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Highly recommended headband-mounted magnifier
19R05.01 Headband Magnifier

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LED Headband Magnifier with 3 Sets of Lenses

For close work as an artist, modeler or craftsman, magnified inspection of a surface or small area is frequently critical. Hand—held glasses are awkward because they leave you with only one free hand. A hands—free, headband magnifier is usually the preferred solution, but there are an intimidating number of options to choose from. Out of the dozens of designs available, we recommend this hands—free magnifying glass as one of the very best.

First, the headband is comfortable to wear for extended periods (most are too stiff to fit well). Second, there is a triple LED on top (3 AAA batteries—not included). Third, there are three sets of fitted lenses: two are double lenses—one is fixed, and the other folds up and down before your eyes on an interior hinge—and the third lens is an outside rotating single eye loupe. The combinations of magnification (using the three) ranges from 1.8X to 4.8X, depending on which lenses you select. 

Convenient Headband Magnifier

This is a handsome, helpful, and comfortable hands-free magnifying glass. We highly recommend it! Made in Taiwan to Garrett Wade’s exacting technical specifications.


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Overall Rating

    Sue, 10/16/2020 In my battery store I install batteries in watches, car remotes, garage door openers, etc. This magnifier worked perfectly for these installations. Very pleased with this product.
  • Headband magnifier

    Mark manas, 10/10/2020 I am a woodworker and splinters are a usual part of creating beautiful furniture. It’s a small inconvenience that’s worth dealing with. As I get older it’s harder to find and remove them. Must be the splinter not my eyes. The multiple lenses when used separately or in combination there is no problem finding and removing splinters. I find myself using for lots of other applications. I no longer have to hold a flashlight in my teeth. Great product well worth the price.
  • Super helpful for my craft

    Samantha, 10/4/2020 I make jewelry and this headlamp is a godsend! Highly recommend.
  • Best Headband Magnifier

    Robert Stockman , 9/25/2020 The Headband Magnifier is a product for serious jewelry makers. It frees hands while enabling increased visual capability to enable precision work and production for quality earings, rings, necklaces, tie tacks, and other accessories. It is well worth the cost. And, it is a comfortable fit for lengthy work periods. further, it has multiple magnification capability allowing for adjustment to size of magnification by job.
  • Magnifier

    David Bingham, 8/9/2020 Took a bit to fit to my head, but then very comfortable. I review coins a lot, and the 3X is ideal for that. Occasionally need the 6X for coin detail, and comes in very handy. Use a lot and love it!
  • Now I can SEE!!

    Kim, 8/3/2020 This gadget is amazing! It took me a while to figure out how to wear it correctly and adjust it properly, but once I got it, wow! I can finally see what I am doing on cross stitch! The band should rest on your head at an angle, and fit snug but not tight. Also you can tighten the sides so the magnifier will stay where you want it but still lift easily out of the way.
  • Great concept but...

    Georgia Cassel, 7/11/2020 Great concept, especially if you're over 65 and trying to thread a needle! The problem is, the band itself is very stiff and causes more headaches than it solves!
  • Headband Magnifer

    Clalude, 6/28/2020 excellent viewing with the different magnification
  • Goddess-send

    Lynne, 5/22/2020 I have a very small head. I could actually get this to fit! I can do close work, either bookbinding, or needlework, or detailed drawing with ease. I love the loupe for being able to read really tiny print!
  • Headband Magnifier

    Diana, 5/20/2020 This is a very comfortable headband magnifier, when you pass the 40 year old mark and you know that your 20-20 vision is not so good anymore, this is the tool to have, it is sturdy, stays in place and the three magnifying levels are wonderful and you can combine them as you prefer, you can also direct the light in any way you can keep your glasses on while using it.
  • It’s one of the better things I am Bought from your company

    Ruben Gonzalez, 4/2/2020 It’s a great way to see things really small working on a watch etc. and the light comes in handy to
  • Great for artists, putterers, miniaturists, and fixer-uppers.

    aaroncohen, 4/2/2020 Finally! I found the Headband Magnifier I've been searching for. This product is extremely well-designed, very sturdy, and useful in many situations. As an artist, doing fine pen and ink drawings, a miniaturist, and an eternal putterer and fixer-up -- I now have what was missing in my tool box -- a hands-free, comfortable magnifier. Also great to help remove splinters!!!
  • Bright Idea

    Jean, 3/19/2020 This is a wonderful tool for both my husband and myself. We love the different options for it's use!
  • Magnifying headband for fine jewelry work.

    Lynn Hutmaker, 2/5/2020 Perfect, love this headband magnifier. The last one I bought from a jewelry supplier kept loosening up and falling down my face. This one grips a position and stays there, a very important feature when you are soldering and both hands are already busy. The vision is clear and much wider than my old one. Hooray, you guys did it! Nailed it!
  • Headband Magnifier

    Bill Sewell, 1/1/2020 Well made, fits well and the leds on this on are more than bright enough to clear see the work. Magnification level of the lenses seem to be a correct selection of the various levels to make viewing detailed work easy.
  • Vegetable farmer

    Will, 12/18/2019 Very helpful while working with with small parts or when exact measurements are needed.
  • Headband Magnifier

    Steven Liss, 12/10/2019 The magnifier is a great asset if you engage in small detailed work or just need to be able to see small items . I just used it to see the impossibly small type etched into my small hex wrenches for a plumbing job. The different magnifications allow you to get just the right focal length. A real asset for the shop and home
  • The Eyes Have It! (Finally!)

    Jeannene , 10/17/2019 I am a miniaturist, and I am nearing 60. Needless to say, working on teeny-tiny stuff can be taxing! Then...I saw these. They were the light (literally, as they actually light up!) at the end of the metaphorical tunnel. They're a game-changer! Not only do they magnify beautifully, they free up both hands, making my work SO. MUCH. EASIER! I only regret I waited so long to get them! Excellent product!
  • Good hands free magnifier

    Phil McKay, 9/25/2019 Nice having a hands free unit. As a coin collector it proved to be a great help. As I got older the eyes are not as good and this magnifier is a help.
  • Nice unit

    Michael, 9/25/2019 A nice unit for the price. Lightweight and with a good fit. Multiple levels of magnification a plus.
  • hands free work

    ken, 9/11/2019 so far it has worked well for close up projects and especially for hands free work which, no matter how good a magnifier is you never have a hand free to grab a tweezers and pull a splinter.
  • Magnifying headband

    Stephen M. Gebhart, 6/9/2019 If you ever need to remove a small splinter or any other tedious work you have to have a pair of these magnifiers. What's so nice is that they are hands-free.
  • Was perfect for the job I needed to do.

    Bill Nicholas, 5/12/2019 This magnifier had a strong enough headlight and magnification that allowed me to see how to correctly glue my eyeglasses arm that had broken. Never could have done it with just my naked eye. I’m sure this will help with innumerable projects in the future. Thanks.
  • Excellent Magnifier

    Stephen, 4/29/2019 Excellent magnifier. I appreciated that Garret/Wade included a return mail label in case I didn't like the product. Nice touch.
  • Headband Magnifier

    Neal Herron, 4/16/2019 I use this when I paint fine details on ceramic pottery. This is an outstanding tool - I have only used this for a few weeks - but, so far - this works great and it appears to be of better quality item than I expected for that price. Thanks!!!
  • Great product -- works as promised

    John Owen, 2/21/2019 I've been looking for a headband magnifier for my small machinist shop for some time and while this looked a bit gimmicky (with all the lenses etc) I thought I'd give it a try. I'm pleased I did because it works perfectly exactly as described. It's very well constructed with good attention to detail: a precision tool with parts screwed together, as they should be, not cheaply welded. Adjusting to fit my head was easy and its surprisingly comfortable and the adjustment screws and size adjuster all work well. I am using with my specs on and have not had any issue with clearing the lenses. The different levels of magnification are amazing (and work fine with my glasses on) and it's easy to select the lens you need. The extra dual lens fits into position with a satisfying click. The LED light is an excellent addition not found on conventional magnifiers. A small suggestion for improvement it would be to include a lens cover(s) to slip over the lenses when not in use to prevent them getting dusty or scratched. Particularly helpful in a dusty workshop. Without this it's still a great product and fully justifies a 5-star recommendation.
  • Good but a few drawbacks for my use

    AFT, 2/15/2019 Have only had this 4 days. My concern was (1) whether it would fit over eyeglasses--it does, barely, for my rimless spectacles; a larger frame would not fit within the lens cavity; and (2) the focal distance and clarity. The clarity seems good ffor all 3 lenses. The focal distance is about 5" for the "normal" lens, about 3.5" for the higher magnification. These working distances are fine for some activities, but are rather tight for others. In my work before retiring I found that I preferred a distance of about 12". I will keep this, however, because I have some activities where I need magnification and can work at a close distance
  • love it

    Paul Beard, 1/30/2019 Used many products like this over the past 60 years...both in the USAF ,as a tech ,and in building ham radio equipment. This is the best one and the most userfriendly I have used !
  • Magnifier

    Melvin Martin, 1/27/2019 Needed something to see small work. They will do the job. Very good product.
  • Pleased

    William W.L. Saxon Jr., 1/18/2019 1st time I use the site excellent service quick delivery and the product is a well above average. I do a lot of miniature wood working and this the perfect place to get my tools.
  • Great Christmas present

    Mike Cosgrove, 1/1/2019 We bought this as a Christmas gift for my Dad. The very first day he used it to untangle Mom’s favorite necklace. He loved it. He had no trouble with the directions. Now I am thinking of getting one for myself.
  • Head Magnifier

    Jeff, 12/26/2018 Excellent choice as a gift for son. 3rd item purchased thru Garrett Wade with in last 18 months. Totally satisfied. Glad I found your website.
  • good enough for government work

    Gary Staples, 4/25/2018 After reading the past reviews I think the 3 months it took to get this one was a good thing. I do knot know about the old ones but this one works grate, has a sweat band and adjustable bright LED lamp. I am happy .
  • great product

    william e layden, 4/16/2018 excellent product . Much better lighting system than several years ago. Head band adjustment also much better.
  • Headband magnifier

    David, 12/14/2016 Product was excellent but the instructions or lack of same left me in the dark. There was not any instructions included with the product so trial and error helped set the product up properly. Could use further explanation.
  • Headband Magnifier

    Judy Iacoletti, 12/14/2016 I am nearly blind in my left eye and with the help of the Headband Magnifier I am able to do more beading and stitching - Thank you. My daughter is going to order her's as she does lots of beading.
  • Headband lighted magnifier

    Kathy, 11/18/2016 Feels good to wear. Almost don't even feel it. I have to close one eye though when I'm using the highest magnification. Could be a challenge if I needed to use the highest magnification for extended periods of time.
  • Magnifier Visor.

    David, 5/15/2016 I was expecting an LED light but it was incandescent and produced very little light using new batteries. The field of depth was very short. I found the narrow head band uncomfortable. I use magnifier visors for detailed carving and miniature painting.
  • A lamp with a magnifier "who would'a thunk"

    Edward, 5/11/2016 This pro duct is pretty genius. I currently set of jeweler magnifier head band, but I have to use it with a lamp. The lamp is great. The different magnifications are an added bonus. The quality could be better, but for the price point I cannot ding the score for that.
  • Good idea, needs improvement

    Nancy Potek, 3/9/2016 This product is amazing in that it provides magnification for doing close-up work.The problem is the poor construction!!! The lights on the side to aid in viewing and are an amazing addition fell apart almost immediately. The idea is wonderful, but the manufacture needs to build a better product. This product is needed! Still for a low sale price, I have recommended this to friends to aid in reading and close-up work. I would pay full price for a well made model.
  • A great magnifieer for everything from tying flies to tying sutures

    Jonnathan, 2/9/2016 Having a magnifier around the house for all the close-up tasks is great. Having one at work as an emergency physician is indispensable. I've used all sorts of loupes (magnifiers) over the years and for wood working at home or patient care at work, the headband style works best. However, I've always been plagued by the issue of not being able to get light exactly where I need it. Headlamps don't play well with headband magnifiers and bright procedure lamps have to be set at angles to accommodate the workspace that cast shadows in my working field. When I saw this magnifier with the built in lights, I ordered 2, one for home, one for work. They have been a fantastic asset to both handy work and medical care. The 3 levels of magnification let me get as close a look as I need and the built in lights point right where my hands do the work at the focal lengths of the lenses. I would give this product 5 stars were it not for 2 minor issues. First, the quality isn't up to some of the other non-illuminated headbands on the market. I keep my work headlamp separate from the general ED equipment since I don't think it would last long with the kind of bouncing and jolting our non-illuminated loupes get. Second, and perhaps more problematic is that the battery cases are mounted fairly far forward and so create a leveraged weight that is fine for the first 10-15 minutes but then you start to notice it ever so slightly in your neck and upper back muscles. A battery pack on the back of the headband shared between both lights would be a much better design and eventually I'll probably do just that with a little solder and an old battery pack from a retired headlamp. Those two issues aside, this is the best illuminated headband magnifier in this price range. So from tying flies to tying sutures and everything in between, this is a great tool for the price.
  • Perfect Dovetails

    Vince Waln, 9/27/2015 My goal is 'perfect hand cut dovetails' in my woodworking. The smaller and more refined the dovetail, the more detail you need to see. Now my dovetails are 'perfect'. Truly amazing to be able to see every fiber of the wood, to see the scribe lines, to see the corners... to line up the chisel and never miss. The headband magnifier is a must!!!
  • Headband Magnifier

    Donald B. Roberts, 3/25/2015 This is written in the spirit of constructive criticism. I have shopped with you for several years and am impressed with the high quality of your offerings. I have just bought over a thousand dollars worth of stuff for this Christmas season. However, there is one glaring exception to the high quality of your merchandise and that is what I am writing about: 19R05.01 Headband Magnifier. I have purchased three of these over the years, each time forgetting how poorly made they are. Except for the plastic headband, which becomes sweat-covered quickly, the design is a good one. However, they are so poorly constructed that they are not usable. The lens hinges break easily, the lenses fall apart, and the lights don't work for the few hours before they also fall apart. If I had paid ten dollars for them I would regret the purchase. Having now paid nearly $150 for three units, I find myself almost ready to stop shopping with you. Find others with a similar design, but with LED lights and reasonably solid construction, and I will buy several. I urge you to stop offering these for sale. If you do, I will continue to shop with you. If you decide to continue to offer them, I will cancel my catalogues, or, worse, let you send them (your cost), and just throw them away. Donald B. Roberts, M.D.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Headband Magnifier. We're sorry you weren't satisfied with its quality. For the most part, we have sold these with much success, however there were a few that had some problems. We have been corresponding with the manufacturer regarding working on improvements for this item. Thank you for your comments.
  • Lousy Product

    Cameron Servick, 2/25/2015 Picture looked like just what I was after, the side lights were a real plus. I would say the workmanship was just okay, but not what I expected from Garret Wade. The right headlight would not operate, the bulb/battery assembly was cheesy. Sent it back. Too bad.
  • Headband Magnifier

    Cindy Utick, 12/30/2014 I bought this gift for my son. He is thrilled with this item. He will be using it to tie flies for fishing! I would recommend this as a gift for the fisherman in your life!
  • Great Magnifier!

    Mel, 12/26/2014 I've been looking for a headband magnifier for a while. This one caught my eye, and I have not been disappointed. The image is clear; the fit is very comfortable; and I like being able to select just the right amount of magnification for the job. I don't use the battery-powered lights since my workshop has plenty of good light. The quality of the magnifier is excellent, and the cost is very reasonable making it an excellent value!
  • Great idea, could be made better

    Jerald, 3/30/2014 I use the hand-band magnifier very frequently and I find it to be one of the most useful tools that I have. I found that lights on the side were not always staying on. The batteries were loose. I used a small screwdriver to spread the battery retention spring out a bit and now that the batteries are snug, it works like a charm.
  • Mag Headlight

    SMP, 3/29/2014 Cheap with lousy velcro strap, I opened the box and the light switch had already fallen off. I ordered two and both were the same. I'll send them back.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Headband Magnifier. We are sorry that you had this problem. We are looking into how this could have happened. Our apologies for the inconvenience.
  • Magnifier

    Juan R. Diaz, 2/17/2014 The magnifier works great. They are especially excellent for getting out small wood slivers. Thanks again for a great product!!!!!!!!
  • OK

    Dave C, 2/6/2014 Really helps to see small parts but the lights go dim to quickly. they are not very bright to begin with. I think they should use LED.
  • First Time Buyer

    James M., 10/23/2013 First the catalog was so impressive,I decided to make a purchase. The Headband Magnifier arrived on time. It was exactly as stated in catalog and what I wanted. works great and will visit again soon.
  • Headband Magnifier

    Cris Ruiz, 9/23/2013 I like this this thing except, loading and unloading the batteries is a mystery and the bulbs (one came broken) they need to be a bit brighter.
  • Close Up Clarity

    David Simpson, 4/29/2013 I felt it had a good feel as head gear. The magnification was good, but the lights could have had a brighter light. I used it as an aid in re-soldering a control board, it was very useful in this role.
  • I Can See Clearly Now

    Pete, 2/15/2013 Even though the rain is not gone, here in the rainiest city in America, I can see things I couldn't see before with this magnifier. Makes building small models, with all those darn small parts, a cinch.
  • Good

    Allen, 10/17/2012 I like the magnifier but not to much on the light not bright enough.
  • Poor Design

    Inventor, 1/23/2012 I received this for Xmas, 2 weeks after due to work schedules (Nurses & Fireman). I was ecstatic at first, I design products requiring precise measurements, up close & personal, a light source would be helpful too. First thing I did after about 3 minutes was to ditch the batteries, too much weight & the light, very dull, not usable in a well lighted shop. I knew I could not use this for an extend time w/this added weight. After about an hour, I put them back in the box, I could not use a grinder visor shield with this magnifier, the lenses are too far out. The head band is not cushioned with an absorbent material, the itch of plastic on skin & sweat, from the plastic drips into you eyes. My current Old Faithful headband magnifier, looks like crap & I have to change lenses by hand, but the other features far out way this device. And the LAST STRAW, I got my latest GW catalog, A 30% REDUCTION FROM THE ORIGINAL PURCHASE PRICE, as were other items THAT I had purchase less than 30 days prior! Wasn't my money, true, it was my son's. Still, makes one wander the internet looking for a better item & price! Not to be totally negative about GW, I do have many products I enjoy, but not as many as I though I would.
  • Love 'em

    Todd, 11/10/2011 I use these when I'm doing any detail work; sharpening knives, working on my firearms, car parts, etc. They are comfortable and simple to adjust the magnification. The two lights really do help when you're working on small things.
  • Great Magnifiers

    J Muller, 11/8/2011 I had tried several other visor-style magnifiers in the past, and was never satisfied. I am a jewelry maker, and most of the inexpensive brands produced visual or color distortions that made my work harder, not easier, so just struggled on with my cheaters". I decided to give it one more try and ordered this item. These lenses seem to be nearly distortion-free, and having two different choices of lenses plus the loupe should give just about enough magnification options for the work they are doing - if not, you can always wear your cheaters under the visor! I use mine every time I work on a jewelry project now!"
  • Great Product

    William, 6/7/2011 This is such an invaluable tool if you work with models or small scale thing. also great to look at that thing you just pulled off your leg! The Lights on the side are really great addition, it focuses the light at just the right angles to give extra light or the only light when working. The only thing I wish it had was a way to keep the glasses tight, because they do tend to sag a little. the head band is adjustable and works great. I put a little foam pad on the glasses where it meets my nose to make it more comfortable when I wear them for a longer period of time. It is really a great item to have around the house for those jobs where you need to remove tiny screws to the pro modeler!
  • Promising

    Ronnie Goodlund, 3/14/2011 I'm a jeweler and have been trying out this headband magnifier steadily over a weekend. The visor unit is more solid than most of the several others I own; very competitive with my favorite optivisor I have been using for years.
    It was the side lights and two lens panels that attracted my interest. The lights are not bright enough, but still very useful. Having one on each side is good, especially with one side pointed a little higher than the other, making for a wider lit work area. Brighter LED bulbs, with good energy efficiency, would be a big improvement. These seem to burn batteries very quickly.
    The dual lens panels, with one hinged to flip up is a nice feature, but greater magnification would be a serious improvement. The fixed lens has very little magnification, and the hinged lens has a medium level of magnification. Stronger lenses, perhaps as user installed options, would be a big improvement. The small round lens is good for a viewing a very specific small item, but not useful generally for most purposes.
    The velcro closure on the back the headband is very secure, while the dial on my optivisor headband can tend to slip. I may make a leather band to cushion the forehead band to make extended use more comfortable.
    Since I sometimes use such a magnifier visor for 6 to 10 hours a day, I'm always on the lookout for a promising model, and this one has some very good features. I do hope that some of these improvements appear in future versions, but this is a good tool. Thanks.
  • Headband Magnifier

    William Gasaway, 2/23/2011 I am a coin collector who recently had spinal fusion surgery. After they fused 3 vertebra in my neck, it hurt too much to look down a lot. I constantly was picking up and putting down a lighted loupe and my neck was in constant pain. This little darling allows me to work the coins and not have the constant bending to pick up and put down the loupe. In addition, the light weight and convenience of the operating controls is wonderful. Thank you for putting the enjoyment back into my coin collecting.
  • A Little More Light, Please!

    Vint Lawrence, 1/5/2011
  • Defective

    Victor Nelson, 12/30/2010 Defective. Right side light inoperative, returned and I am still waiting for a replacement .I'll give a review when I get one that works.
  • Hands Free

    Dan Curtiss, 12/14/2010 Very nice focal options in a well designed head unit. Side lights good addition. Much better then my goose neck light and lens. Happy with the quality and price.
  • The Good And The Bad

    Ron Auer, 11/26/2010 First the Good: It works and works well. The Bad the headband could use some padding. The lights are ineffective (not bright enough). The whole thing could be made of better materials; for instance, glass instead of plastic, but that said, for the price worth the money.
  • Good Value . . . But

    Steve, 11/23/2010 Very good performance for the price. But one of the side lights doesn't work.
  • Was Not A Fan

    Dan Dutcher, 5/16/2010 The item almost works as described and the quality for the price wasn't there. I was also disappointed in the fact that the 1.8x could only focus on objects no further away than around 12, which is why (as others point out in their reviews) the lights don't illuminate the object focused on. Also, the higher in magnification I chose the closer the object had to be. It was too much of a strain...so I returned the item and am looking for a nicer one. Maybe my dentist will have an idea."
  • See All To End All

    James Axel Wilson, 4/18/2010 Whether you are pulling a splinter out of your finger, checking the fine print on medicine bottles, examining the insides of your watch, or evaluating the bevel on your bladed instruments, this hands-free, variable power, magnifier is the visual tool to reach for. The external lighting is a bonus. Only reason I haven't given it a 5 star rating is that standard bulbs are used instead of superior led's.
  • Nice Tool For Close Work

    Tom Davids, 4/15/2010 Purchased to do metal-smithing. Light and comfortable. A great addition to my tool bench.
  • Great Magnifier

    Robert Earl, 12/15/2009 Sorry Lights
  • Overpriced

    airdried 60, 12/14/2009 Good product, poor value These magnifying glasses are great. However, the lights do not do a good job of focusing on the area of interest if that happens to be a the center of your visual field. Good product, poor value
  • Excellent Locksmith Assistant

    Jim T., 4/20/2009 This headband magnifier is an excellent tool to use in locksmithing work, or anything that involves up-close, fine motor skill activity. I'm sure the range of available magnification will lead me to use this headpiece in other work I just haven't thought of yet...
  • Great For Small Detailed Work

    Alexandra Albin, 4/14/2009 I love this magnifier. It is a great price and very helpful to see details of very small work. The side lights are great. Just remember to shut them off. No workshop should be without them.
  • I Love, Love, Love The HEADBAND MAGNIFIER

    Jann J, 4/1/2009 I am an artist and was using several different sets of magnifying glasses of different strengths in order to do very fine detail work. I came across the HEADBAND MAGNIFIER one day while perusing my boyfriend's catalog and couldn't believe how perfect it seemed. Three sets of lenses which can be used in all sorts of combinations ranging from 1.8x all the way to 4.8X with an adjustable headband, and, as if that weren't enough, there are even directional lights on each side!! I knew I just had to own this. The price seemed amazingly reasonable, but, by the time I got around to ordering, it was...on sale!!! This HEADBAND MAGNIFIER is everything it advertises itself to be and more -- it is quite comfortable and very easy to adjust to different visual settings -- a huge improvement over the many sets of magnifying eyeglasses which, by the way, only go up to 3X. And every artist I've shown this to has taken down the item and ordering information, determined to purchase one for themselves! This item is a must for anyone who does any sort of fine detail work. You'll love it too! Thank you, Garrett Wade.
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