Handmade Jute Door & Passage Mats

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New Handmade Jute Door & Passage Mats
Very Handsome
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66C01.12 Handmade Medium Brown Jute Mat

In stock


66C01.11 Handmade Light Tan Jute Mat

In stock


66C01.13 Hand Woven Striped Cotton Mat

In stock


Our tropical Jute, a fiber that is highly rot resistant, is a perfect material for a long lasting doormat. Woven much like knitting a sweater. One style is a medium brown, 3/8" thick and the other a light tan color, ½" thick. Both are sized 18 x 31", and each side has a slightly different surface pattern.

To this selection, we added a beautiful colorful striped 18 x 31" mat made of Cotton. It is about 3/16" thick. All three are very kind to bare feet and will easily provide decades of use.
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