Wavy Blade Italian Pro Hedge Shears

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Wavy Blade Italian Pro Hedge Shears
whisk through your topiary trimming
44C01.13 HD Wavy Blade Pro Hedge Shears

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This is what you get when you ask an engineer to make a garden tool. These Wavy Blade Hedge Shears are designed and produced by a small, family-owned forge in Maniago, Italy, a region renowned for its great tools. These high-tech tools are created for vineyards, so their “heavy-duty” design can handle your yard and garden tasks. The wavy, tapered blades are forged of carbon steel, and accurately sharpened. The purpose of the wavy blade design is to better grip narrow branches while cutting, which helps prevent them slipping forward. Strong, lightweight aluminum handles with high-visibility, plastic coated handgrips, and hefty rubber shock absorbers are just a few other professional features. 9" blades, 22" overall. You'll appreciate the light weight when working overhead. You'll whisk through trimming your topiary with these beautiful and lightweight shears. Expensive, but made to be five-star.

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