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01B01.06 Cocobolo-blade 3-1/2"

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The French designer/maker in Thiers has created a beautiful balance of size, shape and material that feels fabulous in your hand. They're not inexpensive for sure, but then the hand-made good stuff never is.

This collection has two sizes with blade lengths 3-1/2" or 2-1/2"-each available with polished exotic hardwood grips: French Boxwood (the lightest of the three woods), African Ebony (the darkest), or tropical Cocobolo. Frankly it's hard to choose between them so we suggest that you simply pick the style that personally appeals the most. The exposed back of each has a beautiful hand-filed pattern in the spring steel they are all very, very handsome.

As a very special offer on this collection, a purchase of two or more of these knives (any mix of size or wood grip) in a single order will receive a discount of 10% on each knife selected.
Making Hand-Made French Single-Blade Pocket Knives
2-1/2" Knife Specs
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:
3-1/2" Knife Specs
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:

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12 reviews 0 5 4.8
Overall Rating
  • You've gotta hold one of these to understand all the 5 star reviews

    john, 4/10/2018 Beautiful knife, the ends have the angles of a gorgeous french racing sloop's transom. Now, I wish the ebony scales were available. Practically speaking it has a long handle for a relatively short blade which makes it very usable without freaking people out. Great knife, extremely pleased... once again.
  • Quality product

    David S., 11/11/2017 As described, quite elegant, beautifully finished, fits very nicely in the pocket, and sharp!
  • Truly a Winner

    John S. Walls, 5/17/2017 I must confess I had been eyeing these interesting looking knives for far more than an entire year before deciding to treat myself to one of the small versions. As an amateur pocket knife enthusiast with a penchant for fine workmanship combined with old-world design, I wasn't entirely sure I would be happy with it. I needn't have worried. As usual, Garrett Wade's product description was completely accurate, and this little tool is of excellent style, materials, and quality. It's truly a "winner"! I'm already figuring out how to justify ordering one of the larger versions to add to my modest collection. If you appreciate both art and engineering, I highly recommend this knife.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner May 2017 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, John!!
  • Very Fine Knives

    Claude C Noyes, 3/4/2016 I have bought several of the 3 1/2" models from you and am delighted by them all. The steel of of high quality, holding an excellent edge for quite a while before resharpening. I will order more as I give mine away to friends.
  • Nice Le Thiers Knife

    Brooks, 6/13/2015 For the money, this is a nice knife. It is made by Par le Fidele, near Thiers, the center of French knifemaking. It's the classic style they are known for. My blade was not stamped to indicate what the blade is made from, but most of their knives are 12C27 stainless. The only negative is as a few others mentioned, it is a bit tight and the blade has a hard time opening/closing, but adjusting the blade screw helped. For the $, a nice classic Le Thiers French knife.
  • Elegant Little Knife

    Chris Kelly, 11/8/2014 I bought three of the smaller knives as gifts, a bit unsure if they were going to be durable enough. I needn't have worried. For such an elegant little knife, it is surprisingly hefty, and it fits nicely in a man's hand. Then of course, there's the 'cool' factor. The knife is one of those tools that you want to own because, well, it is so beautifully precise. Now I'm going to have to order another one for myself.
  • Best Posible Replacement

    Claude C. Noyes, 3/2/2014 I had bought from you a so-called Garret-Wade Folding Knife", French-made,with a boxwood handle and a metal knob at the shank-end of the blade. This was, I think, the best pocket knife i had ever owned, but it was unfortunately destroyed in an accident. I have been unable to buy a replacement either from you or from e-bay. When I came across this knife in your online catalogue I promptly purchased it. I am MOST satisfied with it and find it to be the best possible replacement for the other. As always, I am pleased with the quality of the workmanship and your prompt service."
  • Handsome Gentleman's Folder

    Christopher Durham, 4/30/2013 The 2-1/2-inch blade makes for a very handsome, simple and classy gentleman's folder"-type knife. Action was a bit stiff, but broke in quickly. Fits the hand very well, and the size might make it a fantastic whittler."
  • Large but Classy

    Christopher Durham, 4/30/2013 The 3-1/2-inch blade makes for a very handsome, simple and classy, yet usefully-sized version of a gentleman's folder"-type knife. Action was a bit stiff, but broke in quickly. Fits my hand very well; plenty of handle to grip."
  • One Point From A Five Star Rating

    John Saia, 4/22/2013 This is a very nice knife! The ebony wood is spectacular, nicely grained, consistently colored and finished quite well. The spine is unusual and lends an air of uniqueness and quality to the piece. The knife feels dense and husky either open or closed. The blade, while well-made and sharp, was not as finished as the rest of the knife. The blade showed smudges/blemishes that wouldn't rub off, so a bit more polishing/finishing will go a long way in getting the five stars this well-done knife really deserves.
  • A Really Distinctive Knife

    J Svensson, 4/22/2013 This is a really distinctive, beautiful knife (I ordered the smaller version, with Cocobolo scales). It is elegant and classy, a good example of the form follows function" design philosophy, and unique. The simple design is complemented by the file work on the back-spring and gorgeous wood handle. Fit and finish are excellent too. Highly recommended."
  • Excellent Blade

    Robert J Carriou, 4/22/2013 I love the knife! I bought the knife with the larger blade in ebony. It is larger than most pocket" knives I have owned, but not so large as to bulge in the pocket or be a nuisance. The contour is just so that it fits my (large) hand perfectly. There is no lock for the blade, but it snaps firmly into position. The wood handle had a nice natural and tactile finish; you could tell it was wood and not something coated in plastic or made of plastic. The best part about the blade was that it was stamped "12C27" which was not marked in the product description, but expected from a French manufacturer. If I needed another pocket knife I would certainly buy one of these again, but the quality is such that I do not expect to have need of a new knife for a very long time."
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