Hand Plane Sole Check Gauge

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Hand Plane Sole Check Gauge
Digital accuracy to within 0.001 inch
96T01.28 Hand Plane Sole Check Gauge

Available 10/01/2020


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A California company has developed a simple-to-use, magnet-fitted base with an internal digital depth gauge that you can use to quickly measure the depth of cut that you have selected together with the squareness and straightness of the blade. Any furniture maker who works with hand planes will quickly appreciate the function of this Check Gauge. At this modest cost, its value is very high.

Reads in decimal and fractional inches, and mm.
Resolution/Repeatability: 0.0005"; 1/128"; 0.01 mm
Accuracy: 0.001"
Range: 5/32"
Dust and Humidity Proof
Battery: CR2032 (included)

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  • Nice addition for checking hand planes

    Doug, 6/11/2017 Nice item for checking the protrusion of the blade from the mouth, also for checking from side to side how much the blade is out of line (or even that it is ground unevenly!). Magnet is strong, but not so strong you can't move the gauge around. Comes with two batteries, you will need one to replace the dead one inside the gauge.
  • Seriously, buy this thing

    David, 8/9/2016 why didn't I find this sooner! Look I'm a novice woodworker, I use plans from magazines or that I find online. I've also watched countless online "teachers" of woodworking. But my project NEVER look like the photos I see that were made by the woodworkers I got the plans from!! Okay so I'm a slow learner which is why I found the Hand Plane Sole Check Gauge to be such a great product! I mean it, I've watched and read everything out there on how to set the depth cutter on my hand planes, yeah still takes me forever to set them. this gage helps me set them in minutes! Seriously this helped SO MUCH!
  • Excellent addition to shop

    Fred Rist, 5/10/2016 With limited use, I believe this should be a great addition to my shop. Since it measures to .0005", it will work both setting the blade depth and parallelism to the shoe. I used it to make some adjustments on a block plane. It gave me good results. If I can go digital, I bro!
  • Setting Plane Blade Easily

    Woodcarvingken, 4/19/2015 This digital gauge makes setting the exact exposure of your plane blade a breeze. Also allows you to check blade exposure at each side of the plane body so you know when it is dead even.
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