Hanse, 5/14/2017 Probably need more time to learn this tool. But the tines are not sharp enough to get in under there to pull the weed by the roots. Can't get the lever action to work effectively either.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for reviewing the Grampa's Weeder. Our technician will be calling you with some tips on using this tool.
  • Nice tool

    Lisadawn Rounds , 5/13/2017 This weed puller is great! It takes a minute or 2 to get the hang of centering the prongs but is super easy to use. We bought 2 so it's a bonding activity ;-)
  • Bitterweed Farm

    Cynthia Callahan, 5/12/2017 Grandpa was a SMART MAN. I have an organic farm and I have been using this tool for tansey control, works great! I bought 2 so my hubby and I can take them with us when we go for a stroll. Easy on my back and my knees.
  • Grandpa,s Weeder

    Wade, 5/9/2017 Could not be happier with Grandpa,s Weeder. Since it has arrived I have spent an hour a day with it.
  • Not just for old people.

    Debra, 5/8/2017 Had 1 already. Ordered 2 more. My 4 yr old and 7 yr old granddaughters wanted to help. Now they can. Works perfectly for our needs. Now no more fighting over who gets to help, cause everyone has one at their disposal.
  • Weeds gone!

    Sharol Snowball, 5/7/2017 I tried it out on my lawn and it does what it is supposed to do very well.Those weeds pulled right out with ease!
  • Grandpas Weeder

    Dale Wiley, 5/6/2017 Great little tool. Well made-strong and positive. Works best for dandelions, less well for plantain. Wait until the soil is not so wet for best results. other wise the jaws may get "muddy" and slip. Often removes 8" of root with the rest of the dandelion.
  • Pretty close....

    Brian Dixon, 5/5/2017 5 stars for not having to expose kids and pets to herbicides in the back yard! Only 4 stars for the product because it's got the same weaknesses as the original (doesn't pull out the deepest roots - but with dandelions, the roots are always too long to reach anyway). I'd have given 5 stars overall since it seems like a quality unit, but my original one has slightly longer tangs and 'lever', and the tangs are slightly pointier - small differences, but they do make a difference. Still - I was awfully glad to find that I could get something brand new that was pretty close to the original! I might buy a second one just to store away, just in case (as with anything good it seems), these fall off the market....
  • Newbie Gardner

    Michael Hernandez, 4/25/2017 Works well with shallow weeds but with moderate to deep rooted weeds does not reach the root structure. Also, in "Adobe" clay requires frequent cleaning.
  • Fantastic

    Delight Walters, 4/22/2017 Fantastic. Easy on the back, also. So glad I purchased it.
  • No Technology Here Brilliant

    Kathy B, 4/21/2017 My aunt had one of these. I saw how easy it was to use, so I just had to have one. The first time I used Grandpa's Weeder, I had no back pain from weeding. With all the new inventions and creations in this day and age, there is nothing on the market like this. This confirms that some of the old ways really are the best way to get things done.
  • Great tool

    James, 4/12/2017 Works just like I remember. My fathers had one when I was a kid. I pulled a LOT of weeds with it!!
  • grandpa weeder

    michael Buchholz, 4/4/2017 Put the weeder to work on arrival. Works like a charm.
  • Good Design

    Charles Cowan, 4/4/2017 Good designs never get old! Very usable. Weeding is still not fun! But this device means a lot less bending and crawling around!
  • It's all in the wrists (kidding)

    Margaret, 4/3/2017 Love this thing. What a great idea. Im getting my technique down too: top down dandelions, 45 degree side angle for this furry things, onion grass top down then twist as you pull up...I'm the Snoop Dog of Weeding!
  • Very clever device

    Bob McClure, 3/31/2017 This is really slick. In our clay soil, I have to spend some time digging the dirt out of the tines, but it really does the trick on most of the weeds.
  • It's addicting!! Grandpa's Weeder!

    Michael Carver, 2/6/2017 I have always been impressed with the Quality and usefullness of tools I bought from Garret-Wade so I awaited my weeders with anticipation. We had a major lawn planting failure and the "unwanted Flora" had taken over. When I arrived home dog-tired on a rainy day, the package was there. I couldn't wait to try it. I went outside and..success! I even got a feel for the center of the larger weeds. It was almost addicting, I couldn't put it down despite my fatigue. Finally the sun set, and I quit for that day.Once again, Garrett-Wade shines through with a tool that, for a tool-guy like me, makes the work funner and easier. Thank You!!
  • Grampa's weeder

    N Redmond, 1/29/2017 This is a great tool which I wish I had bought a long time ago. I have a newly planted front garden of drought resistant plants now and the weeds have been prolific! Their days are measured now I have this weeder! It works perfectly.
  • This Grandpa Loves His Grandpa Weeder

    Richard Luttrell, 1/29/2017 I was a bit skeptical after reading the ad and watching the video. When the Grandpa Weeder arrived, I was somewhat disappointed at the short handle. It was raining that day so I did not use it that day. The sun came out the next day. I picked up the Grandpa Weeder and went to work. To my utter amazement, it worked as advertised. The handle is perfect and not too short after all. The small divots that are made extracting the weeds are very minor and can be filled in if you want. Overall, I am extremely pleased with this product and will recommend it to others that can't stoop down to pull the weeds. Excellent product.
  • Works as promised

    Marilyn Clark, 1/28/2017 Works as advertised in damp soil. A little hard to drop the weed out of the Weeder, must figure out a way to do that without a lot of bending, which is the whole purpose of the Weeder.
  • Weeds be gone

    Bobbie Yokum, 1/20/2017 this is just what I've been looking for. I have a lot of weeds and come spring, this took will get a real workout.
  • Thistle puller supreme

    Eric Estes, 12/27/2016 Works exactly as described. I bought it as a gift for my wife and she easily pulled thistles with it- root and all!
  • Loving my Grandpa's weeder

    Mildred Honeywell , 12/23/2016 I'm so excited, it works and my weeding projects around the house will be much easier this year....thank you
  • Older than Grandpaw

    More years, 12/23/2016 I'm older than Grampaw but come spring I'll be out there using it. Just what I've been looking for.
  • Grandpas' Weeder

    Ritchie Mahlum, 12/14/2016 Perfect hight and weight. Works like a charm for getting nasty tree sprouts out of the lawn. A large tree is sending roots out and they sprout up in the lawn. This is excellent for getting them out without having to get on my hands and knees to do it

    Marg Smith, 12/7/2016 I LOVE this handy garden helper! It does exactly what Garrett Wade claims it will do with virtually no effort and no need to bend, squat or kneel unless you want to replace some of the little dirt plug that is removed along with the weed. I suggest to those pulling deep-rooted weeds like dandelions that they bend the wood handle slowly in order to get out all of the root. This weed puller would make a great gift to yourself or to a friend.
  • Grampa's Weeder Upgrade

    Paul E Ross, 10/15/2016 This is a WONDERFUL tool. However, it is much better after you apply too much pressure and break the handle, remove any excess wood, replace it with a 4' X 3/4" black pipe and drill a whole through Grampa's Weeder and the pipe and add a "restraining bolt".
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Richard F. OKelley, 9/3/2016 Excellent tool - I'm a senior citizen with problems bending over to do weeding & this tool eliminates that problem, and does an exceptional job removing dandelions and other weeds as well. I would recommend this item.
  • One good bad

    Faye Crane, 8/29/2016 I have used this product for the last two years and have liked it very much. I got two of them and gave one to a friend. However, the lever on one of them broke off near the prong so now it's useless. It doesn't appear to be repairable.
  • Weeder keeps me weeding

    Patty Stetson, 8/26/2016 My husband bought this tool for me. I have back pain and yet I actually enjoy weeding. The tool works just as described with very little effort. Perfect for dandelions, crab grass and most weeds with either a long taproot, or broad shallow roots. I did not have success with one stalk weeds, but Grandpa's Weeder makes up for it with the sheer number of weeds that it does pull! My husband thanks you too, as I can keep on weeding!
  • Grandpa's weeder

    Lea Stern, 8/9/2016 Loved using this, but the wood at the point of contact with the metal snapped and broke off after a month of use. I'm considering trying another since it was such a useful tool, but I'm a bit hesitant since it broke so easily.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We're sorry to hear the Weeder didn't hold up. Another is on its way to you.
  • Do Try One

    Lisa Roberts , 7/29/2016 I haven't used it extensively as I just received it a week ago. But I did use it at work. I like it. I do have some trouble with weeding the sproutling trees that are growing. Some didn't get pulled by the weeder so I had to bend over and finish pulling it by hand. Other sproutlings came right up. Maybe it's operator error. Some dandelions came right out, the whole root! Other dandelions that have multiple, branching roots tend to break off. But that's okay, as long as I at least have 3 or more inches of root, then they will not grow back. So that is why I rated it as good. Do try one. It is some much easier on the back and knees!
  • Don't buy, cheap metal lever breaks off easily.

    Kennon Ledbetter, 7/11/2016 Excellent idea, but crappy design and materials.The pinchers slip easily because they lack adequate teeth. But the primary problem is that the lever is made of cheap metal with no tensile strength, allowing it to break off easily.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Grampa's Weeder. We're sorry to hear that you aren't satisfied with this tool. Please feel free to call our 1-800 number to arrange a return or a replacement which has been inspected by our technician. We are currently looking into the strength of this tool. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Cool little weeder

    Judy, 7/10/2016 Got this for my husband after he saw it in your catalog, He has tried it out already, and is pleased, may not work on every weed, but it seems to be working for him and what he wanted it for. thanks.
  • Granda's Weeder

    John MacIntyre, 7/9/2016 I had the opportunity to use a weeder borrowed from my neighbor. It made the job of pulling unwanted weeds 100% easier. This led me to purchasing my own weeder which I am happy I did. I would recommend this weeder to everyone.
  • Marvelous tool

    Cliff, 7/8/2016 The took is addictive. I have three acres of mown grass and I will just take thin thing and wander the yard for long period happily yanking up weed after weed. It reached deeply enough to get most of a dandelion root, it rips cabbage weeds up like it was free, This tool is a charm.
  • I like it

    Richard Dadds, 7/4/2016 I am happy to report that this is a highly satisfactory tool that is multigenerational. It works equally well for me, a 93 year old great grandpa.
  • Good idea; handle broke under heavy use

    Gerard Kennedy, 7/1/2016 Good idea, works for standard weeds. Mine broke where the wood handle attaches to the head when I was working on clusters of Crabgrass. Broke wi 3 weeks of use.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We appreciate your review on the Grampa's Weeder. But we're really sorry to hear this happened! A replacement is on its way to you.>

  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Michael Richardson, 6/27/2016 Before we bought Grandpa's Weeder, we have used weed and feed etc. to help keep the weeds in check. Then we bought Grandpa's Weeder and WOW!! What a difference!! You will NOT go wrong buying this very handy tool!
  • Grampa's Weeder

    Marguerite Helminiak, 6/27/2016 This 77 year old Grandma enjoys weeding with this tool. It is well made and easy to use. I like to hear the pop of the weed breaking while using the tool.
  • Grandpa's Weed Puller

    Chuck, 6/24/2016 Our neigbors had two of these weed pullers and we used theirs and fell in love with them. When we moved away I found this online. It is the best weed puller I have ever seen. My wife uses it a lot, and would not part with it.
  • MR.

    Jerry Tapley, 6/13/2016 I bought this for my wife because the one she bought at Home Depot broke. She likes it a lot. She likes how sturdy and well built it is. She says it works great. The only thing she doesn't care for is that it doesn't push the weeds off the end after the weed is pulled up. She has to use a scraper to dislodge the weed from the end. Her last one pushed to pulled weed off the end but it wasn't as well built as this one. Hope they can correct that feature. Other than that she is very happy. She has already told some of her friends about it.
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Ronald E Peacock, 6/12/2016 Holymolymackinoly!! Wish I had bought this years ago. After using Grampas Weeder, all those other products purchased over the years are in this weekend's yardsale.
  • really works

    Eileen Sylvia , 6/7/2016 Well made.

    Mitch, 6/6/2016 This is the Most PERFECT/ ENTERTAINING Weed Killing Implement. I thoroughly enjoy hearing the "pop" of the green snap from the root!
  • I like the name

    Michael Davis, 6/3/2016 I've been using this tool for 25-30 years best weeder I've ever used and once in a while I would use other weed puller's and they didn't even compare. So after saying that I guess I would give it the best rate possible.
  • Has Worked For Me For 70 Years - Greatest Dandelion Weeder Ever!!!

    Bill Blankenship, 5/31/2016 I have used the one my parents had when I was a kid for most of my 70 years, and it's never failed. Both of our kids keep borrowing it to pull dandelions. I have looked for one for a long time and finally found this one from Garrett Wade. I bought two - one for each of the kids and their families - so I can keep my hands on mine. This is the best dandelion (and similar weeds like thistle) puller that I've seen and used. Everybody in the family uses it, even the grandkids, and my wife who has had severe rheumatoid arthritis for 37 years. They don't make them any better than this - please keep selling them!
  • Satisfied customer.

    Helen, 5/31/2016 This product works quite well. Ridding my lawn of clumping grass, efficient!
  • Grandpa

    Jan Carlson, 5/30/2016 I ordered 4 of these. WE allj love them. 2 I gave as gifts. Yes one did break after several hours of digging out tough dandelions. We called Garret Wade and a replacement was here within a few days. My legs, back and hands love the Grampa"s Weeder. I am ordering more right now.
  • In Love With Grampa

    Mary Joyce McGinnis, 5/30/2016 I am delighted with the weeder.I have a Baronet weeder from England but it works best on dandelions.I bought another step weeder like Grampa's but it is very heavy and requires a lot of foot pessure to work.It wore me out and made giant divots.Grampa.s is just perfect for most of my weeding.Back problems mean i can't bend over easily and without pain.
  • Highly Recommend

    Greg , 5/30/2016 Wonderful tool. Great price. Easy to use. Handle length sufficient. We liked it so much we bought one for our neighbor who does professional lawn service.
  • No pain weeder for arthritis

    John Walton, 5/23/2016 Best weeder I have ever used. While it does leave a hole the foot lever can be used to fill hole. No need to ever bend over. Great for the arthritis.
  • Grampa's weeder

    Stephanie Askew, 5/23/2016 I have lots of dandelions and after maybe digging up a few hundred the weeder broke at the iron and wood connection. Bummer.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Grandpa's Weeder. We're sorry to hear this happened. Please call our 1-800-221-2942 to discuss a replacement. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Very Happy

    TechRooster, 5/23/2016 Very pleased, especially with it's simplicity and long handle. Also glad to see "what's old, is new again".
  • Ms

    Chris Masters, 5/22/2016 I remember my gramps using a similar tool when I was a child. It's easy and effective and a great way to involve children in caring for the yard. Who pulled the most weeds, who got the longest root, etc., are good fun competition. And it's easy on the back, which in summer is very helpful!
  • Ms

    Chris Masters , 5/21/2016 Truly, I remember my grandfather using something not quite as effective many years ago. It's a simple, great tool that you can get the kids to be involved in using. Simple design that just works!
  • Miracle worker

    Michael Demmons, 5/21/2016 I am absolutely 100% glad I made this purchase. It grabs the weeds from the root and removes it completely from the ground. Love, love, love it!
  • Grampa's Weeder

    Robert, 5/20/2016 Very effective and easy to use, but tool also takes a big bite of soil out with each weed pull.
  • Grampa's Weeder

    Tom, 5/20/2016 Grampa's Weeder is saving Grampa's back!!!
  • Great Backsaver

    Ruth, 5/15/2016 What a great took and backsaver. Its nice and sturdy and the instructions on how to use it were easy to understand. You need to wear gloves to pull the weeds out of the claw after pulling them.
  • Cool tool!

    Thomas, 5/15/2016 I love it for those stubborn weeds that just won't go away.
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Sandy O'Malley, 5/15/2016 I was using my Grandpa's Weeder, when my 87 yr. old neighbor saw me and wanted to know how it worked. I went to his yard and showed him how to remove a nasty dandelion. The dandelion came out with all of its roots. He was so impressed that he said: "I want one for myself". I ordered one for him and gave it to him as a gift. He was so happy!
  • Grampa's Weeder....pulls the weeds alright....then what?

    Ed Muro, 5/14/2016 It works as advertised!!!!!! However, once you have the pulled weed in the then need to be carrying around some kind of pail or bag to put the weed in...also, gloves will be needed...granted the dirt is really moist now because of all the rain, but it seems the weed and a clump of dirt stick inside the weeded and you have to manually clear the device before moving on to the next weed.
  • Best tool I've bought in years

    Stacy Tillotson, 5/10/2016 I love it! Other reviewers are correct, there are stubborn roots that break, but I wouldn't want longer tongs- it takes a hole out that's bigger than aerator plugs already. 3 neighbors stopped while I was creating quite a dandelion graveyard to ask where I got it- I expect they'll like it as much as I do! The only thing that would make it better is some sort of ejector so I don't have to lift and scrape each weed out.
  • Everyone needs this

    Shannon, 5/10/2016 Bought one for mom, aunt and after neighbor saw this she bought one. This has gotta to be best purchase for garden ever.
  • Love this tool

    Shannon, 5/10/2016 Best thing ever purchased for the garden, hands down. Saves my back, knees and gets the entire root on most of my attempts. Pulls most weeds, but i will say a bit of an ox to the smaller ones. But still wouldnt trade for the world.
  • Over-rated tool

    Elisabeth Smith, 5/9/2016 I am an avid gardener who just had a back operation. I bought this item in hopes of being able to continue to remove weeds from my garden. In many attempts, I have found the tool very difficult to operate and not very good at removing weeds.
  • Great

    Bodie, 5/9/2016 I love this item. I will buy it as a gift for gardeners I know.
  • No knee weeding

    Bunny, 5/8/2016 Really has helped me do some weeding that I would have had to do on my knees. I hate working on my knees! Best used after a rain when the ground is soft.
  • Mild disappointment

    Carol, 5/8/2016 Doesn't grab the root properly just gets rid of the surface portion of the weed, I guess if one keeps pulling when the leaves come up the root will eventually die. The prior weed hound?? I had before worked very well, yet it doesn't appear to be on the market anymore. My soil type is clay / sand mix and this probably impacts function of Grampa's weeder. Did not adversely affect my prior weeder.
  • Money well spent

    Garrett, 5/7/2016 Fantastic!!! Does exactly what it's supposed to, and it does it well.
  • A big help for the weeds and my back!

    ROWLAND, 5/6/2016 Worked very well most of the time, but on larger weeds it sometimes will not pull the entire root. You need to be careful to center it properly over the center of the weed to grip the root.
  • Average weeder

    Dan, 5/6/2016 Believe the gripping prongs could have been made a little longer. Not sure I am getting all of the root out. I see others have the same comment. We'll see.
  • The best weeder

    Frank Blair, 5/5/2016 This is a great tool. The perfect weeder. There is another review that says that the tines should be longer - I don't agree. Working this Spring in Maine, I get the full root 80% of the time. It is very easy to use.
  • great idea;average results

    Gordon, 5/3/2016 good idea, but the 4 tines need to be longer; snaps the root off instead of pulling
    up the whole dandelion; works about 1/5 of the time pulling out whole weed!
  • Best Garden Tool I Have Ever Bought !!!!

    Sandra Willoughby, 5/2/2016 I bought two of the grampa's weeders as gifts to give to two of my good friends. I have bought 5 of them over time and given them to folks and I rave over how they get the dandelions out of my yard. I have a neighbor who seems to cultivate the dandelions, so I spend a good deal of time on my yard. Every person I have given one to, loves them and puts them to good use. I can't say enough good about this weeder.
  • The perfect weeder

    Barry Glasgow, 5/1/2016 Great Tool, fun to use and effective, weeding the lawn and beds no longer a chore.
  • A godsend!

    Mary, 4/27/2016 Bought two as gifts and they were both well received. Tried it myself and could not believe the ease and accuracy with which they work! Best of all? No getting down on my knees and regretting it the rest of the day from that pain!
  • Awesome Product

    Janice, 4/26/2016 This tool makes my life a WHOLE lot easier. No more backaches. Weeds come out in a cinch. I leave the dandelions though. They are essential to the honeybee's survival, and we need honeybees. Now off to rip out some "bad" weeds.
  • Grandpas weeder

    Jennifer, 4/20/2016 Works great
  • Grandpa weeder rocks

    Peggy Melton Jaha, 4/20/2016 This weeder makes weeding so much easier. I am almost 80 and not bending so much helps.
  • Grampy's weeder does the trick!

    Bill, 4/15/2016 I'd give this item 5 stars if the handle to metal tool end connection was a little more robust. The handle is somewhat loose in the fitting and it flexes quite a bit while using it, and I'm worried about the long term fit with only a single wood screw holding it in the metal fitting. The tool does work nice though and it's really great to not have to be stooped over a dandelion digger all day.
  • Grand Pas Weed eater...heaven sent

    Peg Hinson, 4/15/2016 Grandpa's weedeater started a riot among my friends. I had to then buy three more . All is now quiet in Ga. You can hear the last weed going down.
  • Back Saver!!

    Steve Montgomery, 4/13/2016 I love this tool! It does a great job of removing dandelions and other weeds from our yard. It's fast, efficient and you don't have to bend over so much. On the con side, it bugs me that most weeds have to be physically removed from the business end of the weeded after each weed is pulled. (I almost gave the tool a 4-star rating because of this, but after awhile you tend to make pulling the weed free of the tongs a part of your "rhythm".) The weeder also works far better on larger weeds; sometimes the smaller ones slip through the tongs. But all in all, I'd buy another one tomorrow if my present tool came up missing...
  • Great tool!!

    Jerry, 4/10/2016 Made the way tools should be made, sturdy, dependable and easy to use. I fully expect this weeder to last a life time. Now if I can just keep my neighbors and family from borrowing it and forgetting to bring it back. I highly recommend Grandpa's Weeder.
  • Mr

    James Macdonald, 4/6/2016 Had to get another - The daughtet in law tried it and wouldn't give it back
  • My favorite new tool!

    Sheila, 4/5/2016 Used the weeder after a rainstorm. Popped all those disgusting dandelions out faster than the kids could pick them up. We plan to get another set of these for gifts, especially for our own "Grandpa" (although at 85, he can out garden the whole lot of us without it)!
  • Awesome!

    Kim, 4/1/2016 This weeder is awesome! I pulled twenty dandelions up in about 8 minutes
  • Wonderful Weeder!

    Shirlie Freytag, 3/30/2016 Have seen similar tools, so jumped at the chance to own my own at such a reasonable price- it works great and I love not bending down.
  • Grandpa's weeder

    Peter K. Shea, 3/24/2016 Works well on short root plants but breaks off root on tap root weeds like dandelions. Still helpful to have around. Another gripe -- weeder was supposed to ship with a bonus (some sort of little knife) for a new order but no bonus was included.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Grandpa's Weeder. We are glad you are overall satisfied with it. We are so sorry that the free gift wasn't included! You should receive it shortly.
  • Great tool for every homeowner

    Diane Dougherty, 3/24/2016 I ordered this tool because it hurts my knees and back bending down to pull weeds in our garden. It works so well, I won't dread this chore anymore!
  • MR>

    Andrew Presswood, 3/18/2016 Ordered my weed puller on Wed received the order the next day. Tried it out pulled the weeds just as it was advertised .
  • Great for short roots, not so good on long roots.

    Mike, 3/4/2016 Grandpa's Weeder works well on short root plants, however, on dandelions and other weeds with longer taproots, it breaks the root off and thus the little bugger is still in the ground.
  • works well

    Joe, 11/30/2015 The weeder works well, but I BROKE the handle while pulling clumps of johnson grass
  • Great product!

    Robert, 10/8/2015 Great product!
  • Weeder Works!

    Dee Dee, 9/20/2015 I looked at this weeder a long time before buying. How could it really work? Well, it does! I love it, wish I had purchased it sooner.
  • Grandpas Weeder

    Lea Stern, 8/10/2015 I hate gardening! Really, I hate it, but the weeds were taking over like the little shop of horrors. So, I thought what the heck! Try this made in USA Weeder that was on sale. Everything I've ever bought from the Garrett Wade catalogue has been top notch, so I figured it would at least be functional. Well, it's great! It works exactly as advertized and is so much fun to use that I actually LIKE weeding! I've showed it to all my family and friends and encouraged them to buy one as well. I might even give them as gifts! Now if I could just teach my dog how to use Grandpas Weeder instead of digging holes, everything would be perfect.
  • Easily Broken

    Edward Kellerman, 8/3/2015 First day. Two tries and the rocker arm broke. I had a second one so I tried it and the same results. Guess I am just to strong for this item.
  • Back Saver!

    Jon from Pittsburgh, 8/3/2015 I have had this tool for about 15 years, and it has saved my back more times than I can count. So basic and yet so easy to use, it pulls one weed at a time removing the entire root for a quick, clean kill. I use this all spring and summer every year and it is just as good today as when I got it. You do need to eyeball the center of the weed to get this done right, but it beats kneeling down with a dandelion tool. I used it today with hard ground due to no rain and it worked just like always, albeit with more stepping pressure. I do use gloves to clear the mechanism, or a Popsicle stick if the weed is thorny. Wouldn't do without it after all this time, but from the reviews here I wonder if the quality has changed in 15-years (I sure have!)
  • Shaft is not Strong

    Darryl Carter, 7/13/2015 This weeder in a good idea and ok design, however, the wooden shaft is definitely not adequate for tough broke the first day after 4 successful weed pulls. The shaft should be made out of steel bar or a tough carbon fiber. If I modify with a tough handle, I'm not confident that the cast iron head will hold up. Not sure why steel is not a heavier grade for such a tool.
  • Time Consuming

    Valarie, 7/13/2015 I've returned it. After using it once, I realized it would be very time-consuming as you can only go after one weed at a time and I have lots! It works, and is well-made, sturdy, but not sufficient for my need.
  • Great Tool

    Carolyn, 7/6/2015 I wasn't sure about this, even after watching the video. I just thought nothing would make pulling weeds less than a back-breaking chore. I was proven wrong! This is amazing. It actually works as is advertised! At this point, I can't vouch for the durability as I've only used it once so far. But I can definitely state after using it the one time, it works beautifully! The only way this tool could be enhanced is if there was a way to push the weed and dirt from the tool without having to do it with your hand. It definitely does do the job, though! Very impressed!
  • Does The Job

    Gloria Patmore, 7/5/2015 I have used mine so much with ease and success that my next door neighbor was enthused so I bought her one for her birthday. It's helping her get those pesky weeds out with a big happy birthday smile.
  • No More Weeds

    Mel, 6/18/2015 Weeding has never been easier. Spot the Weed, center the tool over the weed, stomp on the lever and then lean on the pole....out comes the weed, root and more bending ..just make sure the ground is wet, not dry.
  • Where Has It Been?

    Dick, 6/1/2015 I'm 84 and have never seen one of these before! It's amazing how easy it is to work with! But, like another reviewer says, Does it have to be made in China?" Love it ?"
  • LOVE Grandpa's Weeder!!

    Jo Anne Cummings, 5/25/2015 I just love this weeder. I have tried several and they are in the back corner of the shed! This one is by the front door. It is very easy to use, the handle is long enough for a shorty like me to keep her balance and leaves a tiny hole. It is by the door so I can walk around the yard and get a weed. Great for seniors, LOVE IT.
  • Love It

    Tom Jeter, 5/3/2015 This tool is very easy to use and is very well built.
  • Could Be Better

    Rich K., 4/22/2015 This works well for a lot of common weeds that don't have deep roots, but when attacking dandelions or wild onions, the steel jaws just don't go deep enough, leaving the tap roots and bulbs still embedded in the soil.
  • Broke Off Right Away

    Neal, 3/11/2015 Solid tool head but weak shaft. It works well but now, having used it twice, the stick busted and I have to reseat the head after shaving down the stick. This grandpa gives it at thumbs down (but I would say pay for one if you pull weeds).
  • Pulls Huge South Carolina Weeds

    John A. Kauth, 11/15/2014 Too hot to weed here during the summer. Weeds grow really big by fall. Grandpa's Weeder saves the back of this 65 year old. Plenty of leverage to easily pull the biggest weeds. One small quibble, this simple, low tech product is made in China. Do you mean to tell me that the is not an American company that can produce the simple casting on the end of this device? I would gladly pay a few bucks more for a made in America label.
  • Great Weeder

    Knitmaden, 10/21/2014 Just got this wonderful weeder and tried it yesterday!!! Where has this been all of my life? No more getting on my knees to weed. Just wonderful and a great price. Terrific!!!!
  • Amazing Tool

    Thomas Gathman, 9/1/2014 This weeder is absolutely amazing!! It does everything it promised!!!
  • 4 Orders

    Sandra Mills, 8/17/2014 I ordered a weed puller for myself and one for my daughter-in-law. Then her daughter saw it so I ordered one for her. Next my son and his wife saw it and so I ordered one for them. This is a jim dandy little tool and well worth the price paid. The savings on your back makes the worth invaluable.
  • Weed Remover

    Will Dirickson, 8/11/2014 I saw this Grandpa's weeder on the Garrett Wade website and liked it so I ordered it. It was on sale too !) It arrived very quickly and I put it to good use immediately. It is well made and does a great job. I don't have to bend or get on my knees to put weeds now. I highly recommend this product.
  • Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

    Dawn Casey, 8/3/2014 I ordered 2 of these, one for myself and one for my daughter. I have spent the last several days at my daughters while she's been out of town and I wanted to surprise her with a weedless yard. This tool is amazing! Someone was really thinking when they created it. It makes weeding fun and EASY! You just press it down over the weed, tip it to the side and out come whole weeds, large chunks of crabgrass and even grass sprouts that are growing where you don't want them. Absolutely the best tool ever.
  • Good For Solo Weeds

    Gary R Rick, 7/20/2014 This is a well-built tool that does a good job particularly on weeds that stand alone and have deep roots. I use it in an area covered by mulch. Weeds in a group will need a hula hoe as this tool would take too long. If you have a mulched area it is great.
  • Weed Puller Needs Something

    Bud W., 7/7/2014 I find the weeder does work well. However, I think the forks need to be an inch longer. I get the weed ok but the root almost always breaks off leaving it to grow again!
  • Good Helper!

    Jim, 6/29/2014 Helps with many situations. Best in normal conditions. Does not work as well in wet conditions.
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    Rodney Sharp, 6/24/2014 The best weeder ever, chemical free and greener than my mother's thumb". My 1500 sq ft "lawn" was mostly dandelions. I spend 30-45 minutes each morning in "meditation" with my Grandpa's Weeder and start the rest of the day refreshed and calm!"
  • Best Darn Weed Extractor Ever

    Richard Hudon, 6/19/2014 This weed remover extracts dandelions, Wild Parsnip and other deep root vegetation with ease and all of the root comes out if the ground is damp to the root base. I highly recommend this weed extractor even if at twice the stated price, which is more than what I paid because I live in Canada where shipping, taxes and duties inflated the price beyond twice the price and it was available nowhere in Canada at the time I needed it... Thank you Garrett Wade for providing this great gardener's delight.
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Marie, 6/18/2014 It's the best dang tool EVER. I have mine for 6 years. I love the snap" when the tool gets the roots. I just used it on my neighbors lawn. I'm going back tomorrow, it's addicting. It's that easy."
  • Grampa's Weeder

    Linda, 6/14/2014 Best item to remove entire dandelion including root. Perfect every time.
  • Nice Tool For Weeding

    Kevin, 6/9/2014 Works great! Just as described. Bought a 2nd for my dad because he saw mine and was trying to make it his.
  • Broke Within An Hour

    Bob, 6/7/2014 I purchased a Grandpa's Weeders through Garrett Wade via the internet, it broke within an hours use due to poor materials.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for posting a review on the Grandpa's Weeder. We believe you may have received a defective one. Please return it, using the label which was included, and we can either exchange it or refund your money. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Broken Stepper

    Lively, 5/22/2014 My husband has loved this tool. Bought it last year and it saw a lot of use but the foot pedal/stepper broke and now we are looking for another one. Husband would like to see it made of better metal. But was surprised to see that people had been using theirs for several years.
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Debby, 5/6/2014 I have had my tool for about 15 years and replaced the handle about 4 times. I love it and cannot imagine ever being without it.
  • A Great Tool!

    Jay Call, 4/30/2014 This tool works exactly as advertised. I had none of the problems mentioned in other reviews. It is important to get the tool centered over the taproot, but if you do that, the whole weed comes up, root and all! I find that it will hold the weed until I deposit it in the back of the Gator or in a trash sack -- or just leave it to be sucked into the vacuum shredder to go into the compost pile. It's an old-fashioned tool and pretty slow if you have a lot of weeds. But for onesies and twosies, it works wonderfully well!
  • Short Handle

    Tim, 4/16/2014 I bought this to replace one that after years of service at least 20 broke. The handle is much shorter, I expect I will replace the handle with a long one before summer is out. The handle is as long as advertised just to short for comfort.
  • Stand Up and Weed

    John F, 4/14/2014 Got this as a birthday gift in December and could not use it until the end of March.What a true joy this is for a 79 year old!! No bending, stooping, kneeling: you don't even need gloves. Hit the weed's center and hear the satisfying pop of the root as you,gently push, or pull, the handle. This is a great tool for anyone.
  • Needs Ejector

    Kass, 4/2/2014 Love, loved, didn't love it after all the trouble flipping it over after each use, levering the fingers back open, t then pulling the weed and dirt out of the open fingers. Better than bending this broken back, but I really want an ejector to speed things up.
  • Beyond Words!!!!

    Irene, 3/27/2014 I went hunting for this since the store I bought 4 at no longer has them. When people start using them they all have the same reaction---they can't stop pulling weeds--it's addictive, they keep going & going. This is yard tool that work!!!!

    Frank, 3/19/2014 The Grandpa's Weeder" is truly excellent for EASY and complete removal of dandy lions. Even the roots are pulled up immediately."
  • Good

    Dennis, 3/18/2014 Works good but in rock landscape needs a like extra oomph!
  • They Made Them Right

    Bob, 3/15/2014 An old fashion tool that works great today. It is also made to last a long time.
  • Weeder

    Gans, 2/3/2014 Really works, saves your back.
  • Big Help

    Debra Brilati, 12/11/2013 Great back saver! Able to get weeds at the root without killing myself.
  • Preliminary Test

    K G Jones, 12/3/2013 I've only tried this tool briefly so-far, however, it did seem to do a good job on several dandelions I tested it on. Seems like it might be more difficult to use on larger weeds with more foliage near the ground, since the jaws much be positioned accurately over the center of the taproot. After reading other reviews reporting broken handles, I was wary about applying too much force. The handle does seem a bit light for the amount of force it takes to uproot a well-seated weed.
  • This Tool's a Lifesaver

    Rowemary Kuhlman, 12/2/2013 We're in the process of clearing our land and it's full of sticker burr bushes. You can't just cut them down cause you'll spread the seeds everywhere and the plants will just multiply. This tool is amazing. You can just pop the sticker bushes out without having to bend over or squat down, saving your back and knees.
  • No Bending

    Ruth Danielsen, 10/21/2013 Wonderful weeder! I first purchased one for myself and was amazed how easy and quick the dandelion's came out of the lawn. So I purchased one for my father-in-law. Should have purchased two to begin with.
  • Cheap Junk

    Yours in the snow, 10/7/2013 I bought this a year ago - and used it a bit this spring and now this fall. So I have had it more than 90 days. It broke pulling a dandelion - so it really is nothing more that a ornament - not a real tool.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thanks for your review on the Weeder. We have reason to believe you may have received a defective one as they should stand up to constant use.These weeders comes with a Lifetime Warranty, please send it back to us, using the pre-paid return label, and we will be happy to replace it for you.
  • Cool Tool

    Kevin, 9/12/2013 Very nice tool. Well built. Works as described.
  • When Things Don't Go Well

    Betty Johnson, 8/28/2013 Sometimes a company's character and customer service commitment is best displayed when things don't go as we would like. The Grandpa's Weeder I ordered and received was defective. I found a return label in the box, shipped it back to the company. They IMMEDIATELY credited the purchase price back to my credit card - no questions - no hesitation. I will be ordering a replacement as I am sure the broken tool was fluke. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say it has been years since I have been this pleased with a company's customer service! Thank you. You are now my go to" source."
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Denise Carter, 8/26/2013 This is a fabulous tool. I first got mine from QVC and they are not carrying it anymore. It took me a while to find it so i sent my Mom one. This has lasted me for a long time. I just this year replace the pole which was no big deal!!! Thank you Grandpa!!!
  • Addictive

    Ron Guyton, 7/29/2013 There is only one problem with this is ADDICTIVE! You will find yourself pulling weeds in your neighbors yard. My grandchildren fight over it. Love it!
  • Grandpa Would Be Proud

    Kurt Schuster, 7/17/2013 Nice solid tool that performs as advertised.
  • Pretty Good...Except...

    Spencer Platt, 7/15/2013 This is really a quite excellent tool and well worth the money. I had to drop the rating by two points, however, for two reasons. First, describing the use of this tool as effortless" is exceedingly misleading, as centering the gripping prongs over a weed is often fairly difficult, and once it is centered, if the weed has any bulk it can take some effort to pull it out. The other reason is that while dispatching a rather vigorous young Scotch Broom plant, the handle snapped on me. It was a simple enough matter to replace it with a shovel handle (I guess the "lifetime guarantee" is only for the cast iron head), but the handle was installed with the end grain to the side of the tool rather than on top (the way wooden baseball bats are made), so the weak part of the wood took the stress. I noticed that the weeder in the promotional photo is also oriented this way, so it's reasonable to assume that the standard method of manufacture is to install the handle improperly. Still, for thirty bucks it's a worthwhile purchase, just expect to replace the handle if you use it much, and disregard the hyperbolic language in the promotional material."
  • A Damn Good Tool!

    Richard Messer, 7/7/2013 When I first saw Grandpa's Weeder, I thought that this was what I needed around the house. The day I received it via UPS I put it to good use. I was amazed at how well it worked in pulled weeds out of the ground. Some weeds were easier than others in coming up with little effort. By the fourth day of owning it I was clearing weeds out of the garden when the step lever broke close to the hinge. When I looked at the break I noticed a slag inclusion in the casting. This was what caused the breakage. Maybe the manufacturer should add a ribbing under this lever to help strengthen it. I've returned this one and am now waiting for its replacement to carry on my war with the weeds. And I would highly recommend Grandpa's Weeder to anyone willing to listen.
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Alan Hunter, 7/3/2013 I found an original version of this at an antique store and bought it because it was unique. Problem was no one knew what it was. I went to 3 different antique shops and searched online. Finally a museum in California wrote back with a guess of it could be a planter or a weeder. so I googled antique hand weeders and your site came up. Mystery Solved! I'm going to do a couple of test tries with it and if it works like your reviews, I'll probably order a new one from you guys. Take care.
  • Weeding Wonder

    John Wolf, 6/28/2013 Bought two--one to gift and one to keep. Hope it keeps working this well for years to come!
  • Not enough weeds.

    Doug Jensen, 5/20/2013 There are so many wannabes" on the market that are overpriced & overrated, I can't believe anyone would ever try anything else. My only complaint--not enough weeds to satisfy my need for the fun it is to use this great tool!-- Doug the weed-seeker--done too soon! "
  • Wonder Weeder

    M Wilson, 5/18/2013 This weeder is wonderful. I bought my weeder about ten years ago. I forgot I had it until this year when the dandelions started to take over. Cleared the lawn in no time. Only thing, I used it so much I broke the pole from the base. Where can I buy a replacement pole?

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Grandpa's Weeder. It sounds like it has been serving you very well all these years! If you are in need of a replacement pole, it is quite simple to replace. A standard broom handle should be the same dimensions. You may wish to take the weeder head with you to the local hardware store so you can be absolutely sure. We hope this helps.
  • Wish handle was made out of steel/metal

    Pam, 5/17/2013 I love this tool until the handle broke on me from using it so much. Tried to fix the handle and it broke again. Wish handle was made out of steel/metal !!! That would be so great !
  • Weed Puller Deluxe

    Harry, 4/1/2013 Clears out level lawns and flowerbeds in half the time it normally takes. No bending necessary easy to use. I loaned mine to my brother in-law and he immediately ordered two. One for him and one for his wife. Definitely pays for it self in saved time and sweat.
  • Excellent Weed Puller

    Henry, 4/1/2013 Didn't know I need it until I got it. Now I can't live without it.
  • Lifetime Craftsmanship

    Scott K., 3/31/2013 I bought this about 8 years ago and enjoyed using it again today! It is built to last a lifetime and simple to use. Push and lean to pop out the weeds.
  • Pro Landscaper

    Steve J., 1/28/2013 I just got mine a few days ago and have used it on 3 sites it works great,effortlessly pulls weeds root and all even dandelions!
  • Sturdy

    PADonna, 1/3/2013 Purchased one for my Aunt with bad knees and one for my husband (me) for Christmas. Have not been able to use it yet, but looking forward to finally being on top of the weeding without putting pressure on my knees that were damaged in an auto accident! The construction of the tool looks superior with the handle and head being very solid.
  • Simple Tool

    Rick M, 1/2/2013 Simple, robust tool. Living in the snowy Midwest, we have not used it yet, but it arrived as expected and looks like it can do the job for years to come.
  • Makes Weeding as Fun as it Can Be

    Agnes S, 3/27/2012 This little tool is a fabulous addition to my garden shed. It certainly makes pulling out those dandelions much easier than trying to do it by hand. About 75% come out completely with the taproot intact, and the other 25% are probably due to operator error (not getting the tool centered over the root). Although many of the reviews say the tool works best in dry soil, my experience has been that moist soil is the best for pulling out the entire weed. Dry conditions make it easier to extract the weed from the tool, but moist soil makes it less likely the tap root will break off. My one complaint is that there is not a larger version of the tool. This works great for broadleaf weeds that are less than 6 inches in diameter, but I grow them big and sometimes don't get the root! I can't imagine that anyone would not be very satisfied with this investment!
  • Outstanding

    Gary, 3/26/2012 Purchased this product after reading the reviews had some doubts but wanted to give it a shot. All I can say it works great so glad I purchased it.
  • Back Breaker Reliever

    Herb F, 3/25/2012 This tool is the best made, works wonderful, saves the old back, and price is reasonable for a tool that will last a lifetime. Am going to buy one for our daughter who keeps borrowing and forgets to return it until we ask for it. She loves it too.
  • New Old Friend

    Tom S, 3/22/2012 I love this weeder, it has the look of a tool you have had for years. When you get older it does get harder to get up when you get down to weed, with grandpa's weeder you stay on your feet. This tool almost makes weeding fun.
  • Wow!

    Donald S, 3/9/2012 Out of the box I was impressed by the quality. It looked like something from years ago when things were made to last forever. I could not wait to try it. I have used so many gadgets for weeding and have never been pleased with the quality of the product; or the operation; or the results; or the physical effort involved. Wow! That was my reaction when I first used this weeding tool. Finally I had found a quality made tool with the ergonomics to do the job effortlessly. After 10 minutes pulling every weed I could find I was a believer. Best investment I have made in a long time. Highly recommend.
  • Easy Weeding

    Amy Kauper, 12/27/2011 My father is getting older and this weeder allows him to keep his yard in tip-top shape without breaking his back or knees. It has a quality wood shaft and good metal for the clamping area. Well-made and should last a lifetime.
  • Ray Merrell, 11/17/2011 Silly looking used it abused it but it keeps on working!
  • Don't know how I got along without it all these years

    Jim S., 9/3/2011 This is a wonderful product--well constructed, intuitive to use, and does the trick. I honestly don't know how I got along without it all these years. Don't buy just one, buy two. Once you loan it to someone, you're never going to see it again!
  • Best weed remover I have ever used

    John, 8/6/2011 I've been weeding on my hands and knees for years. This is the best invention for weeds and your back!!
  • Best Weeder Ever!!

    Rhonda Thibault, 7/10/2011 Grandpa's Weeder is simply the best, easiest weeder on the market, and it works without you having to bend over or get on your knees! It's a real back saver. I have purchased a dozen of them in the past few years! First for myself, then for a couple of neighbors, several friends, and for some of my first time homebuyer clients it's a fabulous housewarming gift!!
  • Life saving

    Jacqueline Schimper, 7/10/2011 My Dad has end stage lung cancer. Having completed chemotherapy and radiation which did not have the desired out come, he is living each day with grace. He has a radiation burn on his back which hampers his love of gardening. He no longer has the full use of his right arm. So you can only imagine what comfort and joy Grandpa's Weeder" brings him. It is amazing! He feels so productive and it beats using chemicals which is what he was having to beat his cancer. He made the comment that they should have such a tool to remove his cancer. Always the joker! Thanks for a great tool to remedy weeds and joy in a cancer patient."
  • Grandpa's Magical" Weeder"

    SteveMont, 6/20/2011 I had one of my knees replaced earlier this year and I'm still having difficulty kneeling. When I saw the ad for this weeder I decided to give itva try. Best investment EVER! Effortlessly yanks stubborn dandelions with most of the root attached--and it's fast! Even if you have good knees get one of these. Unless you loan it to someone who doesn't return it, you'll still have it around after your joints start complaining.
  • Great Tool!

    Jay Argee, 4/9/2011 What a great new (old) tool. My wife and I are a bit age impaired and are always looking to tools that allow us to stand up and do good job. This guy fits the bill. It's well made, durable, easy to use, and effective. Guess ol' Grandpa knew a thing or two about weeding.

    DED, 1/3/2011 Just received it. Ground is frozen in IA. But if this tool works as well as it seems to be built I'll be very happy to give it a very big 5! Handle might be just a bit light where it enters the steel.
  • Historical tool

    TMunhall, 12/31/2010 Looked like some of the tools I saw as a child under our old farm house. I gave it to my sister for her vegetable garden. It should save her a lot of bending over picking weeds
  • Ultimate weed puller

    jamie, 12/29/2010 I was a little skeptical of this weeder when I ordered it but I know Garrett Wade only sells high quality products so since we hadn't had any snow yet I brought Grandpa's Weeder outside on christmas day and pulled some hollyhocks that I wanted pulled. They are normally very difficult to pull even with wet ground but the weeder had no problems pulling those weeds even with very dry hard ground and it pulled up almost 12 inches of thick root. I had my 5 year old daughter try it and she did so with no problems. My wife is excited to use the weeder this spring without stressing her back and without killing her fingers. I will order this for friends and family and I think they will love it.
  • Dad loved it

    Joe, 12/20/2010 Gave this for an early christmas present. My dad love it as it will save his knees. He crawled around on his hands and knees and dug the little weeds out with a screwdriver. HAHA Great quality product.
  • Grandpa's weeder

    Walter Lovitto, 12/19/2010 Both my wife and I enjoy gardening. Our home has over 2000 square feet of flower gardens and we keep them pristine looking. Needless to say, some times our backs ache after a day of working in our gardens. My grandfather had one of this type weeder when I was a younger. I completely forgot about it until I saw it in your catalog. It arrived in time for us to try it before the ground froze this year. It worked great and we are anxious to use it in spring. Thanks for a great product.
  • The weeder to own

    Chris S, 12/18/2010 This weeder works well and it's well made. Expect nothing less from Garrett Wade!
  • sleepyjean

    Jean, 12/18/2010 bought this as a gift for my husband. He hasn't had a chance to use it yet, since it's winter, but he has an obsession regarding weeds, and is looking forward to using this tool. Appears sturdy and well made, and made to eliminate the need for constant bending to get at his arch enemy.
  • A Great New Find

    Virginia Rulis, 12/14/2010 We received your catalog for the first time and immediately found several things that we put on our wish lists." Bought two Grandpa Weed tools for Christmas gifts and referred someone else to buy a gift for my husband from your catalog, We've definitely saved the catalog for future reference and am sure you'll be hearing from us again in the future,. Great stuff!!! "
  • back saver

    Rebel Sowell, 12/6/2010 Grandpa's Weeder is the neatest invention. It works really well on dandelions, which have difficult roots to get to. It saves you from have to crouch down to pull weeds, therefore, saving you from a horrible back ache. I bought two, one for my husband and one for my daughter.

    David, 11/22/2010 THIS THING IS AMAZING. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
  • loose head

    Bill, 9/23/2010 Very useful tool, but the metal head was always loose. I had to put a toothpick in the screw hole in order to maintain a tight fit.
  • Great but....

    Frank Zunt, 9/9/2010 Works great but I've broken two handles so far.Guess the weeds were too big for it to handle.Handle broke off close to the head.That said,I'm quite satisfied with the product and am ordering another(backup). Little trick I learned;for those small pesky weeds,place the stem between the tines/prongs and twirl it around them a few times-like twirling spaghetti onto a fork-it will secure the weed to the tool and make it easier to remove.
  • Grandma's Weeder

    Sharon W., 8/5/2010 This very handy tool could also be called Grandma's Weeder". I use it all the time and am not particularly strong, young, or even use to gardening! It works easily even on the deep-rooted weeds. "
  • Great Fun Item

    Dianne, 7/24/2010 The only problem with this weeder is that it is addicting! I showed it to a neighbor, she playing with it, and she would not let me have it back. She pulled a ton of weeds out of her front yard while we talked. It's really a lot of fun, and it pulls the big nasty sticker weeds out with ease.
  • Does exactly what it says

    jwminny, 7/6/2010 This does exactly what the description said it would; it is easy, gets the whole root out, and it is fun. Have learned how to use on weeds in 3/4 inch stone driveway too. Thanks Grandpa!
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Goodkatt, 6/17/2010 This weeder is so cool! It really does the job by pulling the weeds out by the roots. It is worth every penny and it is fun too.
  • Pops out the root

    Paul Richards, 6/15/2010 When you pull a big fat weed and it breaks off at the top, leaving the root in the ground, you know you will be back when it regrows. This wonderful tool reaches down into the hard ground and pops that root out. It isn't the only thing you have to do when you weed an area, but it is the most rewarding. It is also good to lean on when you reach down to weed smaller plants.
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Marge, 6/9/2010 I saw Grandpa's weeder when he was getting out of the shower. 5 stars!
  • Ease on the back

    Sue, 5/25/2010 My back is pleased with this tool; allowing me to participate more in yard work since fusion of two vertebrae. The only caution I can suggest is to allow the ground to dry out after rain/watering which allows the weeds to be pulled out more easily.
  • Great item

    Big Yan, 5/23/2010 Great product. Works as advertised. The only problem I have with it is everyone who sees it wants to borrow it.
  • grandpa's weeder

    fred humes, 5/22/2010 rarely have I ever bought something that stood up to the advertising credited to it but this truely surpasses it.... F.R.Humes
  • Practical old technology

    Brent Baldwin, 5/18/2010 When Grandpa's Weeder arrived, I immediately took it to our pasture for a two-hour workout. The tool seems to be solidly constructed, of cast iron and hardwood. I found it works well for flat-growing weeds like dandelion, and it was also good with the smaller lantana plants. You really do have to center the prongs over the plant's taproot, though. Softer and fleshier weeds, like cudweed, just tore apart without coming up, and the really tenacious plants, such as ironweed, would just slide through the weeder's prongs and dare you to try again. This tool is not a miracle" by any stretch, so your expectations should be realistic. If you have a serious weed problem you'll still spend a fair amount of time on your knees. However, it is a helpful old-timey gadget that works well enough on some types of weeds, and it does save some stooping. It is a worthy addition to your tool collection."
  • Easy

    Jerry Favorite, 5/11/2010 Grandpa's Weeder is easy and comfortable. And it does go to the bottom of the root.I still don't like weeding but it's a lot easier, now.
  • Grandpas Weeder if fantastice

    Alicia, 5/9/2010 This is a fantastice weeder, I'm very glad I spent the $24.95. This weekend I used the grandpas weeder, while my daughter used the hand weeder, I got more weeds pulled in a half hour than she did, and my legs, back and hands were not sore. I recommened it to everyone.
  • Best ever

    Hal, 5/6/2010 This tool has saved my back and allowed me to weed for the first time in years. Truely a great tool!
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Dan , 4/23/2010 Great tool. Easy to use. Good value.
  • I love Grandpa's Weeder

    Dale Cipra, 4/22/2010 A great tool that does the job. Very sturdy, and made in the good old USA !!!
  • The best!

    MVH1, 4/22/2010 I got this last week. It is terrific! It took just a little getting used to. You don't have to jam it hard into the ground for everything, just a little push and then lean. All my neighbors want one.
  • worth it

    Walt Wagner, 4/19/2010 We've used Grandpa's Weeder and it meets all of our expectations. Weeds don't stand a chance!
  • great weeder

    Richard Van Cleave, 4/18/2010 I have tried other weeders - all were junk. This one actually works.
  • Why didn't I think of this?

    Kurt, 4/18/2010 This is one of those tools about which you wonder why you didn't think of it yourself. It speeds up weeding threefold and the rotten things don't seem to come back as quickly because the roots are gone, too. Highly recommended!
  • Cast

    Charles Wetherbee, 4/18/2010 not forged
  • backsaving tool

    sara McCracken, 4/18/2010 this really saves my back pulling up dandelions. I found it often didn't get all the tap root... However the ground was relatively dry. It did get all the leaves , flowers and a bit of root though.My only problem was that it didn't release the dirtball and dandelion easily so I had to pry it out of the tool each time by hand. I live in an area with clay soil and this was certainly a factor here. It is well made and solid though and would recommend it.
  • Envy of Neighborhood

    Don Coleman, 4/18/2010 Several neighbors have seen me using this tool and have come over and asked where to purchase it. It's not only a back-saver, but I can collect weeds much faster now.
  • d.l.

  • what fun

    Kathryn, 4/18/2010 This is a great excuse to walk around the yard and attack dandelions and feel virtuous for not using weedkiller. My hands stay clean, my back stays pain free, and I get fresh air and sunshine.
  • Back Saver

    William White, 4/15/2010 This is a great tool that allows you to remove dandilions and their root system, without bending over.
  • save your back

    author of Alabama Healthy Life, 4/15/2010 As we get older, we need to be careful of our backs. Ladies, rounding your back to pull weeds could cause vertebral fractures! This tool is great for weeding without back stress. I use it all the time, and am recommending the Grandpa's Weeder in my next newspaper column.
  • Quite effective tool

    NJ Gardener, 4/15/2010 Nice tool, very effective. My kids think this is the greatest thing, and they volunteer using it!
  • A godsend!

    Drgrandma, 4/15/2010 My weeder just arrived today, and I weeded half an entire flower bed in ten minutes--no stress, no strain. It works great! I didn't even work up a sweat. Didn't even need to change clothes, and was wearing dress shoes!
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Jim D., 4/15/2010 The Weeder works, just as advertised. Good tool--saves your back!
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Brent Schultz, 4/15/2010 Sounds funny but my grandfather got one as a gift years ago and told me that it really worked, so I got one myself. Sturdy construction, gets deep rooted weeds out very easily (and aerates to boot)! I look forward to using it for years!
  • The best weeder I have used

    Bruce, 4/15/2010 This tool works well on all different types of weeds. It is easy on the back for this old guy. Takes the work out of a hard job.
  • Timely

    Dick, 4/15/2010 When I bought this I was probably just lazy. I met a friend who had back problems and told her about it and she has thanked me many times. Now I have back problems..... I saw the first dandelion tonight so I had better find it.
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Bill , 4/10/2010 I bought this tool last year for weeding my mulch bed/veg. garden. It works as advertised..........not a gimmick! Your back and knees will thank you.
  • Grandma's weeder!

    Carolyn Galloway, 3/8/2010 I have been looking and looking for this weeder! My Grandparents had one. I remember using it back in the 50's when I was 10 years old. The wood was smooth and aged from years of use, but the weeder just popped those tough old weeds out of the lawn like magic! It looks exactly like the one Grandma and Grand dad had! I am going to order one for everyone in the family! Now that I can't get up and down like I used to It will be heaven sent having this wonderful gardening tool back in my life after all these years! Thank you!!
  • Weeder Review

    Cathy, 2/22/2010 Works wonderfully! Saves my back and hands. All my neigbors ask to borrow it! Great price too!
  • Grandpa's weeder beater

    Abie, 9/2/2009 With one look at how it works, I tried it and found it to be great. A friend was visiting and saw how easy it works, and likes it very much. My back thanks you Grandpa's weeder. Yes I would recommend it.

    ARLENE WIELAND, 4/30/2009 The manufacturer put a lot of thought into the design of this weeder. Never have I used a more smoothly finished handle, and its permanent printed directions is a very handy touch. My only suggestion is to rename the tool to GRANDFOLKS WEEDER; I offer myself, a pushing 80 great-grandma with 2 artificial hips as proof of its efficient ease of use.
  • Great weeder

    JR, 4/17/2009 As long as the plant is big enough this works great. Some large plants (I have a problem with the purple Russian [Oregon?] thistle) which have deep roots and are over 5' tall it can't handle but I don't need to get the mattock for most weeds that turn up. I am often out of town so they get a running start. No need to bend which is great for my artahritus.
  • Great!!!!

    Dolores, 4/16/2009 What a wonderful tool. I pulled weeds on my hands and knees and I coudn't believe how easy it was to use Grandpa's Weeder. I showed it to my daughter and I am purchasing one for her today.
  • Wonderful!

    Terry, 4/15/2009 This is the best tool. I can't live without it!
  • Grandma's review

    Arvilla Mullins, 4/15/2009 Perhaps I am using the tool incorrectly. It did not work as I expected. Lever does not pull up weed.
  • Could'nt be easier

    Jerry, 4/15/2009 I have been using this for 1 month now. It works great and is very easy to use. I have ran out of weeds in my yard and started weeding my neighbor's!! You cannot go wrong with this tool. It is built to last for many years.
  • great weeder

    Larry, 4/15/2009 Such a simple design and easy to use.
  • The Best of the Best!

    Jim K, 4/7/2009 This is, by far, the best tool for the garden which I have forever found! Easy to use, and it rips out the whole weed, roots and all, be it little or big. Thanks for rejuvenating Grandpa's legacy!
  • Grandpa's Weeder

    Tom Kirkham, 4/1/2009 Our newly established yard was infested with wild onions. We could not find a weed killer that would attack the onions but leave the newly planted grass alone so we had to find a way to quickly and easily pull the onions up. The Grandpa's Weeder that we got was perfect. I could just walk along with a bucket, push the weeder in next to an onion, push the handle over, pull up the weed, put it in the bucket and move on to the next one. It is easy to use and is very well made so I am sure to get many years of use out of it. Thanks for a great tool!
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