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Hand Blown Glass Plant Watering Globes
These brightly colored, hand blown watering globes (3-1/4” diameter, with a 4-1/2" long cone) will take care of your household plants for up to two weeks on a single filling. Just top up the globe with water, screw the plastic cone on, and dip the bottom wick in water. The moisture gradually seeps down via capillary action, providing a slow, constant supply of water to your plants. You can relax knowing your plants are well taken care of.

At this size, they are small enough to hide beneath larger leaves or bushy plants, but attractive enough to display if you prefer. Just keep them out of direct sunlight, however, to avoid warming the water. Two versions are available in random multicolors-- one primarily blue and one primarily green.

Caring for our interior plants is very rewarding, but sometimes we just can’t devote daily attention to them. Short of hiring a house-sitter, this is the perfect solution.
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