Heavy Duty Personal Machete

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New Heavy Duty Personal Machete
redesigned for additional cutting power
75A01.22 Heavy Duty Personal Machete

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Through our long experience with clearing machetes, we constantly assess the tool and monitor feedback. Our latest improvements are no exception: we've refined the design on our new model with an eye toward greater functionality and comfort. The hardwood handle with steel pins is still full-sized but the spectacular bulb-shaped grip is now slightly thicker and longer than past models. This gives your hand  a more secure fit between the “bulb” and the front-guard (quillon), that keeps your hand from sliding forward onto the blade as you work. The 1/8" thick stainless steel blade has a beautiful shape, and the tip is now larger and slightly heavier. The resulting machete still has excellent balance, but with additional control and improved power. And perhaps best of all, we have managed to lower the cost. We are very proud of this improved outdoor icon.

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