Hanging Overhead LED Shop Light

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Clearance Hanging Overhead LED Shop Light
Hanging Overhead LED Shop Light
07S17.05 LED Shop Light (5,000L)

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07S17.06 LED Overhead Shop Light (4,000L)

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07S17.09 4 ft Connecting Cord for 07S17.06

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In any workspace, a strong general light source is key. LED’s are remarkably long lasting, and cast a broad clean white light, unlike the greenish tint of many fluorescent bulbs. Our hanging shop light will keep your space illuminated for 40,000 hours. That’s about 4-1/2 years of continuous use. A diffuser tube or shield is used to spread the light and prevent ‘’hot spots’’.

Included chains attach to each end of the fixture and suspend the light from your ceiling or other support for wide area illumination.

Each LED fixture produces 4,000 lumens. However, four of these can be connected together (using the included 14” Connecting Cords) drawing power from a single wall 115V socket – an ideal option if a large area is to be covered. In addition, 4ft Connecting Cables (purchased separately 07S17.09) can be used to expand the area covered. A6” pull on/off chain is included but longer chains can be purchased locally in most hardware or supply stores.

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