Harvesting Knife

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Harvesting Knife
Classic curved garden knife with Sheath
02D07.15 Harvesting Knife

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The sharp, aggressively curved blade of this French Harvesting knife, with its Beechwood handle and “hooked” Stainless Steel blade, is perfect for gathering fresh greens from your garden, and it has a great cutting action when pulled. Toss it into your basket when you head out to collect herbs or lettuce for supper. Comes with a protective leather sheath. Great whether you’re a serious gardener or a grow-your-own greens home cook.
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Stainless Steel
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Overall Rating
  • Excellent Tool

    Lisa havens , 11/28/2020 I was really pleased with the quality of this old world hand tool and glad I found the Garrett Wade web site. This is an item I will be ordering for gardening friends as a gift
  • Helpful Tool/Happy Donkey

    Shelly, 9/21/2020 I ordered this to help me in the garden and around the farm. My neighbor has a donkey who comes to our shared fence while I pull the grass out of my pathway and garden. I used to give him the pieces, but since getting this awesome tool, I cut nice swaths of grass and give him bundles of grass! He loves it and so do I. It makes quick work of tidying up and cutting. Now when he sees me he comes running across the field while making the funniest braying sound! You now have two more fans!
  • Excellent Blade for Harvestin'

    Vortigaunt , 6/11/2020 I've purchased two of these knives, one last year for myself and another this year as a gift. My knife got used almost daily during the growing season and I've started using again to harvest this year. It's an excellent tool, well-crafted, and still remarkably sharp. After my hori hori, this is the tool I use the most during the growing season. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. The one improvement I would make is, like others, the sheath. It's fine as is and fits the blade well, but I would prefer a non-animal material, like a canvas.
  • Knife is ???????? sheath is ????

    SeeJayBakes, 5/22/2020 The knife came in nice and sharp!
    It's beautiful and slightly larger than expected. I purchased it initially for gardening purposes, but its quickly transitioned to my all-purpose tool. I wish I had known about the sheath so I could've requested it not be sent with the knife. I dont have an issue with the design of the sheath, but I do not use or consume animal products and wouldve preferred something synthetic over the leather.
    It's an excellent item otherwise!
  • Nice knife but

    Fisheye, 4/3/2020 Great knife. Lousy sheath.
  • The right thing for the job!

    Gary, 8/3/2019 This product is well made and a great size making it easy to handle in the garden. I'm glad we found it for such a good price. Good gardening products are difficult to find.
  • Great size good and sharp

    Gary, 7/7/2019 This is great....I had a small one we bought years ago, but it was always too small to reach the plant bottoms we needed to carve. This one is a great garden trimmer.
  • years of use

    Betsy, 9/22/2018 Good quality and very sharp. Should give me years of use. Very pleased with my knife.
  • Harvesting knife.

    mcuffman, 12/12/2017 I purchased this for a life long friend who does a lot of gardening. I am well pleased with the quality of the product.
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