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Sale Gunsmith Screwdriver Set
Hollow ground tips ensure no screw head damage
83R05.01 Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

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The reason that Gunsmith's Screwdrivers are so prized is that the tips are hollow-ground, not double-wedge shaped - so that torque is applied at the bottom of the screw slot where it is strongest, not the top. This is especially important if the appearance of the screw head is important to you.

Working gunsmiths use screwdrivers in dozens of sizes, but here is a basic set of three (tips 3/16, 1/4 & 5/16), each 6" long with beautiful solid Rosewood handles and solid Brass ferrules. Inspiring as beautiful tools, but if you use them you will quickly discover the joy of a tip that fits the slot bottom to top. It's hard to put them down.

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Overall Rating
  • A classic set at a very good price

    A. J. Palik, 7/31/2020 A lot of high class rifles of yesteryear came with a set of turn screws. This set of turn screws fits that bill. These are VERY WELL MADE and the steel is of the right temper to remove stubborn screws. They are easily ground for an exact fit in the screw slot and the handles fit the hand nicely. I am most happy with set and would recommend them to someone wanting the best.
  • Best Screwdriver Set

    Rick Carlson, 6/27/2020 The best screwdrivers I have ever used on antique firearms! Would recommend these to anyone who is questioning whether they should buy them, the answer is; yes!
  • Gunsmith Screwdriver Set.

    JOSE MANUEL, 4/28/2020 Excellent screwdrivers. High quality. I'm going to use them in muzzleloaders, so I'll need to sharpen the edge on two of them.
    Very satisfied.
    Excelentes destornilladores. Alta calidad. Los voy a usar en armas de avancarga, así que necesitaré afilar algo el borde en dos de ellos.
    Muy satisfecho.
  • Good

    Kevin, 4/3/2020 Excellent quality...and shipping was fast, my go to drivers for bigger screws on my guns , smaller screws need very fine tips which these are not but that's fine
  • Great for Side-by-Side Shotguns

    Matt , 4/3/2020 These are very well made and beautifully crafted. Perfect tool set for English shotgun maintenance.
  • Great Gunsmithing Screw Drivers

    theburg2014, 2/24/2020 These are outstanding gunsmith screw drivers. They are built like tanks. Fit & finish are first rate. I've used these on a daily basis for the last month. They are some of the best hollow ground screwdrivers that I've ever used.
  • Great gift for gun enthusiasts.

    Leard Huggins, 8/18/2019 Love the quality. I bought them as a gift for my gun collecting son-in-Law. I can’t wait till I see his eyes light up the first time he uses them to breakdown he uses them to breakdown a hunting or competition rife or hand gun.
  • gunsmith screw drivers

    Richard, 5/11/2019 Excellent quality however, not what I expected size wise. I'll have to do some machining.
  • gunsmith screw drivers

    Ken Harris, 11/24/2018 For gun work they could possibly be a little smaller
  • Excellent quality but the widths are odd for fire arms work.

    Gregory Webb, 10/27/2018 Excellent quality but the widths are odd for fire arms work. I'm curious as to what these other customers are screwing with these drivers. My lever action rifle doesn't have a single screw large enough to fit any of the three widths. And my Smiths and my Colt SSA? The screws on those are tiny compared to this driver set. I knew this when I purchased them, but I intended to machine the things WAY DOWN to fit my precious guns. And NOW? PERFECTION!

  • Gunsmith Screwdriver Set excellent for antique repairs

    Bill Fitz, 4/3/2018 Gunsmith Screwdriver Set is perfect for use will guns but I will use it for antique repair. Grind on the screwdriver helps to prevent marring the wood surface on the antique driver set.
  • Nicely Made Set!

    John Hinckley, 12/14/2017 In spite of being made in India, these appear to be very nicely-made tools, with rich-looking handles; wish the set also had the two next-smallest sizes.
  • Hollow ground gunsmith screwdrivers

    David, 9/1/2017 I wish my guns looked this good - performed this well. Stunning, deep rich wood handles on hollow ground gunsmith's screwdriver set. Works flawlessly. These are for my fine pristine antique lever action. Wouldn't work on them with anything else. Can't rate any higher than 5 but if I could I would.
  • Professional set

    Zorro88, 6/24/2017 Been wanting a set of these professional hollow grounds to work on my collection of shotguns. Great handles give a secure feel and confidence in working the screws without fear of damage. Will surely enjoy more over time.
  • Very Nice!!

    Robert, 6/26/2016 These are truly awesome screwdrivers. High quality, well finished . They are a little too nice to toss in a tool or range bag. They deserve a display on the cleaning table.
  • Well Made

    C J, 6/6/2016 Beautifully made gunsmith screwdrivers. I tried them on a gun that I was working on. The fit is excellent and the tools work nicely in my hand. Perfect for fine work of any kind.
  • WOW!

    Harry, 10/19/2015 My brother gave me these for my birthday, and my first thoughts were, "Very nice, well made, and I don't need em." You see, I have been using a handle with interchangeable gunsmith bits for years. I've never had any problems with the set, so why use anything different? Okay, now that I've told you why I don't need them, I have to ask one question: "Why in the heck can't I put them down!?" These feel good in the hand, and when I'm working on some lovely old, antique shotgun or revolver, they just seem to the right tool. These just seem to be the right screwdrivers to work on these pieces of history. Sure, there are some modern weapons that need a size not provided for, but I have my modern, "soulless" screwdriver for them. By the way, I've had several customers comment on how nice these were. (Especially when pulled from a Gerstner chest!)
  • Gunsmith Screwdrivers

    Larry Cecconi, 2/1/2015 Very well made, comfortable on the hand. Fit my muzzle loader well and rifles, but too big for pistols. May have to whittle one down.
  • Gunsmith Screwdrivers

    Tom Burns, 1/8/2015 Received the order today, along with the screwdrivers. I have not used them yet, they appear to be quality merchandise...........I was disappointed that the screwdrivers were not marked (3/16,1/4", 5/16"), as that would assist in showing the Grandsons the different types,uses."
  • Such A Deal! Wish there were more sizes.

    Dan Erlewine, 1/1/2015 They are just as nice as they look in the catalog and very nicely made. They're as nice as the finest hardware. Clean, sharp, and even vintage"-looking. Very hard to believe a deal this good can last. Garret Wade has lots of cool stuff. I bought 5 sets of these screwdrivers for Christmas gifts and gave them to shop pals of mine. "
  • Screwdrivers For Firearms

    Michael L. Smith, 10/21/2014 These are the best screwdrivers that anyone (novice to a certified gunsmith) who does anything relating to firearms should have in their tool box.
  • Well Made

    Blue Streak, 10/3/2014 I purchased these because I have found it difficult to loosen screws on some of my guns with conventional screwdrivers. These work better than regular ones with their oblong shaped handles and beefy shanks. Only problem is that one of the screws on one of my guns is too small for the smallest screwdriver in this set. But they do look well made and I expect to get years of service out of them.
  • Great Tools

    Claude Lakewold, 7/22/2014 I have been collecting tools, old and new, for many years, in all that I own and have seen none compare to these Screwdrivers, they are the best.
  • A Must for Restorations

    Glenn Sexton, 4/25/2014 I work on classic cars. Many times the screws are really bad and having a hollow-ground bit is just what's needed to be able to remove a screw without to resort to drilling it out. I uses these screw drivers a lot and find them to perform very well.
  • Beautiful & Functional

    Jerry, 3/13/2014 These are simply the most attractive and functional gunsmithing tools I've ever seen. I find them comfortable to use as well. A splendid combination of form, fit, and function. I only wish that a few more sizes were available.
  • Precision Screwdrivers For A Gunsmith

    Robert Seddon, 11/1/2013 Precision grinding has produced a screw driver that locks into the slot of the screw and almost prevents the blade from jumping out of it. Heavy wood handles and ground shafts denote and fell of quality. Only suggestion is to have four drivers instead of just three for that price.
  • Blades Too Thick

    Steve Dickmann, 9/4/2013 I purchased these screwdrivers specifically for the purpose of working on the forearm adjustments of my Browning BT-99 trap gun. Admittedly, the screw slots are extremely narrow,. but these blades were much, much too thick to come close to fitting in the slots. However, they are very nice looking screwdrivers and appear to be very well made. They may even fit other guns, but they do not fit the BT-99.
  • Fantastic Turnscrews

    Ron Barry, 8/28/2013 In my spare time I am a American Revolutionary War reenactor. One of my duties for the regiment is that of an Armorer. I make repairs on the regiment's muskets. I had been searching for a set of authentic looking turnscrews for quite some time when I came upon these. They are of high quality being both beautiful and highly functional. They grip the screw securely without slipping. I couldn't be more happy. Thanks for making them available Garrett Wade!
  • Gunsmith Screwdrivers

    Bill Strobel, 4/23/2013 These screwdrivers are very nice. They grip the screw at the bottom of the slot and prevent damage to the top of the screw. Would definitely recommend.
  • Good Tools!

    Jeff, 1/20/2013 These are absolutely top shelf! They fit VERY well in my hand. The machine work on the blades is excellent with a nice, brushed finish. The wood is also excellently done with no gaps or rough edges where the wood-to-metal fits. They are also in handy sizes. I wish there were more sizes available, but I think these are aimed" at nice, cased gun sets."
  • Sign of a Good Craftsman

    William R. MacCrea, 1/2/2013 When I was a very young man I was told that there could be seen very often a certain sign of a craftsman, a man who loved his craft and the material with which he worked, by observing his tools. The tools themselves have a certain beauty about them and are not unlike old but comfortable sweaters or such with which a person has become familiar. I have been an artist and woodcarver all of my adult life and I have noticed that there is indeed a certain beauty about the tools themselves in the hands of one who loves his work. It is difficult to find such tools today, but your company really surprises me with the quality of your wares. They are not cheap", by any means, but they are very good indeed, and they are beautiful to see, to hold, to work with. Well, as is often said:"You get what you pay for!" Thank you for being there for us.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner January 2013 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, William!!
  • Beautiful Screwdrivers

    James Harris, 4/11/2012 I bought a set of these gorgeous screwdrivers for my son who is a gun fancier, and I was so envious I had to order a second set for myself. Of course I had to have them for my small Gerstner tool box as well--another recent purchase. Best tool company ever!
  • Beautiful tools

    Doug O, 1/31/2012 The finish on these is stunning. Be prepared to work a bit on the palm end (the edges need to be rounded and relieved more for comfort). However, it's worth it, and my set looked just as fine as the photo.
  • Sawduster

    Jim S., 4/1/2011 These are very beautiful (and unique) tools. The fit and finish are excellent, and the materials elegant. They have a Bridge City" look and feel to them, despite their very reasonable price. They are a bargain."
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