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Heavy Duty Nail Pullers
These serious traditional tools are huge time and worksavers which you simply don't see around much anymore - so we have had them made for us. When you need one, though, it's absolutely fantastic. The Large Nail Remover is basically a slide hammer with movable jaws. Position the jaws around the nail head and move the heavy sliding handle down briskly. The jaws dig in around the nail head, and you can lever back on the 16" long handle to remove long nails quickly. It's for rough, quick work, so some crushing of the wood around the nail head is inevitable. Weighs 5 lbs.

The Small Nail Remover is ideal for more confined areas and is easy to transport in your tool box. Not a slide hammer (you lever the top with your claw hammer), but the principle is the same. Minimal marring of the wood surface is likely. Both are useful, so we have created a Nail Remover Set of both styles at a considerable saving.

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