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Our version of this iconic American trapper pattern has classic textured Green Horn handles and a single, stainless steel clip-point blade. This knife type dates to the 1920s, and is a re-creation of a tool that (mythology holds) early American trappers typically carried. It has become a timeless, everyday-carry for farmers, ranchers, and hunters. Stainless steel bolsters 3" blade with a 4" handle. Large enough to be a working knife, but small enough to carry comfortably in your pocket.
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  • A cut above

    NEM0, 3/16/2019 Beautiful knife. Perfect size for EDC. The blade arrived sharp. The slightly squared tang end is a nice safety feature; it won't easily close on your fingers. It also requires two hands to open, which means that it should not be a problem in the increasing number of jurisdictions that broadly interpret anti-switch bald laws to cover any knife that can be opened with hand. The knife has no manufacturer's mark. Neither does it have a county of origin on it. So presumably it was made in the USA, although it was not listed on GW's "Made in USA" product page. Although the handle scales are described as horn, from the photographs I thought they looked more like the jigged bone, that is commonly used on this type pocket knife. Looking at the actual knife, I can't tell for sure because of the dark green dye, but the handle slabs seem to be horn. All in all, this knife is definitely worth the price.

    Kelly S Bracken, 11/20/2018 This knife feels like an "Old Timer" in my pocket.! The stainless steel is soft but sharpens easily. It's not designed to be a tough knife, but one that will cut small items or whittle. It is a GREAT GIFT for boys as a first time EDC (Every Day Carry). They can learn to sharpen it to a keen edge, which is a skill a boy MUST learn. When they grow older & upgrade to a more expensive knife, they then possess sharpening skills. At its price point, especially on sale, you can't beat this as a first time knife for a boy. I bought FOUR of them for gifts. However, I liked it so well, I kept one, sharpened it, & it's in my pants pocket FOREVER. It WILL NOT catch on anything & won't get dimes caught in it. It's fit & finish on its polished brass butt ends are very smooth. For it's small length, the knife is held very securely together with not 2, but THREE brass pins.! As I've said, GREAT first time knife for a young boy, so buy a bunch for gifts.
  • Green Horn Trapper

    Dennis Tamcsin, 10/24/2018 I was going to write a detailed review until I read Andrew’s review. As a result I will keep it simple. So———
    “ I wanted to buy a knife”
    “ One with little strife “
    “ So I called Garrett Wade “
    “ And bought the Green Horn blade l
    “ Now that great knife is my knife for life! “
  • Nice Knife with Some Good Features

    Andrew, 9/15/2018 I recently picked up this knife during a sale and am well pleased with it. It has pros and cons but more of the former than the latter, and most of the cons are "fixable" at any rate. The dark green bone is subdued and attractive and the slabs are well matched and symmetrical. I really like the size---3 7/8" closed. Most full size trappers are 4" or more closed, and mini trappers are around 3 1/2" closed. This knife fills that gap well, and provides a good sized blade while comfortably filling the hand, all the while maintaining its pocket friendly size. And at only 1.9 oz., it's lightweight for a trapper.

    The pull is moderately firm, maybe a 6 on a 1-10 scale, which is perfect for my tastes. There is a deep and wide nail nick, set just forward of the hump, which provides for easy opening. And the knife didn't come with any of the annoying little faults you will often see: blade rap (blade hits the spring in a spot when closed); proud pins; or a tip that sits just above the well so that you get a little prick to remind you it's there!

    As for the "cons", the main one would be the very thick blade stock, with almost no distal taper (thinning of the blade as it approaches the tip). If you like a very sturdy edge with a more obtuse angle in the 20 - 25 degree range, this won't bother you. If, like me, you prefer a "slicier" blade with an angle of 15 degrees or less, you'll need to thin this one out a good bit. I did that, and given the thick blade stock the result was fairly wide bevels, but it now cuts like a champ.

    The finish was a bit rough, especially along the spine and the edges of the liner, but a short session with some fine sandpaper took care of that. In addition, this knife has a sharp, squared off tang, which some folks like and which many expensive knives have as well. I like smooth contours, though, so I spent some time rounding that off. There are some very minor gaps between the spring and liners, but no worse than commonly seen on more expensive knives. And while the blade isn't perfectly centered when closed, it isn't too far off and there is no blade rub at all. There is no indication of country of manufacture nor blade steel on the knife, only "Garrett Wade" stamped on the blade. Joe at GW, who was great to deal with, told me that it is a China made knife. No idea what the steel is but if I had to guess I'd say 440A. Once I got it properly thinned out, it has taken a very nice edge indeed.

    Finally, Joe and the other folks at GW provided really excellent customer service, both via email and on the phone. This was my first GW order, and I was impressed.

    In sum, for the bargain price I paid, this is an attractive knife with several excellent features. Well worth it.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner September 2018 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Andrew!!
  • Very Nice Knife

    T James, 7/8/2018 Excellent knife - well made and finished properly. Very happy with it.
  • Nice leight weight knife

    Doug, 5/9/2018 I'm a long time knife collector and Trapper is my favorite style. Most have 2 blades and I thought I might not like this one which has only one. But....I like it a lot for the smaller size and lighter weight. Am going to buy more for some Christmas gifts.
  • High Quality, Nostalgic Design

    Glenn Sexton, 4/30/2018 This is a very attractive and well made knife. The edge is keen and the balance feels very good in my hand. I buy a lot of knives from various sources - some to collect and some to gift. I bought this knife with a specific person in mind for a gift, but am having second thoughts as it is one that I would enjoy keeping and using. It's the perfect size for the tool box or cargo pants pocket. It would be excellent for camping as a utility knife to sliver kindling of clean a trout. I may just have to purchase another one (or two) of this model.
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