Handy, Fast Cutting Folding Pocket Saws

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Sale Handy, Fast Cutting Folding Pocket Saws
A dream tool for gardeners
16W01.02 Repl. Blade 5 In. Pocket Saw

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16W02.02 Repl. Blade 7 In. Pocket Saw

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Both of these saws have super-sharp, diamond cut tri-grind teeth, and will cut wood like a hot knife through butter. Out of their cases, they slip easily and safely into your pants pocket while you are moving around. The 7" long blade of the red-handled saw has 10 fewer teeth per inch than does the 5" long black-handled saw (for faster cutting), and is best for larger branches over 3" in diameter.

Made in Japan.

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Overall Rating
  • Excellent Quality

    Dave Rife, 10/7/2013 I bought the set, which contains both saws. I was impressed by the quality, and they fit very comfortably in the hand. The dual-position lock is very sturdy, and the saws cut very well.
  • Worth the asking price

    Bob Doyle, 6/27/2010 Having suffered with lesser saws over the years I must say these saws are worth every penny. The really are effortless to use, and very fast. Actually on any given day I'd rather use one of these saws than fire up my ECHO trim chainsaw. Much less noise, and far safer in certain situations than a chainsaw
  • Solid

    Tool Guru, 4/17/2010 A solid tool that I carry with me when I'm going any type of yard/lawn work. 7 works well on smaller branches, Just use lighter pressure when cutting."
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