H.D. Grill Scrubber & Heat Resistant Glove

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Sale H.D. Grill Scrubber & Heat Resistant Glove
Keep your grill sparkling clean all summer
Work safer with Nomexr & Kevlarr safety glove
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The strong, easy-to-grip handle is brass riveted to a 3-1/2" square steel head that securely grips a3-1/2" mesh steel or copper scrubbing pad (1-1/2"thick). Use the coarse steel pad for the rough areas and the copper pad for finishing up. The 15" sure-grip textured handle and angled head allow plenty of leverage and make it easy to put real muscle into cleaning up. The integrated scraper has "teeth" in the corners for cleaning out grooves and joints, and notches for cleaning grill wires. Changing pads is Super-easy. Comes with one steel and one copper pad - we recommend extras. If you're an outdoor BBQer, you'll love this.

And protect your hand up to 570°F. This Safety Glove is 86 Nomexr aramid fibers (for high temperature resistance) and 14 Kevlar aramid fibers (for cut resistance). Available singly.Fits right or left - one size fits all. (Most of the time, you only want to use one glove.) Please note that this glove is not designed to protect against scalding liquids or prolonged contact with hot surfaces. It is cut resistant and it is intended to protect against accidental contact with a cutting edge such as may happen when shucking oysters or opening coconuts, but is not intended to be a substitute for a proper armored butcher's glove.

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