Heavy-Duty Woven Galvanized Baskets

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New Heavy-Duty Woven Galvanized Baskets
a classic french garden basket
14K03.04 Small Woven Galvanized Basket

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14K03.05 Large Woven Galvanized Basket

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14K03.20 Galvanized Basket Set of Two

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Made in France by a family business that stretches back three generations. The baskets have a comfortable European Beechwood handle and are constructed from two layers of steel wire, galvanized to prevent rust when you wash off your freshly picked fruit and veggies. They are built to last.The two sizes offer for ample harvests. They are attractive enough for a fruit basked in your kitchen. The smaller basket measures 16¾" long by 10½" wide and 6" deep and the larger one is 22¾ x 14" x 7 ½" deep. The baskets nest together perfectly.

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