Hand-Cut Forged Black-Iron "Hangers"

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Hand-Cut Forged Black-Iron "Hangers"
Small and Large Iron Nails
89A05.07 3½” HandCut Hanger Nails (6)

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89A05.08 4½” HandCut Hanger Nails (6)

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Instead of the usual boring coat hook or sprawling coat tree inside your front or back door, install a set of these in a row along the wall. Will add retro style to your mud room or foyer. These Black Iron Nail Hangers are terrific for family and guests alike to hang their coats when they come inside. We have them in two lengths: 3½" and 4½". Use the shorter length for one coat per nail hanger and the longer for multiple coats. These rugged looking black hangars also look great when empty. (We recommend that you drill pilot holes when installing, as the nail shanks are tapered).

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