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GyroJaw Vise Accessory
$ 14.95 25.40
The USA made GyroJaw for once and for all solves the difficult problem of firmly clamping angled or tapered work pieces in a bench or mechanic's vise - and at a very modest cost. The solid steel stud with a rounded surface rests against the vise jaw when you close up, while automatically moving to the position and angle that produces solid direct pressure on the piece being clamped. The 2 x 3-1/4" mating face uses an indestructible nylon/glass fiber combination with just enough give to make it non-slip.

This really works, and we believe that every shop that uses a metal vise will find it indispensable. It's a very simple tool. Try it - you'll be hooked! One often works fine, but having two on hand is better. Shown here with the Versatile Vise.

Most of us have faced the difficult challenge of clamping angled or tapered work pieces in a metal bench or mechanic's vise. There are a few patternmaker-style vises that can help, but their faces only rotate in one axis - side to side (left to right) - and they are usually very expensive. Invented out of sheer necessity by two woodworking brothers, the GyroJaw works like an articulating vise face and solves this age-old problem simply and handily - and at a very modest cost. It holds even round stock with great firmness (see the slot molded in the mating face) vertically, horizontally, or anywhere in between.
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