Hedge Shears With Replaceable Cutters

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Hedge Shears With Replaceable Cutters
They Won't Let You Down
21R04.01 Straight Hedge Shears

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21R04.02 Repl.Garden Shear Blades (Pr.)

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21R04.10 Hedge Shears & Repl Blades

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The 7" blades are a nice length, with cast aluminum handles comfortably formed for solid function. We looked at a lot of these with the usual wood handles, and felt that these were better-hands down. Although the cutting blades are fully resharpenable (of course), they can also be replaced if they are somehow damaged beyond repair. Overall length is 21-1/2". Comfortable rubberized grips on the handles. Highly recommended.

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  • Light and Sharp!

    Scott, 4/13/2013 I am battling wild vines and have been clipping them back using my new hedge shears. These shears are light so I can trim longer with less fatigue. The blades are very sharp and hold their edge even through 1/2 inch vine stems. I should use my loppers for the stems, but when I'm on a roll trimming back the vines I don't want to stop. :-)
  • The Best

    Larry, 8/20/2011 I've used many hedge shears, these are the best highly recommended.
  • A Topiary Gem

    Peter, 8/19/2011 I have owned these shears for a couple of years. I sculpt and maintain a dozen topiaries and these shears are so comfortable. Just the correct length, balance and weight. I keep them super sharp. A joy to own. I need another pair for my cottage, I am trilled I found them!
  • Shear De-Light

    F.J. Kulaga, 8/9/2011 Couldn't wait to try 'em. Easiest shears I've yet to use, super sharp, and really light. Even better than I expected. These are probably the last ones I'll ever need.
  • Great For a 66 Year Old Weakling

    Mary, 9/16/2010 I can't handle the weight on most hedge shears but these are super sharp - accidentally I got a very bad cut, being careless with the tool. Don't do that. They're great. It can do the job.
  • They Don't Make One Better

    Adrian, 4/16/2010 I'm much older now, remember helping my dad in the yard trimming hedge seen many shears come in go. Your shears are the best! Left my in the lawn last year was sick until my new one arrive.
  • Hedge Shears

    Ken Kutzer, 11/11/2009 Have used one of these shears for several years. Best pruning shears I ever had by far, and I've had 6 or 8 others.
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