Hand Adze

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Hand Adze
A Stone Age Tool Still Useful in the Modern Age
10T15.04 Hand Adze

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This tool is great for camp- and bush-craft projects, like making camp chairs out of foraged limbs, scooping out wooden bowls, or creating wood sculptures. The adze has been around since the Stone Age, used for large projects (gouging out tree trunks to make canoes) and small (hollowing a chunk of wood to make a bowl). Throughout history, shipwrights, carpenters, and railroaders all had their own version of the adze. Indeed, archaeologists have found stone-relief sculptures of Egyptian boat-makers using the tool. And indigenous tribes of the Pacific Northwest used the adze for both the practical (canoes) and the ceremonial/artistic (masks and totem poles). Adzes continue to be useful. In artisanal woodworking tasks such as beam-making, the adze serves as a large-scale plane, flattening and shaping large areas of the surface. It has a carbon steel head securely affixed to an ash handle with two ring wedges. Embrace the ancient pedigree: the adze is still a practical tool to have around.

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