Hanging Overhead LED Shop Lights

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Hanging Overhead LED Shop Lights
Bright, long lasting, energy efficient lights for your work area
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07S17.06 LED Overhead Shop Light (4,000L)

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07S17.09 4 ft Connecting Cord for 07S17.06

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07S17.05 LED Overhead Shop Light (5,000L)

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In any workspace, a strong general light source is key. LED’s are remarkably long lasting, and cast a broad, clean, white light, unlike the greenish tint of many fluorescent bulbs. Our hanging LED shop lights, in two sizes, will keep your space illuminated for 40,000 hours. That’s about 4-½ years of continuous use. A diffuser tube or shield is used to spread the light and prevent ‘hot’ spots. Included chains attach to each end of the fixture and suspend the light from your ceiling or other support for wide area illumination.

Both of the models we offer are 48” long. One produces 5,000 lumens and comes with a 45" on/off pull-chain. This light is a great option if you need only one, or will array just a few physically separated fixtures in your work area.

The other model produces slightly less light (4,000 lumens). However, four of these can be connected together (using the included 14" cords), drawing power from a single wall socket – an ideal option if a large area is to be covered. In addition, optional 4 ft Connecting Cables are also available to expand the area that can be covered. This version comes with a 6" on/off pull-chain (longer chains can be purchased in most hardware or supply stores).

Both lights operate on a standard 115V current and will save you a lot of money over the years.

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  • LED Shop Light Malfunction

    Kendall Clevenger, 8/10/2017 I needed to increase the lighting in my basement workshop and these looked like the perfect solution. I ordered three lights which arrived in good condition and were easy to hang. The lights were bright and worked fine for the first three months, then the first one failed. When I switched on the light only half of the LED strip was illuminated. I returned it for a refund and now two months later two more of the lights have failed. That means that all three of the lights that I ordered have failed within five months of installation. Now I have to package up two more of these lights and ship them back to Garrett Wade. What a pain in the proverbial rear! There is definitely a quality control issue with these lights.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Overhead LED Shop Lights. We're sorry that the ones you received failed. We have looked into the issued, and indeed these are defective. We will be in touch with you regarding suitable replacements.

  • Bright & functional, ready-to-install lighting!

    Kris Rehring Jones, 7/28/2017 This is the perfect solution for bright, clean and functional light in my art studio. I am a painter and need to illuminate large paintings as I work and display. The 5000 Kelvin light is perfect. This light comes ready-to-hang right out of the box—no separate bulb to insert. This is a completely stress-free solution to installing good lighting and it is adaptable to multiple needs.
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