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To sweep the yard, walks or driveway you need a broom with extra stiffness and durability. Ordinary brooms just won't quite do the trick. They haven't got what it takes to push around the sand, pebbles and dirt that you find out-of-doors. This one does the job with ease.

Made with Piassava bristles - a very stiff African palm product. It's tough and will last much longer than the synthetic brooms we usually see around. The bristles are 12" wide and the overall length is 57". It's even loved by fire departments because the Piassava bristles are very fire resistant.

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Overall Rating
  • Well-Swept Yard

    William Allen, 10/22/2020 Hardy. This is the broom my grandmother would have wanted to brush the yard--back in the Alabama days when a yard was supposed to be swept dirt, not grass. Great with leaves on a dry or wet surface. And it is pretty.
  • Strands fall off easily

    Adi, 10/10/2020 Strands fall off easily. But it’s still good at sweeping leaves effectively. Which is what I bought it for.
  • Beautiful Broom

    Tracy, 7/24/2020 Beautiful well made broom. When not doing it's duties, its a beautiful conversation piece.
  • This broom is well worth the money. Won't disappoint!

    Kimm Forbes , 7/20/2020 I absolutely love my broom. It awsome. Does a better job raking my yard the my regular rakes.
  • Excellence for years

    bobbie, 7/16/2020 This is the second one I've purchased. The first one I bought when we lived in the mountains, years ago. It has lasted a long time! This is such a useful broom - never thought a broom could be something I enjoyed using. First rate!
  • Yes, a broom can be Fabulous

    Beth Mulcahy, 7/10/2020 Just bought a cabin in the woods, and I have a touch of OCD. You see the problem. There will be a constant influx of leaves, dirt, bugs, and I now have a tool to tackle the task (the physical one, at least:) This broom is Fabulous - tough but easy to handle. My favorite Ever!!!
  • Excellent find

    Teresa, 7/7/2020 This is exactly what I was seeking- sturdy, well-made broom with minimal plastic - catches dirt, little pebbles, dried leaves. Satisfying to use!
  • It's a pleasure

    Leslie, 6/25/2020 I love using this broom! I so wanted a broom that would take care of all the dirt, hold it's shape and look good.
  • Best Broom Ever!

    Laurie R, 6/22/2020 I was skeptical but I knew if it didn't work, I could return it. I have 4 corn brooms - one is in the garage for outside sweeping. My arms get tired after using the corn broom & it doesn't look like I swept! I used The Heavy Duty Broom & made short work of my outside sweeping. It was amazing!!! I highly recommend it.
  • The ONLY broom that stands up to heavy duty garden use.

    John Renforth, 6/14/2020 By far the best garden tool for long lasting clean-up duties. For example, annual crab apple tree droppings on city sidewalks and streets require daily clean up. This broom is the only one you can rely on to completely clear these hard to remove droppings. It’s tough, it’s effective, it makes your garden clean up much easier.
  • HD Garden & Garage Broom

    Katarina Eriksson, 6/13/2020 I have been buying all kinds of brooms for my high end detail garden maintenance business, and I have been very frustrated with all of them. When they get to 1-2 months old of 4 days a week use, they either start falling apart, start to fray or the edges wear down too fast. This Heavy-Duty Garden and Garage Broom is a pleasure to use. I won't let me workers touch it. (Leave Momma's Broom alone!) I love how it picks up even the smallest cut grass blades and in the gravel it works on leaves on top, that rakes cannot get. I would recommend this broom to anyone that cares about the appearance of their garden and patio.
  • great for hard to reach areas

    Michele Faris, 6/7/2020 It's stiffer than I thought so I am not using it on my finished porch floor as planned but i am using it on my patio and in my driveway, It gets under plants that have overgrown their edges around my patio -- I can sweep debris that gets stuck under plants as well as sweep away debris from difficult areas in and around my driveway. Very stiff and very good. Not good on a finished floor -- too scratchy for that

    Catherine, 6/2/2020 I have tried several "Best Brooms," with bristles of corn stalks and various synthetic fibers. All promised ease of use and amazing "sweepyness," but none was up to the outdoor tasks I faced - wet leaves mixed in dirt, weeds, piles of roots from clearing the jungle in my yard. I spent two full days last Fall rescuing a sidewalk along our driveway. The lawn and floor garden had gradually encroached upon it, burying the edges until it was down to half its width. This Spring, when I tried my "best broom" to clear the edges, it failed. When I saw this broom in the catalog, I decided to give it a try and it is everything it claims to be. It easily swept away all the clinging little plants at the edges, the mud, dirt and leaves. I've used it on various outdoor jobs and it always takes care of the debris. I highly recommend it.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize Winner June 2020 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Catherine!
  • Fascinating broom. Very useful.

    Toni, 5/25/2020 Powerful. Takes getting used to since it's straight across and not at an angle. A broom and a rake all in one. I'm glad I bought it.
  • Best outdoor broom

    G Kessler, 5/23/2020 Manageable size/weight, stiff bristles, never have had an outdoor broom this good. Looks like it will last for years. Bought one each for my wife and me, and we are both very happy with them.
  • Great Broom

    Diane, 5/23/2020 Broom is strong when I use it to sweep my deck and yard. Handle is comfortable and easy to grip for my arthritic hands. It gets into the crevasses to clean them out better than any broom I have tried.
  • Love it - like a broom and a rake gave birth to something great

    Hafina, 5/20/2020 This broom is amazing for outdoor use. It's very stiff and can get into areas that large push brooms can't get to. Since it's stuff, it really moves yard debris. It's like a hybrid between a broom and a rake. love it.
  • Broom

    George deshensky , 5/17/2020 old school perfection!
  • Perfect

    Phyllis Berry , 5/2/2020 This broom handles all of my clean up needs outdoors! I sweep up sunflower seed shells from under my feeders, pine needles by the piles and grass clippings. It may be heavier than what an older senior could handle; for all others it is perfect!
  • Almost a Nimbus 2000

    Susan Lipton, 2/18/2020 Truly indestructible, washes clean of the nastiest debris. thoroughly cleans elegant indoor tile but can also sweep up 1000 fallen cherry tomatoes from the garden. I have two and just ordered additional for barn and workshop. None have flown me. Yet.
  • Great Broom

    Jim Bartholomew, 11/19/2019 One Helluva Broom! Gotta Keep In House To Prevent Some Body Flying It Out Of Garage! Bart
  • This Broom Needs a Hook or Hanger

    A Guy in Texas, 8/3/2019 Appears to be well made as are most of the products from Garrett Wade! I was surprised at how stiff the bristles are, but appears to be a well made sturdy broom that should last for years! Just wish it had a hanging hook on the end to hang up with my other tools/brooms?
  • Heavy duty broom

    April L Dyer, 2/4/2019 Ye Gads! I love my new broom. And it's big enough so I can fly it around my complex! I'm so content with my purchase! Thank you. Plus, other neighbors are envious of my broom!!
  • Lile

    Phyllis Hatcher, 12/13/2018 Great on rough concrete but rather cumbersome on smooth surfaces.
  • excellent brooms

    Lori , 12/11/2018 Absolutely love these brooms! After 5 years actually bought 2 more - only one of the 2 bought prior was wearing out, but wanted more. I use them year round - including in the snow. They are quite sturdy. Actually bought one for a friend and she loves it! Highly recommend!!
  • Ok

    C Cayea, 12/4/2018 I love it! Great broom!
  • Christmas, anyone?

    Carol H. Lacy, 11/24/2018 I was also influenced in my shopping excursion by the writer's charm as he/she described Scooter Girl, an item my seven year old grandson would love. That she is French is even better since his aunt is a French teacher and his mother has traveled around the world gathering material for a book. I loved it when your ad writer admitted he/she would like to have one. The whimsy of the windup toys is just the kind of thing that brings some fun on Christmas morning. We look forward to watching our five year old grand-daughter as the lady bug suddenly turns and does not go on the floor at the edge of the table. I ordered two brooms, got the price break, and am thinking about buying the Nine Pin Bowling Set. I have to keep the second broom out back to keep it out of the conversation until Christmas, when I am giving it to my grand-daughter for working in her back yard and garden. Oh. I was so surprised to see a yo-yo for sale. Another grandson is a yo-yo whiz. I am hoping the one I ordered is new to him. Thanks for being part of our Christmas.

  • The Outdoor Broom

    Carol H Lacy, 11/20/2018 Garrett Wade has my attention now. I am not sure if I have ever bought something from you before this fall, but I am watching you now. I like the toys, I like scissors and other sewing equipment. And I like tools for working in the yard. Brooms and colorful metal windup toys got me into your catalogue first.
    Also i liked the reliable look of your pages and format. When I saw the outdoor broom that fit the description of the broom I had been wanting and looking for, I decided, "I am buying this for myself even though I am 'Christmas' shopping."
    In my driveway where the leaves are, it proved what the ad claimed. "that it had the extra "stiffness and durability" to sweep the yard. I especially like being able to use this to get the extra leaves off my flower beds that line my driveway. It is stiff enough to get the leaves out without bothering my perennial plants too much. Also, it gets so many leaves at once. I ordered two brooms, got the price break, and am thinking about buying the Nine Pin Bowling Set, I have to keep the second broom out back to keep it out of the conversation until Christmas, when I am giving it to my grand-daufhrer for her back yard and garden.
  • outdoor broom

    john , 9/17/2018 great broom for outdoor work. It would be better if they finished the handle
  • Simply the best

    Katherine, 9/4/2018 Simply the best outdoor broom you can buy. Looks stylish too. Never buy a useless corn broom again.
  • Good

    Julian, 8/4/2018 Great broom for outdoors. I wish it worked indoor but it doesn’t. Maybe they can make one. The handle is unfinished though so it doesn’t feel good in your hand. I oiled mine and am hoping over time it will get better.
  • Broom for Summer and Winter sweeping

    Ming Louie, 7/8/2018 I love this broom! I've purchased four of them, kept two for myself and gave the other two to neighbors who also love them. Much smarter and more precise than a pushbroom. Good for sweeping out melted snow from your garage.
  • Workhorse

    Donna, 7/2/2018 I have two of these and just bought one for a friend. This broom is excellent for outdoor sweeping . We have one in the garage and one in the mudroom, which is handy for the patio. It is perfect for sweeping light snow from steps and sidewalks.
  • Excellent outdoor broom.

    Perry Nesbitt, 5/9/2018 Excellent broom for clearing debris after rain and storms on front walkway and porch. Seems quite sturdy and will hopefully last quite a long time.
  • HD Garden & Garage Broom

    Glenn Chan, 10/13/2017 Great in cleaning the grass clippings stuck in the outdoor floor mat. With 2 passes everything is swept away into the dust pan!
  • Outdoor Broom

    Bill Strobel, 7/11/2017 This is an excellent broom. Much better than you can buy at the big box hardware stores. Just stiff enough to really clean but not so stiff as to wear you out.
  • outdoor sweeping broom

    manuel macias, 6/20/2017 for a broom it work great
  • Brilliant broom

    Lisa Canning, 6/2/2017 The handle was a tad rough so i just sanded it a tad. Otherwise brilliant broom, never had hard surfaces so clean! Is there a protective coat i could put on the handle, like an oil?

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Heavy Duty Garden & Garage Broom. Our product specialist has suggested using boiled linseed oil, diluted. We hope this is helpful to you.
  • Ms

    Denise Curtain, 5/14/2017 I used the garden broom and the wide sweep broom to clear the debris in the driveway from the overgrowth of a vacant building. The stiff bristles cleared away the wet leaves, trash and dirt that was packed tight following a few years of neglect
  • Great find!

    Barbara McCaffrey, 12/17/2016 ...and couldn't have arrived at a better time. Our Chicago winter has started early and this broom is tough enough to tackle the ice and snow accumulations on our stairs and walkways.
  • Tough, Stiff, Substantial.......Just what I needed!

    Susan Rhodes, 11/16/2016 I've been searching for a decent broom with bristles that can handle the mountain of acorns and leaves with which we are 'blessed' each day during the fall but nothing came close until this broom. Superb!
  • A good, solid broom

    Janet Davis, 8/29/2016 I like the wider bristles. They handle leaves very well and I have been pleased with how the broom sweeps on my concrete garage floor. Also, the wooden handle allowed us to drill a hole through it so I can hang it off a pegboard hook.
  • Not the usual flimsy supermarket broom

    Eugene, 7/26/2016 Heavy duty broom==not at all flimsy===great for sweeping dirt and tree debris from patio. Well worth the price.
  • Heavy-Duty Garden & Garage Broom

    D. S., 6/14/2016 This is the ONLY way to get the rough stuff off your sidewalks and curbs! This item will change your entire outdoor cleaning program for the better (and easier)!
  • Good for carpets

    Der Ol Curmudgeon, 6/12/2016 Bought this for garage and porches but have Border Collie in house. Was unable to get pet hair out of a carpet in office but this broom really pulls the pet hair out of the nap. Have to apply elbow grease but it works when other brooms and vacuum won't.
  • Great broom

    John, 5/9/2016 Very well made. My wife was happy with it and she is very particular about her cleaning products.
  • Perfect for Outdoor Sweeping

    Ashley, 3/25/2016 I have been looking for a broom like this! I seem to sweep mulch, etc off our driveway and stepping stones frequently, which has torn up regular indoor brooms. I keep this one (which is very attractive) by the back door and use it all the time.
  • Great Broom!

    Debi, 3/7/2016 I never thought I could fall in love with a broom! I have 3 of them so one is always not far away when I need it. Its great for the barn, sweeping the last of a load of mulch out of the bed of a truck..... It is strong, durable and it gets the job done in less time and effort. The bristles stay straight and not curve like most brooms you find today. What made me fall in love with it was the fact that whatever the chore you're using it for takes half the time and it was made to last!
  • This broom is better than they claim.

    Dewain Delp, 3/4/2016 This broom is better than they claim. Is also good for sweeping short nap carpets. We keep two of them. One for the front and one for the back.
  • Great Utility Broom

    Chris H, 9/8/2015 We use this to keep the front walks neatly swept. Works great. The handle comes a little rough, but a couple minutes with some sandpaper fixed that.
  • Garden Broom

    Jack Mc , 7/10/2015 I should have paid more attention to the word GARDEN in the item title. The bristles are so coarse, it's not much good for sweeping floors...unless they're dirt floors. But it will probably last forever because it's robustly made...and I'm sure not going to use it much.
  • Great From The First Sweep

    Laurie Johnson, 1/3/2015 I liked this broom from the first sweep. Excellent for sweeping wet leaves off the street and for sweeping the deck. Just what I hoped it would be. I bought two - one for the front area and one for the back deck.
  • Great Broom For Outside Work

    Blueknight7777, 12/6/2014 This is exactly the broom that is described in the catalog. It is very well constructed and great for outside heavy duty sweeping. I use it to sweep away leaves and water that puddles up in the walkway in front of our house. It works great.
  • Heavy Duty

    Sharon Bourke, 11/28/2014 All I can say is WOW! Very heavy duty broom that is perfect for outdoor needs. Porch, front steps, sidewalk are neat as a pin with the help of this beauty. Will also make quick work of light snow too.
  • Best Patio Broom Ever

    Liz, 7/15/2014 Great broom for cleaning up after mowing the lawn. Picks up every last scrap of dirt, grass etc. Would not be without one hanging in the garage. Love it.
  • Your Bad

    Wade Robison, 1/21/2014 I ordered two of these, one for the back and one for the front. The bristles came out of the metal clamps that are to hold the tops of them together. Completely useless. These were being used as I use my well-worn old-fashioned straw broom. Not the quality I expected from Garrett Wade.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for reviewing the Garden Broom. We're sorry that you are not satisfied. We haven't had many complaints about these, so our guess is that you may have received a defective one. Please call our 1-800 number to resolve this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Workhorse Broom

    Eleanor James, 12/31/2013 This broom works great on pavers, pathways, and decks. It even does a good job with light snow.
  • Best Broom for Snow

    Barb, 12/29/2013 This broom is terrific for clearing off the snow on the porch --very nice quality and stiff bristles hold up even when pushing a few inches of that pesky white stuff!
  • Sturdy Broom

    I. Wheeler, 11/14/2013 I just received two brooms (one for the front yard, one for the back) a couple of weeks ago, just in time to fight a futile battle against the fall leaves. I like the weight of the broom and stiffness. although I'm getting used to the angle at which the sweep is canted. It seems to be very heavy duty construction compared to regular straw brooms and I expect it will last. I may give it a higher rating after I've used it for awhile. Thank you for a very good quality product!
  • Perfect Broom

    Catherine Baldwin, 1/2/2013 I purchased this broom for my husband, who is a fanatic about keeping our driveway and sidewalks cleared. This tough, fibrous broom fits the bill. he usually goes through a couple brooms each year, I think now this broom will be lasting a whole lot longer! The materials are exceptionally sturdy, the bristles on the broom sweep up everything. the quality of the broom is excellent!
  • A Man's Working Broom

    Robert Lemoi, 5/20/2012 This is my second broom. My best friend saw it and took it with him. He said I will return it and he never did. Oh well that's what friends are for. Great broom and it does the job. I recommend it highly if you have some serious cleaning up to do.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner May 2012 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Robert!!"
  • Awesome!

    Pamela, 4/3/2012 This broom makes cleaning up anything fun and so easy! We bought 2 of them &and I have saved one just because it's decorative. And the one we have been using all this time looks as good as the brand new one does! I plan to buy more for gifts as I know they are something everyone uses and they will last forever! Try it out - you will love it!
  • So Surprised!

    Bobbie Joh, 3/12/2012 I admit.. I ordered this by mistake: I seriously considered sending it back. but I put it off.. and then, one day, I picked it up and actually used it and I haven't looked back! This is a real gem. I use it outside all the time - much easier to handle than a push broom. Great for cleaning off bricks and deck. Just the right size for so many places. I am so pleasantly surprised at how much use I've gotten out of this broom. If this one ever breaks down (I've had it since it first came out in the catalog) I'll have to buy another - I can't imagine getting through the seasons without it now.
  • Best broom ever!

    Nancy Ray, 11/12/2011 This broom is absolutely the best broom ever. I got two and gave one to a friend (she loves hers, too). I use mine every day to sweep the concrete aisle in our four-stall horse barn. It's great for the carport, too. My other brooms are too weak and take much more effort to get the same job done. When we had the first snow, I discovered it will sweep snow off the porch and steps with ease, so I'm ordering two more of these brooms today. Honestly, I have no idea how I got along without it.
  • broom

    marisa , 7/2/2011 The broom is definatly a solid item. The accutal broom area is smaller than I expected. 15 from top to bottom. I am glad I only got the one at the time I was a little disappointed."
  • Better Packing

    K. Fowler, 6/8/2011 I love the broom. However, the way it is packaged should be improved. The broom head should be protected for shipment, I think a piece of bubble wrap should be wrapped around the head to protect the bristles. My broom arrived with several bent bristles, I had to cut off. There is a sticker on the package Packed With Care""
  • Does the job

    Gadget Girl, 5/3/2011 Bristles are great for getting the job done, but the handle is NOT varnished, painted, or finished in any way. Be prepared to wear gloves if your hands are damp or sweaty, or you'll end up with splinters. A coat or two of varnish would have gone a long way in this case, to five stars. Otherwise, a fine tool for general housekeeping.
  • best broom EVER!

  • love them

    Don Hosman, 1/2/2011 We ordered two because we loved the look of them. They work great for sweeping thechampagne powder" from our deck and stairs. Note: not a substitute for a shovel for heavy snow, but wonderful for the one to four inch dustings that we get so often here in Steamboat. "
  • Just the ticket!

    Gail, 12/25/2010 My husband is probably the only guy on the block who received two brooms for Christmas! He saw them in the catalogue and decided he must have up" and "down" brooms to keep the drive and patio pristine. A Christmas morning try-out affirmed that these are very fine sweepers indeed. "
  • multi-purpose broom

    Penny Beasley, 12/10/2010 This broom is not only great for sweeping a concrete or stone foor/patio but it's perfect for my large throw rug and easier than dragging out the vaccum cleaner. I love it!!!
  • great broom

    Paul vonHeeder, 11/24/2010 it seems impossible to find a useful, sturdy broom that lasts for any length of time--and this is it!
  • sturdy broom

    Thia, 7/5/2010 This is a very sturdy broom. We clean our animal pens with it and it really holds up.
  • durable broom

    TP, 4/18/2010 This is a very well made durable broom. The material is stiff and sturdy. It is also very interesting to look at. Perfect for the deck or porch.
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