Heavy Duty Personal Machete

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Heavy Duty Personal Machete
redesigned for additional cutting power
75A01.22 Heavy Duty Personal Machete

Available 02/01/2021


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Through our long experience with clearing machetes, we constantly assess the tool and monitor feedback. Our latest improvements are no exception: we've refined the design on our new model with an eye toward greater functionality and comfort. The hardwood handle with steel pins is still full-sized but the spectacular bulb-shaped grip is now slightly thicker and longer than past models. This gives your hand  a more secure fit between the “bulb” and the front-guard (quillon), that keeps your hand from sliding forward onto the blade as you work. The 1/8" thick stainless steel blade has a beautiful shape, and the tip is now larger and slightly heavier. The resulting machete still has excellent balance, but with additional control and improved power. And perhaps best of all, we have managed to lower the cost. We are very proud of this improved outdoor icon.

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Overall Rating
  • The best Machete I own

    Justin Carroz, 7/1/2020 This is a sturdy, well made, well balanced Machete. Easily the best one I have owned. I have used it to cut down simple brush to thick Avocado branches from my tree. It seems to hold it's edge so far and the weight is just right. The only complaint I have is that the sheath it comes with split down the seem after the first week of use.
  • Lethal Weapon

    Keith, 6/20/2020 Sharp and durable. Nothing like the machetes I have bought in the past and dulled after cutting a few small limbs. Just be careful with it. This thing means business. Put it up like you would a pistol. Not at all safe in the hands of someone inexperienced with such a lethal weapon.
  • Great product. Great service.

    Derrick Welch, 5/11/2020 Great product. Great serivce!
  • Great balance very sharp I’m going to enjoy using it

    Jeannette, 4/28/2020 Great balance very sharp I’m going to enjoy using it
  • Love the machete

    Roger Dumas, 4/26/2019 I love the machete. I used it a lot the first weekend I had it and it made short work of a mess of briars that I had been dreading. It came very sharp and has good heft to mow down the briars. I'm very pleased.
  • Prickers... I'm coming for you!

    Greg Marshall, 1/21/2019 This is a nice tool. Came quite sharp, and good heft and nice sheath. Was able to work my way into some heavy prickers. Sliced them clean. Would have appreciated sharpening and care manual, but I'll get by.
  • Christmass Surprise

    Barbara, 1/2/2019 I gave this machete to my husband for Christmas. It was the first present he went for because he had no idea what was in the odd shaped box. I wish I could explain the look of WOW plus my son was green with envy. They both examined it in detail from blade tip to handle and were very impressed with how well it was made. After brunch, they could not wait to test it out on trimming our palms. It passed with flying colors and a thank you kiss for me from my husband. Thank you Garrett Wade this is a gift that we will use a lot and for years to come.
  • powerful machete

    sam payson, 10/22/2018 I am a working biologist with over thirty years of swinging a machete and currently own well over a dozen. This is a heavy machete that will fell shrubs, small trees and large branches with a single stroke, but you need to have gloves that are sticky so the handle does not continue to rotate in your hand after you finish your swing. The handle is beautiful but smooth, I am 6' 180# and love this machete, and I have not even sharpened it yet.
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