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Herbal Tea Pocket Garden
$ 22
Herbal teas—aromatic, sensuous, delicious—invite us to relax and enjoy the moment. Whether it’s a lazy, rainy morning, an afternoon pause during a hectic day at work, or your favorite way to unwind before bed, the aroma and flavor of a perfectly blended herbal tea can calm and center you like almost nothing else in life. Most of us have probably never even considered growing our own, but it’s easier than you’d think. Potting Shed Creations excels at creating thoughtful home gardening projects, and the exceptional Pocket Herbal Tea Garden is sure to thrill the tea lover in your life. The selection of seeds includes some of the most popular and versatile herbal teas: lavender (170mg), coriander (190mg), German chamomile (110mg), peppermint (50mg), and wild bergamot (70mg). Growing your own tea varieties is certainly economical and brings a sense of self-sufficiency, but it also ensures purity: there’s no risk of chemical additives or pesticides making it into your cup because you’re in control from the first step. Craft your own custom blends, exploring a new world of flavors and sensations. The five seed varieties come with garden stakes and directions for growing, brewing, and blending, all enclosed in a 5” recycled US steel tin.
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