Hand-Made Wooden Bird Calls

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Hand-Made Wooden Bird Calls
Hand carved in rural England from Beech Branches
16B01.01 Hand-Made Duck Call

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16B01.02 Hand-Made Blackbird Call

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16B01.03 Hand-Made Owl Call

Available 10/05/2020


16B01.10 Set Of 3 Bird Calls (Owl, Duck, Blackbird)

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These are truly handmade, carved in rural England from small tree branches (with an occasional reed inserted ). Bird-loving adults can use them to call in birds, and children will delight in what they do and in their natural feel. Made using beech branch segments, the 3" sections are hand carved and drilled to reproduce the call of the bird. It is eerie how beautiful the sound is. Each one is (of course) different, as the work done has to be very specific.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-This toy contains small parts and marbles. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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Overall Rating
  • Small and charming

    Erika, 5/25/2020 It is such a cute call and it will be perfect to get the attention of my kindergarten class, called the owl class.
  • Hootin holler

    Ben, 5/23/2020 The call is extremely well made. Unfortunately it didnt work so well on turkeys but it did get the attention of a hawk.
  • Wooden bird calls

    John Ernst, 5/18/2020 Duck call worked well but the owl not so much.
  • Owl and duck calls

    Caroline, 1/2/2019 these are so beautiful! I bought them for my sister who lives in the woods on a lake and I am hoping she gets some answers!
  • And to all a good night.

    K.T. Anderson, 12/29/2018 Dressed up with a little red velvet ribbon, these rustic beauties made great stocking stuffers. My coworkers were certainly thrilled as, much to the country club staff's confusion, bird song immediately emanated from the Christmas Party. While I can't speak to the calls' accuracy - a birder, I am not - I will say our imaginations were stimulated, the called birds coming to our minds, and the spectacle won't be forgotten.
  • Grandmother

    Carol Plank, 12/22/2018 Bought it for my grandson...he loves it...
  • Love the way it looks, sounds nice too

    NSM, 12/14/2018 I bought this as a Christmas present for my younger nephew. At first I was unsure if it would truly be able to make an owl call (it sounded a little bit like a whistle in a fancy package) but after trying it for a bit I was able to actually reproduce the sound I was looking for. Since we don't have tawny owls in the US the closest thing I was able to get to was the Barred owl ("who cooks for you, who cooks for you all")
  • Hand - Made Wooden Bird Calls

    Bill Harrold, 12/6/2018 The product and the packaging are beautiful, it is the sound it makes that I question.
  • Bird Whistles

    Fredrick Welfare, 12/15/2017 The reason I bought the Owl Call and the Blackbird Call is because I have 4 terrible blackbirds flying around my house. I thought I could attract an Owl and possibly scare the Blackbirds away. Anyway, it is great fun to listen to the birds respond!
  • great for school age kids

    peter rice, 3/4/2017 great bird calls for school age kids
  • Love E'm!

    Andrew Laird, 2/19/2017 Just received our owl and blackbird calls. We could not be happier with them both! My wife tried it tonight and was so excited to have the owls responding to her. There's all kinds of owls here in Rhode Island, so there was agreat chance of the call hitting a nerve with at least one species. We've learned through experience it's not what WE hear, it's what the species being called hears that makes all the difference. The Blackbird call works well: we bought it after our friend purchased one with fantastic results. Thank you from two absolutely thrilled retirees to be!
  • Neat as a trinket, but not really awesome

    Cujo, 12/30/2016 Looks great, but doesn't sound like a blackbird
  • Owl Call

    Sabrina T Alvarado, 12/27/2016 Good quality, my husband loved it.
  • Christmas gift

    Linda Kelly, 12/27/2016 The cuckoo call is very realistic and my son, a birder, loves it.
  • Handmade and Exquisite

    Michael, 12/14/2014 Perfect gift for the outdoorswoman/camper- these birdcalls are handmade and exquisitely designed and are individually packaged in their own box. Arranged in a gift basket for any holiday - makes it a special gift!
  • Disappointed

    Carol, 11/5/2014 We were very disappointed in the Large owl bird call. It does not sound anything like an owl. The closest way to describe the sound is as if I stood in the yard and whistled with my mouth. Don't buy it!
  • Sound just like the owls in my back yard

    Marsha, 1/3/2014 Have owls in the woods around my house and can't wait to use the owl call to see if they will get closer so I can photograph them.
  • Sounds so real

    Marsha, 1/3/2014 So neat an idea to be able to call the owls around my house and photograph them.
  • Amazing!

    Emily Oliveira, 12/26/2010 I just got these for Christmas...they are adorable and amazing...the blackbird call in incredibly realistic! There are directions for use in all three of the boxes. All of the calls are gorgeous, beautifully crafted and sound lovely! I want to find this company's nightingale, cuckoo and small owl calls somewhere!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Because of the interest in a wider variety of calls, we have decided to add two additional bird calls.
  • Owl won't give a hoot

    Brian, 10/18/2009 I bought a owl hoot, I didn't try it out at the store. When I got it home and cleaned it, who knows who was using it. I was very disappointed, it sounds more like a train whistle that an owl. There are no instructions for its use or how create a proper tone. Will not buy any more.
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