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Hand & Skin Shield
$ 15.5
Being willing to get your hands dirty is a big part of tackling any project, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect them from harm. This remarkable formula forms a protective barrier to keep your hands safe when working with harsh chemicals, staining elements like wood or shop oils, or outdoors with plants that may have irritating secretions (such as poison ivy). As an added bonus, post-job cleanup is much, much easier with a thin layer of this on your hands, and the moisturizing properties also prevent the cracking and drying that can result from working with harsh chemicals and frequent scrubbing.

Toss this into your toolbox and apply before dirty jobs—just apply a thin layer to clean dry hands and get to work. Afterwards, wash your hands normally and you’ll be amazed at how clean they get and how soft your skin remains. Use this every time you need to work with the rough stuff. You’ll save lots of time on cleanup, and your hands will thank you. We have limited quantities, just enough for summer and no more.
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